A/N: The reason this isn't marked as 'Complete' is because I type these drabbles up in times of writer's block. Depending on what's going on in my life, the frequency of my writing varies. I've had these written for a while, but I wanted to add more; however, people are asking if I'm done with this or not and I wanted to ensure everyone that more of these will come.

Rumour Has It - Adele

"You know she's only dating him because she finds cops 'soooo sexy'," Kensi told G when she saw how he was eying the girl Deeks had brought with him to the bar. It was 'team bonding,' and it was Deeks' idea, so why was he bringing a stranger along with him?

"Guys, this is my girlfriend, Anna," Deeks introduced with a bright smile and if his eyes locked onto G's when he said it, he swore it was by accident, but G knew otherwise.

Anna wouldn't last, and he'd still be there.

You Make Me Feel - Cobra Starship

"What do you like?" Marty whispered into G's ear as he wrapped himself around the broader man from behind.

"You, on the bed," G answered simply and continued to undo the buttons of his shirt.

"Anything you want," Marty murmured against G's neck and left a kiss there that warmed his skin and made his lips curve up.

Levels -Avicii

G pulled Marty back before he stray away and held him close to his chest.

"A carnival, really?" He asked, amusement clear in his voice.

"They're fun!" Marty argued and pulled away so he could lead G by the hand into the crowd.

"For five year olds," G muttered, but Marty chose to ignore him and pulled him to one of the overly-priced game booths.

"I want the big pink bunny. Win me it," he ordered and G would have teased him, but he never said no to a challenge.

Does Your Mother Know? - Mamma Mia Soundtrack

"You're too young for me," G explained and Marty laughed.

"Afraid you won't be able to keep up?" He teased. He wasn't going to let G go that easily, not for some stupid excuse that was really meant to veil his commitment phobia.

"You know what I mean," G sighed and stood up, leaving Marty sitting at the kitchen table while he went about setting the coffee maker.

"So these past couple of months, all you could see was our age difference?" Marty challenged and relaxed in the chair, content with watching the other man move around the small room.


"Then you won't for the next couple either."

Moves Like Jagger - Maroon 5

*(Probably the most unrealistic one, but I felt it!)

G prayed to a God he wasn't sure existed that he would never have to go undercover with Deeks in a gay bar ever again. More specifically, he hoped Deeks would never have to be a stripper again.

Unless he was stripping for him.

But he wasn't go to admit that, not right now, not when their suspect was somewhere in the room, watching and potentially deciding on Deeks as his next victim.

Right, back to the op.

He looked up at Deeks swinging around the pole as if he'd done it a million times and his mouth dried. To top it off, Deeks seemed to have eyes for him and only him and the looks he was giving him were not helping the situation.

Lay All Your Love on Me - Sylver

G did not like this. Did. Not. Like. It. One bit.

Feeling things that were reserved for women for a man? Okay, he was a new age man, he could deal with that. Waking up and feeling stubble against his own? Yeah, he could live with that. Looking down when getting hot and heavy and seeing a mop of blonde hair? He loved that.

However, the clenching of his stomach and tightening of his jaw when he saw Marty talking to the very attractive, very young rookie cop? He didn't like it. At all.

Lucky - Jason Mraz

The case was tough, not only to solve, but also on him. Cases with kids always got to him, especially when it involved them losing his parents. By the end of it, he wasn't talking to anyone, and if he did, it was to snap at them. When they finally got to go home for more than just a nap, he was the first one gone.

That night, Marty crawled into his bed, and just as he was about to apologize for the way he'd been treating him, the younger man kissed him quiet and gave him an understanding smile.

"It's alright."

Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry

"I'll be back as soon as I can," G promised softly when he found Marty curled up in their comforter and sitting on the couch in the living room, looking as miserable as a child who just lost their puppy.

"I know." But it didn't make him feel any better.

"C'mon," G murmured and coaxed the other man out of his cocoon.

He would be gone by the morning, but he made sure to spend the night letting Marty know just how he would miss him.

Cemeteries of London - Coldplay

Marty never stayed the night because he claimed he couldn't sleep in a bed that wasn't his own, and they just always managed to go to G's place, so it wasn't until Marty drank one too many beers and G escorted him home that the two of them actually spent the night together.

And then G understood.

Marty had nightmares. Nightmares that had him waking in cold sweats, that made him leave the bed to go sit in the living room and dull his mind with television.

New Age - Marlon

He didn't really understand what was happening between him and G. They spent a lot of time together outside of work–in bars, in diners, in restaurants, in each other's beds. They didn't really talk about what they were doing and most of the time, G didn't really acknowledge it, and it left Marty half empty and confused. Any attempt to grasp exactly what they had was thwarted by G by either his silence or him leaving.

Set Fire to the Rain

"We're done," Marty said firmly and kept his determined gaze on G. "You keep jerking me around. I don't want this if you're going be that kind of guy."

G let out an amused scoff and got up from the couch to slowly saunter toward the younger man. "And how long do you think you'll last without me?"

"I don't need you, G," Marty defended and backed away as G came closer. "We're over and that's it."

"You say that now," G taunted and reached forward to run his hand down Marty's arm to hold onto his hand.

"I mean it, G." He pulled away and headed towards the front door. "I applied for a transfer."

Won't Go Home Without You (Acoustic Version)

"Please don't, please don't, please, G, don't. Please, stay with me," Marty pleaded from along side the gurney that currently held G's limp, bruised, and broken body. His hand held onto G's weak one and didn't let go until the medic had to step between them to get the gurney onto the ambulance.

He held on all the way to hospital until they wheeled G into an operating room. Kensi and Hanna found him pacing in the waiting room, his nails bitten down to nubs and his lips bright red from being bitten.

"It's okay, Deeks," Kensi soothed.

"No, no, we… we argued this morning, and it was so dumb, and he was so angry, and now, and now—" his confession blew into a full on panic attack.

Sitting Waiting Wishing

"So you won't admit it?" Marty asked and watched G watch him. They were at Marty's apartment, having breakfast at his small kitchen table.

"There's nothing to admit," G finally answered.

Marty shook his head in disbelief. "Then what do you call this?"


The younger man's jaw clenched as he contained his aggravation. "Why are you avoiding the big pink elephant in the room?"

"We're two guys who sleep with each other. That's it, no big pink elephant at all."

Baby -JB

"Dinner, for me? Really?" Marty asked with suspicion. "What did you do?"

"Nothing," G answered with a pleased smile. "I just… wanted to do something nice."

"Something nice? The last time you did 'something nice'… actually, you have never done something nice, not for me at least," Marty pointed out and eyed the dishes and silverware on the table carefully. "Are you going to poison me?"

"No," G smirked and pulled one of the chairs out. "Just shut up, sit down, and enjoy."

"Alright," Marty appeased and sat down.

G grinned as he headed towards the kitchen and traced the extra key to his apartment in his pocket.