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Chapter 15

Harry stumbled from the fireplace in the main entrance, almost losing his balance and footing; Lucius gliding out almost like his feet didn't even touch the ground.

"Follow me. We have one more thing to do before we go meet with the Dark Lord." Lucius said, walking past Harry and towards the sitting room.

Harry ran after him, trying to keep up with his shorter stature. It was only when they passed the sitting room did Harry ask where they were headed.

"You will see." was Lucius' curt response.

They entered a room at the end of the hall that was closed off by a heavy door. The walls of the room were covered in books and in the corner was a large desk that was covered in papers; at the opposite side of the room was a liquor cabinet with all sorts of bottles with different amounts of the malts.

"Go to the desk. I will be there in a second." Lucius instructed as he pulled a set of keys from his pocket.

Harry walked to the desk and continued to observe the man who was currently unlocking the cabinet and pulled out a false floor at the bottom he grabbed something from the bottom.

Lucius gently threw the object that Harry now recognized as a Pensieve towards the deck and it gently glided to the desk, obviously held and guided by magic.

"A Pensieve?" Harry asked.

Lucius was a little surprised. "You have seen one before?" He was genuinely surprised. He would not even trust Draco with a Pensieve, let alone his own private one, even if it was currently empty.

"I used one once with Dumbledore, he showed me one of the trials from after the war." Harry said in a very quiet voice. He kept his eyes on his feet, but made sure he could still see Lucius in his peripheral vision. He still didn't trust the man very well in private.

"This is my personal Pensieve; I emptied it late last night for this purpose. I am going to extract your memories of the prophesies so that the Dark Lord will not have to use Legilimency to retrieve them."

Lucius closed the liquor cabinet and walked to the table, where the Pensieve currently hovered.

"What's Legilimency?" Harry asked and Lucius sighed.

"Perhaps another time, we have to finish here before the Dark Lord grows impatient. You have one job Mr. Potter and that is to think of nothing but the prophecies."

Harry nodded; it seemed like a simple task. Closing his eyes; Harry concentrated on the prophecies, bringing the memories to the front of his mind. He felt Lucius's wand go to his temple and pull something out; which he knew (he hoped) was the strand of memory that Lucius had requested.

He opened his eyes to watch Lucius put the silver strand that looked almost like hair into the magic basin. Harry was about to ask if that was all they had to do, but was interrupted by footsteps coming from the hall.

"Ah Lucius, Harry, the house elves said you had returned." Voldemort said as he reached the doorway, just close enough to be out of the room, but still in perfect sight.

"My Lord," Lucius said bowing low. "We were just about to come to you. I took the liberty of having Harry put his memories into my Pensieve to-"

"Hush Lucius, you need not ramble. How did the mission go?"

Lucius stood tall, but not too tall as if afraid of seeming too cocky. "It went well for the most part, Mr. Potter did well and I don't think anyone was to suspicious; we will truly find out in tomorrow's Prophet though."

Voldemort nodded. "Any complications?"

At this Lucius slouched a bit. "Well we ran into one Arthur Weasly after retrieving the prophecy. Nothing too worrisome happened, though Dumbledore suspects us for going after Mr. Potter's relatives."

Voldemort nodded. "That is fine, you are dismissed Lucius." The comment was short and to the point, the Dark Lord wanted him out.

Lucius was about to argue to stay, but there was a certain spark in the man's eyes that shut him up. He wanted to see what would happen and also make sure his valued Pensieve would not be harmed.

He sighed inwardly, not letting it out in fear of the Dark Lord being insulted. Lucius bowed again before he left the room.

"I was almost worried that you and Lucius would be at each other's throats but it looks as if my worries were unnecessary. Lucius does not praise easily that is something you should feel some pride in." Voldemort said walking towards the desk and Harry.

Harry himself stiffened, he was not sure how Voldemort would react when he heard the prophecies and he wished Nagini was there as some form of comfort.

Voldemort ran his fingers over the Pensieve and looked to Harry before plunging his snake-like head into the seeing pool.

Harry waited for almost a minute before Voldemort raised his head from the Pensieve. Rage was the first expression he saw on the Dark Lords face and the only thing he could really think of doing in his panic was to drop to his knees and hide against the desk, so he did.

He raised his head from the basin, eyes alight with fury; he turned to Harry and drew his wand as if seeking his mind for some spell to uses on the now cowering boy. He could end him here and now to negate the last prophecy he had heard, but the new prophecy. The one that had just been discovered. What if Harry really was to aid him in his conquest? The boy had the power, no matter how untrained. With guidance the boy could easily become his equal, though he would refuse to admit that out loud to anyone.

He put his wand down and though about the situation. He remembered viewing Severus' memory dozens of times and he had not found one glitch in the memory, but perhaps of he looked now. Memory charms did tend to fade over the years.

He looked to Harry who was hiding his face in his knees, trembling on the floor. He sighed, if the boy was to be his equal at one point he would need to rectify his mental issues. He will not have some unstable child fighting alongside himself.

"Harry," Voldemort spoke calmly. "Go sit in the chair you are not in trouble, but we do have things to discuss after I am finished what I need to do."

Harry who was still on the floor but had looked up when the Dark Lord began to speak nodded his head and got up to walk the few steps to the big leather office chair Lucius kept at his desk.

First thing Voldemort did was Summon Severus to Malfoy Manor with use of the mark and he called for a house elf to apparate the man into the room when he arrived. He didn't have the patience to wait for the man to walk around to find him.

Sometimes he hated Malfoy's big house.

It didn't take long for a pop to fill the room and for Severus Snape to be standing before him; by the look on his face the house elf gave no warning before bringing him here.

"Ssseverus," Voldemort hissed. "I am having a Sslight dilemma that only you will be able to help me with."

Severus looked into the Dark Lords eyes and was about to question what it was that his Lord needed, but he felt an unbearable pressure on his mind. It was obvious that the only way he was going to find out was if he lowered his occlumency shields.

When he did so Voldemort went straight for the memory he wanted, he didn't want to doddle; if Harry was supposed to destroy him than he refused to let the boy live long enough to do so.

When he found the memory from the night Severus eavesdropped upon Dumbledore's hiring of the new divination teacher he watched the scene, Severus stood just outside the door as the prophecy was recited when it got to a certain part it was almost as a skip happened in the memory and Severus was being dragged in the room by Dumbledore's brother who ran the bar.

He cut off the memory and went back to the skip. He put all of his mind's pressure into seeing what was in that skip before giving up in frustration. Voldemort pulled out of Severus's mind, letting Severus stagger slightly; he paid no mind to the man.

How to break the charm? He could easily go back into Severus's mind and break through it, but that would deal a great damage to Snape's other memories and brain.

The though struck him there. "Severus, put your memories of you hearing the prophecy into the Pensieve."

Severus head was aching as he put back up his occlumency shields and did as Voldemort asked. He drew he memories out with his wand and dropped then in the Pensieve above the desk. He saw Harry on the chair, looking scared and as much as he wished to know what had happened he would wait.

Voldemort dove right into the Pensieve again; here he would not need to worry about breaking Severus's mind.

Watching the memory again he built up all his magic until he got to the part with the skip. He forced the Pensieve memory to stop as he pushed all of his built up magic into the skip. It took some forceful persuading, but came out the victor.

He watched the true memory that Dumbledore had replaced and listened to the true prophecy as it was being told.

'The one with the power to aid the Dark Lord approaches…Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies…and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not…and either must die by the hands of anotherfor neither can live while the other survives… The one with the power to aid the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…'

It was the first prophecy that Harry had listened to and it was the true one.

Voldemort was forced out the Pensieve, he raised his head to see who or what had interrupted him he saw the Pensieve shatter and the magic waters and memories spilt onto the deck and carpeted floors.

He cursed the now broken object, but was calmer now. He had the true foretelling all that was left was to decipher it.

He turned to Severus, who was staring at him with interest. "Thank you Severus you have been a great help as to helping he find out the true prophecy. You may go, Severus. I will call you if you are needed again."

Severus wasn't expecting any elaborate explanations but he was given less than what Voldemort would usually give, but knowing his place was not to ask questions he bowed to the Dark lord and took his exit.

Harry observed silently from the chair at the desk, refusing to move his legs from his chest. The position was not all that comfortable, but it made him feel safe.

As Voldemort dismissed Snape and turned his attention to the books he felt less threatened, that is until the Dark Lord came back with two identical books. With the wave of a hand the table was cleaned of all of the water from the Pensieve and he placed one on the desk and began searching through the other one. It was then that Harry snuck a peek at the title.

Voldemort had picked up two dictionaries.

He kept his eyes on Voldemort as he reached for the book and when his hand was barely touching and the man had done nothing be brought the book to him and opened its pages.

The book was obviously lightened with a spell because it was almost as thick as an arm and weighed only as much as a deck of cards.

Looking through it was interesting; it was full of muggle and magical words. He flipped to the 'M' section and even found the word Muggle, making him chuckle slightly.

Voldemort startled him out of his own musings by placing his dictionary down and looking to him. It was in the sections labelled by a big 'S' in the center and top of the page.

"Turn to the L's for me Harry." Voldemort said in a calm voice. Harry did as he was told and flipped to the beginning of the L's before handing it over to Voldemort.

It took Voldemort only a minute to find his page and place the book beside the first.

"Did you know Harry, that there can be a significant difference in the words 'live' and 'survive'?"

Hearing that it was rhetorical Harry kept silent waiting for Voldemort to continue, which he soon did.

"To live and to survive are almost exactly the same, but when you survive it is basically living to try to get yourself through the days, or nights, or even weeks. It is a ground between life and death, a living limbo if you will."

Voldemort paused waiting for Harry to process the information. In Harry's silence he took the time to go over what he remembered from the fake one, the wording made it sound like he would have to die by Voldemort's hands, or the other way around to end the war. The true one however said could have gone either way, it was all about interpretation.

"So what you're saying is that to fulfill the prophecy we have to both stop surviving?" Harry asked before stiffening. He had not addressed the man as 'Master'.

Voldemort chose to overlook it in this situation. If plans were to move forwards he would have to give the boy some leeway and patience.

"In a way, though I am wondering about the part before that 'either must die by the hands of another'. Why is that?" Voldemort asked himself closing both dictionaries and bringing them back to the shelves.

Voldemort looked through the shelves before turning back to the desk. "You may leave Harry." He said shortly. He could feel a headache making its way to the front of his mind.

Harry scurried off of the large chair and made his way to the door. He really felt like he should say a farewell to the man, though he was sure to see him sometime soon; they did live in the same manor after all. Harry turned to face the man who had gone back to searching the shelves for books.

Harry gathered up a bit of courage and spoke.

"Have a good day Master." He said quickly before rushing out the large doors and closing them silently behind him.

Voldemort's eyes froze when he boy wished him a good day. Not once in his years had one of his followers wished him a good day, or night. It was strange to say the least. His eyes went back to searching.

The words of the new prophecy ran through his head, the only line really bugging him was that Harry was his equal? Ha he was just a boy! As the thought came into him mind he remembered Harry cursing Severus, and the boy's excellent performance with the Unforgivables.

Voldemort growled before grabbing a rather thick book and bringing it with him out of the silent room.

He looked back at the study as saw the broken stone from the Pensieve. He rolled his eyes, Lucius will be devastated he thought as he walked away.

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