Part 11

"Aaw...My big brother is getting married."

Angel, Gunn, Oz, Xander, Wesley, and Lindsay all turned to the door of the male dressing room and smiled ar Jenalyn with a video camera in her hand.

After a moment, Jenalyn lifted up the camera and started to film the men getting ready.

"And here we have," she pointed the camera at Lindsay, "the best man, Lindsay McDonald. Wave to the camera Lindsay." The man said stopped fixing his tux jacket for a moment to do what the 18-year-old said.

"Next up are the ushers, Oz, Charles Gunn, Xander Harris, and Wesley Wyndam- Price. Hey guys." The guys waved to the camera, goofed a bit, and then resumed to fixing each other up.

"And there is the groom." She pointed the camera ar Angel, who was in front of the mirror, gelling his hair. He glanced at the camera and rolled his eyes. "Hey Angel?" she called still rolling the film.

He looked at his sister through the mirror. "Yes Jenalyn?" he asked, playfully irritated.

"A word of advice? Cordelia does NOT like to be filmed while getting ready." Angel chuckled and went back to the task of fixing his hair.

Jenalyn shifted the camera back to the other men. "Out with you. I need to do the sibling chat. We'll meet you guys out there for the meet and greet thing."

The guys nodded and walked out of the room, leaving the two siblings alone.

Both sat down on the couch and Jenalyn commented, "Wow. Not long until I get a sister."

Angel grinned, "Yeah."

"To tell you the truth...I-I always thought it would've been Buffy walking down the aisle in white instead of Cordelia."

He looked at his hands and then back at his sister, "Well, yeah. So did I ."

Jenalyn cleared her throat, "You know Mom and Dad would've been here, but you know them. Workaholics. Mom sends her love."

Angel snorted, "Typical. Work is more important than family."

After a few moments of silence Jenalyn said, "You know, I'm proud of you. Settling down with a nice girl finally..."

"But?" Angel sensed.

"But I just gotta know, and answer honestly...Are you TRULY happy?" He didn't answer her.

Jenalyn sighed, "Tell ya what. We go out there, just to greet people so they won't get suspicious. I'll get all the bridesmaids out there, too, so you can sneak in there to talk to Cordy. How 'bout that?"

"Thanks Jen."

"Hey, just looking out for you." She pulled him into a hug, "I love you, Bro."

"Love you, too."

After about half an hour, Angel was finally able to sneak out of the mass of relatives and friends.

When he entered, Cordelia was sadly looking at the long, 3 sided mirror, expecting her dress.

Cordy saw Angel's reflection and jumped. She quickly turned around, "Angel, what are you doing here? It's bad luck." She stepped off the platform and (hopefully) inconspicuosly wiped the tears in her eyes. *Thank the Lord for water-proof mascara,* she thought.

"I needed to talk to you." He fully stepped into the room and shut the door.

She turned around to face him, "If it's that important that it couldn't wait until AFTER we got married, then it must be important. What is it?"

"It's just that uh..." He stopped closer, but they still had a good couple of feet in between them.

"Angel." Cordelia urged him on impatiently.

"Do you really want to marry me?" Angel asked looking into her eyes.

"What?" she answered confused and dumbfounded that he asked that. "That's ridiculous. I wouldn't be standing here in a wedding dress if I didn't." She went to walk past him out the door, but was stopped when he grabbed her arm.

"Cordelia." He stood in front of her, "Are you really TRULY happy with me? Because if you are, then I'll willingly go to the altar and marry you. But if you aren't...then what are we doing?"


"Answer me Cordy. We've known each other for a long time, I can tell when you're lying. So are you?"

Cordelia just stared at him sadly.

He gently pulled her to the couch, "Come, we have MUCH to talk about."

They sat down on the couch and Cordelia told Angel everything about her and Xander.

"So you and Xander, huh?" Angel said after her explanation.

"Yup. You're not mad?"

He gace her a reassuring smile, "Nah. I'm actuallyhappy you found someone, too."

"Too? Who's your someone?"

"You know Andy?"

Cordelia's eyes widened and then she looked down at her hands. "Oh. I  should've known. I mean the way you defended him and all, and don't get me started on your good taste in clothing..."

Angel realized where she was getting at and looked at her startled, "What?! No Cordelia. No." She looked back a thim. "I mean I'M Andy."

"Ohhh." She now understood. Then she suddenly smacked him upside the head.

"Ow. God. What was that for?" She looked mad.

"For hurting my best friend."

"Well then, I guess I deserved that." He rubbed the spot where Cordelia smacked.

Silence filled the room until Cordy inquiered, "What were we doing Angel? I thoguht we were in love."

"So did I. I guess we were just trying to fill that void of lonliness."

"Well, I guess we have to tell everybody. Boy are they gonna be maaad."

Just then, Buffy popped her head in. "Hey Cordy. Are you...Angel? What are you doing here?" She fully stepped into the room.

Angel and Cordelia looked at each other, understandment floating between them.

"I'll wait outside, Angel," Cordelia said. She walked up to the door, stopped to hug Buffy happily, and then closed the door behind her.

Buffy had a very confused look on her face, "Okay? I'm confused beyond belief right now."

"Come here. I need to talk with you." Buffy made her way to the couch amd sat down next to him.

"What's wrong?"

"I was gonna propose to you the might we broke up," he told her. He looked at her surprised face and watched as it turned to a solemn one.

"Well you royally screwed that up."

"I know. And that's why I want to make it up to you. I love you and I want you back."

"Whoa. Wait a minute. Am I forgetting something or aren't you getting married in about a few minutes?'

"Cordy and I both agreed that we're better off friends. We were happier with you and Xander. We screwed with your hearts too much. And I am DEEPLY sorry for that. So, will you take me back?"

"Before I say yes. I gotta know one thing. Is that my ring Cordelia's wearing?"

"Nope. Your's is safely his away in my dresser drawer."

Buffy broadly smiled and attacked his lips in a passionate kiss. He eagerly returned it. Their old flame re-sparked and both welcomed it back.

When they broke apart, Angel requested, "Take 2 more weeks off."

Buffy's smile didn't leave her face, "Why?"

Angel's smile got wider. "We can't let those tickets to Hawaii go to waste. Now can we?"

His response came as a squel, a brief kiss, and a tight hug.

Cordelia's voice re-entered the room, "I know the guests are gonna be very complainy and whiny, but I don't want them to be an angry mob when we tell them. Let's go!"


"First of all, Cordelia and I would like to thank you for coming, but we came to a decision that-" Cordelia grabbed the microphone from Angel.

"This wedding just ain't gonna happen." Exasperated gasps and murmurs filled the room. "That's right. We totally agree that we love each other only in friendship and that we're in love with other people. So sorry you had to travel God knows how many miles but...tough." With that Cordelia let og of the mic and grabbed Xander, pulling him into a deep kiss. Angel soon copied her actions with Buffy . And despite their bitterness, the people cheered for the sweet looking couples. Their families looked on with happiness that they finally found happiness.

Buffy and Angel pressed their foredheads together after their kiss, and Angel whispered to her, "You're mine forever."