Chapter 40

Eli silently sneaks out of the police station from the backdoor. She just has summoned Ruby and she now looks right and left, waiting for her to show up. As usual, Ruby comes out of nowhere and from behind. "I knew you would need me at a certain point…" She laughs.

"Hush!… The others don't know I've called you…" Eli whispers to her.

"Houuuu… Playing secrets, huh?... Well as I can see… At least, you seemed to be all still alive…"

"Yeah, but we still don't have a clue where Lilith is hiding her rotten carcass… And there are also still people missing in this town…"

"Some might be already dead, you know… You will not be able to save them all… Oh, whatever… So, what do you want from me?"

"I need a little bit of your... Fuel… Just in case…"

"And what does Sam wants?"

"Nothing… And he should not know about this… You hear me?... You are not telling him squad…"

"He is still against it, huh?..." Ruby smirks.

"More than ever… But, I know sooner or later he will come to it… He has too… Once I will prove him that we can do good things with it… I'm sure he will change his mind..."

"Oh sweet sweet Eli… You are so optimistic and naive sometimes… I don't know if it's frightening me or if I just wanna burst into laughter... But, tell me one thing, Hun… How am I supposed to protect you, if you're not playing the game right?…" She sighs.

"So, you have some with you or not?" She diverts the conversation.

"All right already... Here… That should do it…" She gives her a small black phial.


"You're welcome… But, still, try to convince your partner to use it too… Lilith is really dangerous and it would be better that both of you confront her at once…"

"Sam isn't my partner!..." Eli abruptly bursts out.

"Sensitive zone, as I can hear… When are you gonna understand that you and him are meant to be..."

"Screw you, Ruby!…"

"Thank you… I take that as a compliment…" She laughs, before disappearing into thin air.


Before entering the station again, she hides the little bottle into her jeans pocket. Carefully, she opens the door to check if anybody is around before sneaking in again.

"Where were you?" Dean asks as she enters in the office room.

"Bathroom!..." She innocently replies with a nice smile on her face.

"We are ready to go…"

"Okay… Be careful…"

He winks at her and starts to walk away. "Dean?... Wait!..." She calls him.


"In case you find Lilith's hiding place… Promise-me you won't face her on your own… I mean it…"

"Eli… You might think I'm acting like a sort of suicidal brad lately… Now that my time is nearly up and all… But, believe me, I'm not gonna ruin maybe the only chance I have to stay alive… I know I can be insensitive sometimes... Or show myself like one… But, I not… I'm really not… And we need her alive, right?"

"Yeah… We need her alive to release the contract…" She whispers, gazing at her shoes.

He gently puts around her hear one of her red locks and kisses her forehead before walking away.


"I ask those guys who wants to volunteer to help us... There are now two at each side of the building... I left the women in the main office..." Bobby explains to his daughter.

"And what are we suppose to do now?..."

"Nothing, just waiting till the boys come back..."

"Well, that's not an option for me... I'm getting after them... If they don't know I'm there, I could be more effective in helping them..." She says already putting her jacket on and going for the front door.

"Eli, no!..." He grabs her by the sleeve. "I'm not gonna let you do that..."

"Dad... Let me loose!... I'm going!..." Her eyes suddenly hardening.

"You've changed so much lately... I hardly recognize you... What happened to you?..." Her father gently asks.

"Dad, not now..." She gets rid of his grip and leave the station.

Once she is out of site, she takes the little bottle out of her pocket. She puts a few drops in the palm of her hand, looking at the thick red color of it. She smirks and licks it with delight, quickly feeling the effects in her.


Eli starts her search at the edge of the city center, pretty sure that Lilith would preferably hide in a place where she can easily get out of. A luxurious white country house, immediately draws her attention. She carefully approaches, knowing that she might be spotted any time. When she sees the two sheriff's deputies holding the main door, she is now convinced it is her hideaway. She also senses that Sam is near, another advantage she discovered from the blood. In order to keep her surprise effect, she decides to stay put till she hears the encounter's subsumption of the brothers and Lilith.

A few minutes later, the two deputies guarding outside are rushed in the house at the sound of a huge detonation. Eli runs out of the bushes, crossing the front yard at top speed and starts to climb the X braces pinned on the side wall to enter the place through a second floor window.

She knees in the middle of the room, closing her eyes to feel in which corner of the house is Sam. "Living room..." She whispers to herself.

Step by step, she cautiously goes down. At the end of the stairs, she is suddenly grabbed from behind and dragged into a dark room. She wants to scream, but a huge hand comes over her mouth. She struggles to get rid of the shadow that his holding her, giving it a elbow kick in his stomach. Fortunately, hard enough to make him do a step back, leaving her the possibility to turn around and face her attacker.

"Hello Eli..." The Sheriff's husky voice comes. "My master will be very pleased to finally meet you... And she will be very generous towards me..." He viciously laughs, coming closer to her.

Not thinking for a second, she grabs his weapon still hanging on his belt, moves back a little and shoots him three times in the chest. That just makes him hold his gesture for a moment, looking at her with a nasty smile on his face and coming for her again. She drops the gun and put her arm in front of her, closing her eyes and starting to concentrate. The Sheriff instantly freezes, his mouth going open, his body shaking and the black smoke coming out of him. He falls flat on the ground, his head on Eli's shoes. She gives him a small kick to turn him around. "Have a nice holiday in Hell, asshole..." She says before running for the hallway.


She comes face to face with Sam. "I knew you wouldn't listen!..." He screams at her, taking her by an arm and dragging her in the room again.

"Where is Dean?..."

"Oh, because you care?..."

"Of course, I..." She pleads. "Ho, ho, ho..." She softly laughs. "I can't believe it... You took some, didn't you?... After all your lectures over wrong and right... Don't do this, Eli... It's just wrong... Where did you get it from? Ruby?... Where and when did you see her?..."

"None of your damned business... And yeah... I took some... But, it wasn't enough it seems... And it's all your fault!"

"What?... My fault?..."

"She's gone, Eli... I cornered her in a room, but the minute you arrived she vanished... I had her in my control and you just..." He menaces her by lifting an arm, ready to slap. But stops his movement by taking a deep breath.

"Where is Dean?..." She hardens her tone and her gaze.

"I left him in the kitchen, exorcising the deputies... So, you have time to explain what you are really doing here and how did you find us?"

"I can find you anywhere anytime, Sam... And you know that, because you knew I was here, isn't it?"

"So, you avow being under the influence too then..."

"Oh, please... Stop patronizing me!... And you are as guilty as I am in Lilith's escape... If you weren't so egocentric and if you just could stop pretending to be the new godfather of Hell... We would have done this together... And might certainly have succeed by now!... Do has I said, don't do what I do, huh?... Well, played Sam Winchester!"

"I'm just doing this to protect you, Eli!..."

"I don't need your protection... I can protect myself!... You have ruined everything!... Why?... Please tell me why?..."

"You better go back the Station, before my brother's sees you here and start to have more suspicions about us that he already has..."

"I won't go before you telling me exactly what is inside of you, Sam..."

"Later..." As she wants to talk again, he hardens his look. "I said, later..." He says between his teeth.

At the other side of the door, Dean is silently going back to the kitchen after having listening to this strange conversation between Eli and his brother.