Crazy Day in the City, Part 1: Spidey Returns

A teenage boy with messy brown hair bounded onto the sidewalk.

"Hello, New York!" He smiled broadly. "So THIS is what the place looks like when it's not past midnight. Now I see what all the fuss is about."

He gestured to the countless pedestrians. "Listen to the noise of the crowd!"

He looked up at the sky. "Feel that blazing hot sun!"

He took a deep breath. "Smell that photochemical smog!"

The young man jumped onto the pedestrian cross signal and hung off by one arm. He looked like the man from Singing in the Rain. "This is how the city was meant to be experienced! Night and day are like entirely different worlds! I can't believe I was missing out all this time! It makes me want to-"

"SHUT UP!" Gwen grabbed him by the shirt and made him crash onto the pavement - hard. "You're embarrassing us!"

"No one's gonna care. They're New Yorkers," he said from his new spot.

"Aw, calm down, Gwen," Mary Jane told her blond best friend. "He's just excited. No harm done. Let him do what he wants."

"Peter asked us to supervise him," Gwen dryly replied. "'Let him do whatever he wants' is NOT supervision."

The person who wore Peter's clothes, face, and body stood up and stretched his arms. "Pete should have more faith in me. I promised to take care of our body, didn't I? It's not like I'm gonna do anything crazy or stupid... Oh look, a tattoo parlor."


"SOME PEOPLE can recognize a joke when they hear it, you uptight old battleaxe!"

"How am I old?"

"THAT'S the part that offends you?"

"Don't dodge the question!"

"I called you old because you're an old hag in training, you old hag!"

"I guess that makes you the unruly brat!"

For the first time, a passerby noticed them. But what he said was, "How cute. A lover's quarrel."

Gwen and her enemy, in perfect unison, replied, "IT'S NOT A LOVER'S QUARREL!" Throughout all of this, Mary Jane was laughing her butt off. She felt like she was watching a sitcom.

My name is Gwen Stacy. And this craziness is my life.

Or at least, it's my boyfriend's life. I'm dating a kid named Peter Parker. A while ago I found out he has a split personality. Sometimes when he's sleeping, his other self will take control of him.

It gets worse: that other self is a costumed vigilante. As Spider-Man, he defends New York City at night for the selfish reason of being famous. Spidey wants the public to know him as HIM and not as Peter.

The first person to discover Spidey's connection to Peter was my best friend, Mary Jane Watson. She thinks the Jekyll and Hyde thing, combined with the superhero thing, is the coolest thing in the world. So... she might be a little crazy. But I guess I'm the craziest one of all for putting up with all three of them.

Peter doesn't like losing control of his body - and he DOES NOT want anyone else to find out his secret - but he still tries to be fair to Spidey because, yes, he is a real person (in a way). We're on winter break from school, and Peter thought it would be nice to let Spidey spend one Sunday in the city, without the costume.

It will be a miracle if this ends well.

Author's Notes: (1/13/2012) I feel weird writing a sequel since I was so eager to "complete" my Spider-Man story before. But by the time I uploaded the last chapter of "Dual Identity," I was so pumped that I actually wanted to keep going. Ain't life screwy? (Laughs) I thought about writing an all-new story, but months passed and nothing was coming to me, so I eventually decided to work on an addition to my Peter/Spidey Saga.

This is not in the same continuity as my OTHER sequel, "Duo Side." I didn't do a good job on that one, especially the pilot. I'm actually considering deleting it from the site. But whether I do or don't, consider "Double Life" the TRUE sequel to "Dual Identity."