This is the first Voldie/Harry Fanfic I'm posting. I`m nervous on how it's going to turn out, I know where I want to go with it just need to figure out how to get there. I'm going to apologize in advanced for the shortness of this chapter, don't worry I tend to end chapters when I feel that the next part would start a different 'section' of the story. No flames please, I will just stuff them in a fire place and roast marshmallow's with them.

Other than that, I hope that you enjoy this.

Chapter 1: The Deal

Harry watched in horror as the pale, naked figure rose from the massive caldron. Once out of the caldron he demanded his robes and wand, which Wormtail gave instantly. After Voldemort was robed and had his wand in hand, he summoned his death eaters.

He demanded from them an explanation as to why they did not come and aid his return. They were all fearful, scared to answer and anger their newly rebirthed lord.

Then he turned his attention back to Harry, who was still tied to the tomb and trembling. He approached Harry, and placed a hand on Harry's scar, causing Harry's mind to go plank. Pain took over burning though all thoughts and burrowing deep into his skull, but Harry refused to scream.

His uncle always beat him more whenever he made a sound during his 'punishments'. Voldemort brought his hand off of the boy's forehead and went back to addressing his Death Eaters.

As Voldemort spoke, his voice loud in the empty graveyard a thought crossed Harry's mind that made him realize how much of a Slytherin he really was. He had thought to beg Voldemort for his life, but that would not happen. The Dark Lord would want something in return.

Also would he survive at home after too? Living with the Dursley's has been getting worse and worse each year. Last year he would most likely have died if his Aunt had not snuck him food. What about this year? Dumbledore wouldn't do anything; he had already talked to the man.

Voldemort turned his attention to Harry once more, this time with his wand drawn. It was then that a crazy thought crossed his mind. 'It might work.' He thought to himself.

"Please, spare me." Harry begged, his voice strained.

The inner circle laughed, as did Voldemort. Not a promising start.

"Please, I will trade you anything"

This caught Voldemort's attention. "Anything boy? Do you have any clue as to what you are offering me?"

Harry nodded, his trembling had died down and he now stood firmly on the ground, hands still tied above his head to the tomb stone. Though no matter how he stood he kept his posture more submissive acting more like a Slytherin than a Gryffindor.

Harry decided to be more specific with his offer. "My life for my servitude to you." He offered

The Death Eaters were deathly silent now. Hardly anyone moved while Voldemort contemplated the offer. A huge smirk overtook his face.

"Lucius, come forwards." Voldemort said before cutting Harry down. He spoke quickly and quietly to Lucius before the blond stepped back and dissaperated away. Voldemort looked back to Harry, Who was standing exactly where he was, too scared to move and anger the Dark Lord.

"An interesting offer Harry, I accept. Though you will wear something so I can be sure you will not attack me."

Harry nodded but that only angered Voldemort. He strode forwards and grabbed Harry by the hair, making him look into his red eyes. His scar was burning again, fuelled by the man's anger.

"You will address me as Master when you speak to me, and will always address me as such when you with to say something. None of this nodding and shaking of your head."

Harry cried out as Voldemort gave an extra hard tug on his hair. "Y-yes Master."

Voldemort released his hair and stepped back. "Good."

Lucius apperated back to the graveyard holding something in hand; He bowed to the dark lord before handing it to him.

In his hand Voldemort held a Black collar with white snakes designed on it, facing into the middle. Harry held still as Voldemort approached him with the collar, and even when it was placed around his neck.

When Voldemort stepped away he cast Harry a quick look before standing to address his Death Eaters again.

"I trust you all to not share the information you gained here tonight with anyone unworthy of it. You will all be summoned again when I am ready to bring my plans forwards."

With those last words spoken all Death Eaters vanished except for Lucius.

Voldemort demanded a reason as to why and the man was very quick to explain. "You see My Lord, You do not wish for the world to know of your return just yet, I just wanted to offer you my home as a residence until such a time when you can freely go to your mansion."

Voldemort looked to Lucius. "Please my Lord, I am just trying to help since I did nothing to aid your return."

Voldemort nodded. "I accept, though I expect only the best rooms."

"Of course My Lord only the best for you. I will go prepare them now." He said before leaving

Voldemort turned and headed towards the portkey, he levitated it and dropped it on Cedric's body.

"That should hold off Dumbledore for a while. Come Harry." Harry walked towards his new Lord and Master.

Voldemort ran one of his spidery hands through Harry's unruly hair before grabbing onto him tight. "Hold on." Was Harry's only warning before Voldemort dissaperated them away.

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