Author: Gosgirl and Bamacrush (or Bamagosgirlcrush as With the Grain has suggested!)
Rating: M
Pairing: Abby/Gibbs
Category: Romance/friendship
Spoilers: Royals and Loyals
Summary: A cure for Abby's insomnia? A post-episode tag for Royals and Loyals.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. NCIS and its characters are the property of DPB and CBS. If I had a silver-haired, blue-eyed Marine to play with, do you think I'd have time for writing?
A/N: This tag is a thank you and very belated Christmas present for With the Grain, for all her constant support and encouragement, and in honour of our mutual obsession with wet!Gibbs. And how could we not channel our inner smut bunnies about that thigh rub?

Chapter 1 – Hands On

What on earth had gotten into Gibbs?

Not that she was complaining...

It was late afternoon and the case closed. The team had returned from the ship late yesterday and today had been spent writing reports. But what was occupying Abby's mind was what had started three days ago.

Being seized by the Charley Horse cramp was not totally unexpected, brought on by stupidly squeezing herself into the space under her desk far too small for her lanky height.

But Abby had been totally unprepared for what Gibbs had done when he'd found her.

At first too distracted by the mice with blow torches attacking her leg, she'd been startled when Gibbs grabbed her thigh and hauled her out from under the desk by her legs before helping her into a chair.

All of which had been distracting enough but what came next was nearly her undoing.

Instead of leaving her to deal with the cramp herself, he'd wrapped his strong hands round her upper thigh and started vigorously massaging the spasming muscles, easing the knots with firm, confident pressure.

Letting her head fall back as the sensations zinged through her, Abby hadn't been able to prevent a low moan escaping her lips and although his head had been lowered, hiding his expression, she'd felt his hands tighten momentarily before resuming his pummelling.

He'd then wheeled her chair at speed into the main lab and Abby had fully expected Gibbs to just stand beside her as normal while she ran through the results. So she'd almost jumped out of her skin when his large hands had returned to continue massaging her thigh muscle, this time from the side.

Abby didn't know how the hell she'd carried on talking when those hands she'd fantasised about for years had been rubbing, kneading, massaging and... oh god... all but stroking her upper thigh?

So when he'd slowed his massage to almost gentle strokes, it had taken all her willpower not to open her legs and wriggle so that his hand brushed even closer to where she really wanted it.

Then Gibbs seemingly innocent question of "You good?" had various replies springing to her lips, most of which she'd had to bite back.

With difficulty, Abby had suppressed the overwhelming urge to lean back, grab him by the jacket collar and drag him on top of her to see where that ended up... other than with them both sprawled on the floor needing a chiropractor and her fired.

But she'd not actually finished her explanation, ending up talking to his rapidly retreating back. When Abby thought about it now, his exit had been speedy, even by his standards.

He'd dumped her Caf!Pow on the bench before dropping a quick kiss onto her hair and virtually run out of the door. However much of a rush Gibbs was usually in, he nearly always waited till at least she'd finished speaking before turning tail.

So perhaps Gibbs hadn't been entirely unaffected by having his hands on her body and had fled from her lab to hide his reaction?

Or was that just wishful thinking on her part?

His massage had certainly left her so turned on that she'd had to rush for the bathroom to finish with her fingers what Gibbs had started with his hands.

Then the next day he'd been grumpy but that was hardly unusual in the middle of a case.

So when Gibbs didn't respond to her remark about taking a bite out of the crabby apple tree, she'd just carried on with the results. She knew when it waspossible to tease him out of a mood and when it wasn't.

Then had come the growly bear hug.

She didn't know how else to describe it, and it was a hug Abby was continually replaying in her mind... much like the thigh massage.

Both had been initiated by Gibbs and both would be fuel for plentiful fantasy fodder in the nights to come.

Gibbs had instigated hugs before... of course he had, and she was forever hugging him and being hugged in return, as she did with all the team.

But when she'd delivered her punchline to the pollen results, he'd suddenly launched a bear hug in her direction, squeezing her tight. And if that hadn't been enough to get her totally hot, the thing that she couldn't get out of her head now was the low growl that had rolled into her ear.

... heaven help her.

She'd been so startled, she hadn't got her reflexes into gear fast enough to wrap her arms round him and hold him in the hug, to prolong it as long as she could.

And she'd been kicking herself ever since for not being quicker.

What she'd been left with was a continuous sound loop, hearing that growl over and over into her ear.

It was quite possibly the sexiestthing she'd ever heard.

And now she couldn't stop thinking about how that growl would sound... and feel... against her neck or anywhere else on her body, preferably when they were both naked...

...all of which was really not helping get her arousal under control.

At this rate, it was going to need another trip to the restroom before she could even attempt to go home.

So now at the end of the week, Abby was still wound up, mind whirling over why he'd given her a massage in the first place.

The two of them had always been physically affectionate with each other but it was typically Abby who initiated the 'tackle' hugs, while the gentle kisses to her cheek... hair... temple... usually came from Gibbs.

There was the occasional back rub if she was tense... although those usually left her tense in other places.

He'd never shied away from casually touching her, or comforting her if she was upset but it hadn't really strayed beyond that... until recently.

Having Gibbs touch her was always distracting, however innocent it might have appeared to anyone else.. It was only her lively imagination and desperate longing for the man that always tried to attach more importance to it.

If Gibbs crowded into her personal space, so near but not quite close enough, the heat from his body or his warm breath ghosting across her neck were all she could think about for hours afterwards.

So to have their usual level of physical contact increase over the last few days was just driving her crazy.

That wasn't the only change she'd observed in Gibbs in recent weeks.

The fact that he'd tolerated having interns assigned to the team was hinky enough, but his behaviour had been different ever since the Reynosa cartel were no longer a threat. He acted as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, which it probably had.

The legacy of what he'd done in Mexico all those years ago must have been in the background forever... hovering over him.

After the stressful summer when they'd all been in danger and Darren had been her bodyguard and constant shadow, and with Gibbs and Jackson living under the same roof bringing its own tensions, it was almost as if Gibbs had decided to make a fresh start.

Since his return from Stillwater where he'd spent time helping his dad fix up his damaged store, Gibbs had seemed more at ease. He'd smiled more, been more relaxed and less grumpy than usual; all visible manifestations of how he'd changed... or perhaps decided to put some elements of his past behind him.

And their flirting had reached new levels... leaving her so horny that she was getting through batteries for the toys in her bedside table at an alarming rate.

It was a contrast to earlier in the year when Gibbs had appeared to pull away from her when M. Allison Hart first arrived on the scene, but subsequent events with the cartel had given Abby a clue why he'd let that lawyer get close.

It was how he was... as always, trying to protect everyone he cared for until he knew where the threat was coming from. And if that meant getting involved with a perceived enemy, then that's what Gibbs would do.

But since that danger was now past, he'd not kept his distance from her.

They'd become closer again, the friendship Abby so treasured back at full strength and their flirting had taken on an extra edge that several times came close to crossing the line.

The hugs lasted longer, the kisses were more frequent and were gradually drifting closer to her lips, and he touched her more frequently.

... and that was before the recent hands-on example.

So could Abby allow herself to hope that things might change?

That Gibbs might be open to taking the next step in their relationship... something Abby wanted so damn much.

She shook herself out of her thoughts, rolling her stiff shoulders before turning back to her PC. Movement catching her eye, Abby turned, startled when she saw Gibbs approaching her office with his usual ground-eating stride.