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Chapter 7 – Getting Off...

"Not gonna use a towel to dry you off. Wanna use my tongue."

"Oh god, Abbs..."

The image she conjured up triggered a surge of lust so strong it had Gibbs' whole body aching with need.

Groaning, he pulled her hard against his body, taking her mouth in a deep, almost bruising kiss. Chuckling deep in her throat at his reaction, Abby kissed him back fiercely as they stumbled into the bedroom.

When they bumped into the end of the bed, Gibbs stepped back, allowing himself a certain smug satisfaction at the hazy lust in her emerald eyes and ran his thumb over her swollen lower lip, swallowing hard as her tongue darted out to lick the tip.

Abby shivered as she felt the path of his eyes almost as a caress as they raked up and down her body, his gaze heated and possessive. She waited till his blue eyes met hers again and laughingly chided him, "Stop tryin' to distract me."

With a hand on his chest, Abby backed him towards the bed, encouraging him to scoot into the middle. She flowed onto the bed after him, crawling over his body, feeling his hands reach up to smooth along her sides.

Straddling his legs as Gibbs leaned back on his elbows, she relished the sight of his damp, totally edible body spread out beneath her... like a lavish buffet just begging for her to take her fill.

Where could she start?

Eyes drawn to his neck... no surprise there... with her finger, she followed the trail of a single droplet which ran oh so slowly down his throat and on over his chest.

Her fingers carded through his glistening chest hair, setting off more drops on their journey south.

When her finger reached his stomach, she turned it slightly to scrape the nail lightly, teasingly over his slick flesh, feeling the muscles twitch beneath her touch, smiling when she heard his low moan.

Abby glanced up. His eyes were almost a stormy dark blue as he watched her every move.

His skin was tingling, anticipating her next sensuous touch, his breathing ragged as the sensations washed over him. Gibbs reached out to pull her closer. She leaned down to capture his mouth, cupping his face tenderly between her hands.

As soon as she sought to deepen the kiss, Gibbs took charge, twining round her tongue and chasing it back into her mouth to explore every corner. Abby vaguely registered that she was making mewing, needy sounds in the back of her throat as she almost drowned in the taste of him.

God, his mouth was addictive...

If there wasn't so much else to explore... taste... feel... she'd have been happy kissing him all night.

Pulling back slowly, warm lips lingering, tugging, Abby nuzzled against his face, trying to calm her thudding heartbeat, enjoying the massage his fingers were delivering to her scalp.

"Wanna taste the rest of you," she breathed shakily against his lips.

"Help yourself," came the low whisper, his voice hungry and rough.

Jeez... what an instruction.

She nibbled her way along his jawline and onto his neck, hearing him sigh her name as he relaxed into her touches.

Enjoying the strength she could feel in the muscles of his shoulders and arms, Abby mouthed her way along his collarbone and on to his chest. Tormenting him with short, teasing licks alternating with long sweeps of her tongue, she memorized what made him gasp and moan.

He tangled his hands in her silky hair, anchoring himself by touch as she mapped him, her tongue sparking his skin into life, leaving a tingling trail across his body. Her hands were running over him in tandem to her mouth, her touch seemingly everywhere at once.

Gibbs felt as if he were alternately on fire and floating as his skin absorbed her soft caresses... his arousal spreading through him until his entire body was suffused with an intense, focused heat.

Chasing any water droplets with her mouth, Abby smoothed her hands over shining wet skin... the taste, scent and feel of his warm dampness making her head spin. Although her aim to dry him off might have been a little ambitious, given that her tongue was currently leaving a wet trail of its own in its wake.

This could take some time, she grinned to herself.

Abby propped her head on his stomach, grinning at him mischievously. "Well, my hands are drying you off but I seem to be making you all wet again with my tongue... Perhaps I ought to stop?"

Before she could move, his hands dragged her back up his body and he buried his head against her neck, his voice husky with need, "Don't you dare stop."

"Are you sure?" she whispered, chuckling.

Gibbs groaned into her skin. "Want me to beg?"

Now, there was a thought...

Framing his head with her arms as his mouth attacked her neck, she was unable to stop a moan escaping as he suckled her pulse point, hard enough to leave a mark. Grabbing his hair, she pulled his head up and took his mouth over and over, deep, almost desperate, intense kisses as she pressed against him.

Tearing her mouth away to nibble down his neck, she giggled at his next words, a repeat of ones he'd used days ago. "Your mouth... use it... faster."

She should have known sex with him would be as much about playful fun as it was erotic heat.

"Oh, I intend to," she promised, her grin wicked. "And when you said that to me before, this was just one of the things I imagined doing to you... to all of you."

"Only one?" His hands were teasingly brushing the sides of her breasts, fingers trailing over her nipples.

Laughing, she caught his eye and his boyish grin made her toes curl as she promised, "Oh, I got a lot more than just this in my head... and we've got all night."

She licked her way across his broad chest, teasing her way through the damp chest hair and along the line of hair running down his stomach, feeling the muscles ripple under her lips.

She paused as she reached his thighs, her mass of hair tickling his skin as she moved.

"Although perhaps I shouldn't be drying all of you off... I should be making at least some of you wetter, not drier... like here maybe."

She nuzzled against his swollen cock where it strained against his stomach, begging for her attention. Grinning against the hard silky skin, she took him in hand and heard a deep growl rumble in his chest as her tongue lapped up his length.

Gasping, he arched off the bed into her maddening touch and gritted out a reply. "Thought I'm supposed to be making you wet?"

"Oh, trust me, you do...all the time. You only need to look at me some days... or all I need is your voice and I'm... soaking... wet." She punctuated each pause of her gravelly voice with a long sweep of her tongue, teasing the underside of the sensitive head, grinning up the line of his body as he writhed beneath her.

Catching her sparkling green eyes, he stilled, every muscle tense as he waited for what she was going to do to him now.

Smile full of mischief, she tilted her head as if contemplating where to attack next with her mouth, and her throaty whisper made him shiver. "Although these drops I don't wanna dry off... these I wanna taste."

His brain nearly melted out of his ears as she folded her mouth round his cock head in a suckling kiss, her tongue swirling over the tip to lap up the drops of pre-cum.

Gibbs couldn't lie passively any longer.

She was driving him crazy.

His need overwhelming him, Gibbs pulled her up to take her mouth in a demanding kiss. Rolling them over, he settled himself between her long legs as they hooked over his hips, urging him closer. Abby arched towards him, exposing the smooth column of her throat and Gibbs couldn't resist licking his way up the soft skin, ghosting his teeth back down as she gasped and writhed under him.

Gibbs undulated his hips slowly, her juices coating his cock as he teased them both before he nibbled along her jawline to her neck and on down her chest to torment her breasts.

Her skin tingling and heart pounding, all her focus was on where his hands and mouth were tracing paths across her heated skin, absorbing the movements of his hard body against hers.

Abby ran her hands round his waist to drag her fingers up and down his long back, feeling the hard muscles ripple under her touch.

"Look at me, Abbs."

He braced himself on his arms over her and Abby found herself unable to look away from lust-darkened blue... riveted by being on the receiving end of his intense focus.

Nudging inside her wet heat, he felt her walls ripple around him. Rocking her hips up to meet his initial thrust, Abby raised her legs to lock round his waist, watching as he slid into her... the visual only adding to the erotic sensations.

He stilled when he was fully inside, letting her adjust to the feel of him and he felt her internal muscles flutter and squeeze around him. When she opened hazy green eyes and pulled him down into a slow, teasing kiss, he began moving.

The pace he set was deep and strong but dizzyingly unhurried... a slow swell of tension that seemed designed to drive her out of her mind.

Feeling him stretch and fill her with each plunge, Abby whimpered at the building friction. As the sensations pulsed inside her, she was all but sobbing into his neck, shakily begging for more.

Of course he obliged her.

Her hands slid down his back to grasp his ass, feeling the muscles clenching as he stroked into her... now a lot harder... here a little faster. Hips undulating as she lost herself in his powerful movements, they instinctively found a rhythm which saw them both racing towards their climaxes.

Abby was only vaguely aware of the sounds she was making, hoarse, gasping cries and barely coherent babbling as she reached for her release... so close.

Tension was coiling within him tighter and tighter but he hung on, wanting to bring Abby over with him.

When he felt his control slipping and his own orgasm so close he could touch it, Gibbs slid a hand between them, pressing hard on her clit and triggering her release as she arched against him.

Her cry of "Jethro," in his ear caused Gibbs to falter in his thrusts, groaning into her neck at the sound of his name in her throaty voice.

Continuing to drive into her, powering through the strong spasms which gripped him, his world blacked out as he let go. Waves rolled through him over and over, drawing out his own release till his whole body was shaking, grinding against her almost desperately.

Lost in her own haze of pleasure, Abby was dimly aware of his cock spasming inside her as he spilled deep inside, loving the feel... finally... of that growl vibrating against her skin... oh so much better than in her imagination.

Coming to, Gibbs slowly became aware of her hands moving up and down his spine, lazily stroking the sweat-slicked skin. Slipping out of her gently, he dropped a soft kiss to her lips, enjoying her contented purr. He rolled onto his back and she nestled against his side, nuzzling his chest and wrapping her arms and legs round him.

She relished his closeness and the warmth of his skin as her heart rate gradually calmed.

Stroking her back slowly, he felt the tremors still rippling through her and dipped his head to kiss her again, making it long and slow and full of promise. Hazy green eyes opened and a lazy grin curved her lips. He caught his breath as the face from his many fantasies looked right back at him… impish, sated... happy.

"So... do you think you're dry yet?"

He snorted at her comment and tickled her sides, feeling her wriggle against him, giggling.

"Dunno. Might have to start over later... coz I still feel wet."

"Mmm, I noticed... darn it." Her voice was a throaty murmur as she nuzzled against his neck. "Must keep practising until I get it right."

"Not gonna argue with that. Although my turn to dry you off next." He pulled her close as she moaned at the thought and the visuals that conjured up.

A satisfied relaxed haze settled over them both as he speared his fingers through her thick hair, combing out the tangles, and the sweat cooled on their bodies. Moving his hands over her skin in long, tender strokes, he smiled as she murmured her pleasure, arching into his touch.

Content to lie here with Abby in his arms, Gibbs listened to her breathing even out as she became almost boneless against him, soft curves moulding to his, their legs tangled together.

They could eat later.

Right now if she was headed into sleep, he wasn't going to stop her.

Abby suddenly gasped and raised her head from his chest as she remembered something. "Oh god, I forgot... Won't dinner be burnt?"

"Nah. Turned it off before I came up." He tightened his arms round her, trying to pull her back down.

"Ooh... confident," she teased, grinning as she folded her arms, resting her chin on his chest.

"More like hopeful."

She giggled at the teasing twinkle in his blue eyes.

He leaned forward to press a warm kiss against her lips, feeling her grin against his mouth. When she settled down in his arms again, pressing kisses to his chest, his next words triggered a snort of throaty laughter into his neck.

"Think you'll sleep now?"

The end.

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