Year XXXX June 18

Henri's finally letting me use his paper to write on, he's even let me use his book if I tell it some things about us that he can't find out on his own. I asked Mom and she couldn't think of anything special, I asked Sasha and she's more interested in Knell than anything so she wasn't any help. I would have asked Dad but he thinks writing is silly. I try to write like humans even if the rules are strange and not at all clear because that is how they keep what they know. Writing small enough to fit this page is hard!

Knell gave me an idea to write about; she asked why she could not really tell where Henri is even though she can hear him and see his wolf. I had to ask the grownups and they did not know so I asked all the old Enderfolk who knew those that had come from The End. All I got were stories about that place and nothing I really wanted. Then I had an idea, Henri explained once how he tried to figure us out so I thought I could do that with Knell's question.

Grandma Tvers told me once that the human demon Herobrine had made us and that our goddess had sent us away to be safe from the Almighty Notch. Henri says humans have gone there and that it is another dimension (that is a hard word) so I think the reason we cannot see humans well is because we are from There instead of Here. I only know about Here, the Overworld as Henri puts it, There seems dull with pale stone and obsidian. I see it in my dreams sometimes, it is comfortably dark and everyone looks just like me.

Gradma said when we teleport we take a quarter step into The End and go a short distance before we return to the Overworld but we're never all the way There or Here, that's why there's purple sparkles around us when we move, it's us stepping out of this world enough to avoid being caught. Whenever a smart creature looks at us, we are pulled into their reality and are forced to stay there until they stop anchoring us; that is why we kill humans, to be free. I have noticed it, whenever Henri looks at me a certain way without a pumpkin on, I feel heavier. I do not get mad but I feel better when it has been a few days since he has done it.

When we are Anchored we can see humans very clearly, maybe that's why it's harder to pick some things up, humans anchor them somehow so we can't pick up things close to where a lot of them live. And why Henri sometimes gets hurt when I carry him to a place he can't get to, he is anchored to the Overworld so much he can't let go of it long enough to move quickly. I still do not know why we cannot really see him, maybe it has something to do with being partially out of the Overworld but he looks a bit fuzzy and unreal.

When I was Knells size I tried to teleport with my eyes closed because there's things in that other place between worlds that look at me all mean like and they try to dig into my skin. I do not like them much at all and now I try to squish them as soon as I see one. They might hurt Knell since she's so small and she likes hanging onto me when i teleport. She is silly to want to see those little parasites, they are not nice at all.

Oh no, I finished his book even writing the smallest I could.