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A/N: Hello again, loyal viewers! It seems as though we've reached the conclusion of this epic tale *pats own back*. It's kind of sad, I know. This is the longest thing I've ever written. At first I was a little worried that no one would read this because it wasn't yaoi, but I wanted to have something that had a possessive Sebby in it without being romance. But thanks for proving me wrong! It also came from two ideas I had: Sebastian being a king and Seb and Ciel being brothers. I couldn't choose, so I just combined them. This was also partially inspired by "Pan's Labyrinth". Also, I'm so excited that the next manga chapter will be out soon. I'm going to be watching all weekend for spoilers! Let's finish this!


Crawling out of the ground wasn't a necessarily hard thing to do, but it was unpleasant. Even though he didn't need to breathe, the freshly dug dirt pouring down his nose was making him choke. He was relieved when he finally made it out of the hole.

He stood and put the dirt back in its place. It wouldn't do for someone to think it had been disturbed for any reason. He then brushed the dirt off himself before quickly hiding behind a large statue of a man that was nearby. It was times like these he was glad that some of his family members had been exceptionally extravagant even in death. Indeed, he was in his family's cemetery.

His funeral had been that afternoon. It had been hard to lie perfectly still in that coffin until nighttime. Listening to his loved ones mourn him was hard to hear. It was also hard to hear his few servants and acquaintances crying over him. He always made a show of being generous to his partners and polite to the servants, so it was no wonder that they would mourn his loss. But after this, he doubted that he would ever think of them again.

He looked at the stone that marked his grave site. It had the general information: Ciel Phantomhive, 6th Earl of Phantomhive. December 14th, 1875 – February 3, 1938. Beloved son, father, and husband. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth."

He chuckled at that last line. He had always enjoyed the tales of "Sherlock Holmes". He especially liked that quote for it reminded him of his own work. He was glad that he hinted to the butler a few weeks ago that he wanted it on his tombstone.

His eyes wandered over to the pink marble headstone a little ways from his. It had been expensive, but he wanted to get her something lovely. She always did love those kinds of things, up till the day she drew her final breath. He frowned as he read the inscription. Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Phantomhive. May 4, 1874 – January 1st, 1938. Beloved daughter, mother, and wife. "May you now be in Heaven with the rest of the angels."

He knew for a fact that she was. He had made sure of it. Even if her husband never attended church, she was there every Sunday with a smile on her face. He never tried to corrupt her or cause her to sin. He loved her too much for that. She never knew what it was that she married.

He closed his eyes and thought of the last five decades. He tried to live his human life as best he could. He doubted he would ever get an opportunity to do this again.

After he came back from the fight with the angel, he continued to live life the same way he did for the past three years. He ran his company and went on missions from the queen. It had actually become easier. Since the servants could do their jobs adequately, he had less stress at home and could focus on his work more. And with his new powers, and no butler to annoy him, it was much easier to catch criminals in the underworld. Since he was still a "child" and did this single-handedly, people feared him more than ever.

When he was seventeen, he and Lizzie were married. It was an elaborate ceremony. Their status and her taste insisted upon it. It had been on a sunny day in June. The church was decorated in pink, green, and gold fabrics and flowers. He was wearing a new black suit. His new butler, James(Tanaka had perished of a stroke a year prior), had placed a red rose in his lapel. She had looked lovely in her white silk gown. He knew that she spent weeks trying to find the right one. Both her father and brother led her down the aisle. His uncle had smiled at him, while Edward gave him a death glare. As they exchanged vows, he could see his servants crying. At the reception, he smirked when he saw a black cat with knowing red eyes staring at him through a window.

He was nervous about the wedding night. He always thought of intimate acts as vulgar and beneath him. But now that he was expected to do it, he didn't know what to feel. Would he even be able to go through with doing such things to his sweet, innocent Lizzie? But in the end, it wasn't so bad. They were both virgins, so at first it was awkward and uncomfortable, but they eventually came to enjoy themselves. And went on to enjoy themselves for a long time.

One thing he had never thought about was children. Sebastian had told him that despite popular rumors, their species could not produce offspring with humans. So he had no reason to concern himself with the thought. Until the day he walked in on his wife crying. She explained that she was upset that she still hadn't borne any children, even after four years of marriage. She was afraid that she was barren. In an effort to make her feel better, he told her that he was to blame(and he supposed he was). He proposed that they adopt a child.

Since they were in need of an heir, they obtained a boy. He was a week old when he came to them. He was the son of a count who died before he was born and his mother had died in childbirth. His relatives were quick to take his inheritance and would have left the infant to die if he had not intervened. They named him Vincent Robert Phantomhive. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. He was always interested in the arts and could play five instruments by the time he was twenty. They made sure that we was well-educated in many fields. He was also very polite and charismatic. Ciel had taught him all about the Guard Dog business in his teens, and he proved to be quite good at it. Even though he was not of their blood, he made the perfect Phantomhive.

Three years after they got him, Lizzie confided to him that she had always wanted a daughter. And so they took in a three month old orphaned girl. Her parents were French immigrants who had died in a carriage accident. Her name was Emilie, which they changed to Emily. She was a pretty girl with strawberry blond hair and green eyes. Lizzie loved to spoil her with new dresses, accessories, and toys. But he made sure that she didn't turn into a complete brat. She always acted lady-like, but never purposely acted weak like her adopted mother used to. She was friendly and loved to paint, so she and Vincent always got along.

He was very fond of them, but he never got completely attached to them. He only got them to please his wife, after all. As they got older, they both married and children of their own. In his younger days, he was happy that the Phantomhive name would live on, but as time passed, he cared less and less. By the time he reached his mid-fifties, it was like he was an outsider looking into someone else's life. It was almost like he was reading a book and the main character shared his name.

People he knew had come and gone. Soma and Agni finally went back to India when the prince was twenty-five. He decided it was time to get married and help his family run the country. He only saw them in person twice after that, but they still occasionally exchanged letters.

He wasn't entirely sure what became of Lau, but he suspected that he finally had his comeuppance. He wasn't sorry to say that he didn't miss the man much.

The servants continued to work for him all their lives. Bard had died in a gas explosion twenty years ago. After a few days of mourning, he fired a young French chef. The household missed the burly man, but they had to admit that the food was better. After awhile, Finny and Mey-Rin had simply become too old to work. He hired replacements for them, but allowed them to remain in his house. They were at the funeral, but he doubted that they even knew what was going on.

Lizzie had died of cancer a month ago. He was sorry to see her die, but he didn't grieve her. He always knew that he would outlive her. After she was gone, he was ready to return home, but stayed to make sure that Vincent was ready to take over his position. Besides, it would have been tragic for the children to lose both their parents at the same time.

He turned and looked at his reflection in a shiny piece of metal on a nearby headstone. He had changed his looks to resemble that of an old man's. He was, of course, taller. His face was covered in wrinkles and his hair was white. He had forced himself to use a cane. He sighed and changed his form back into that of a young boy.

"I must say, advanced age does not suit you well, Ciel," a smooth voice beside him commented.

"Sebastian," he greeted as he turned to his brother.

The older demon smiled softly at him. He took the younger by the hand and started to lead him away from the graves.

"Did you enjoy yourself, little brother?" Sebastian asked casually.

"I suppose I did," he answered. "It will be something to remember every once in a while."

He stopped as he passed another pair of graves. He let go of his brother's hand and walked over to them. Though they were over fifty years old, Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive's graves were still in good condition. He briefly thought about the ten years that he had known them.

Sebastian stood behind him. "Are you going to miss this life?" he asked the younger.

Ciel turned and looked at him. "No, I don't believe I will. The only reason I stayed here was because I needed...closure of some sort."

"Oh?" Sebastian asked.

"Yes," he answered. "If I hadn't, I would have always been asking myself 'what if?'. Know that I know, I can put it behind me."

"That's good to hear," Sebastian said with a grin.

He grabbed his brother's hand again. "Let's go home," he said.

"Sounds good to me," the elder replied. "Our people have missed you greatly."

"Only the people?" he asked teasingly.

"And me, as well," Sebastian replied.

As they walked toward the cemetery gates, their bodies began to slowly fade. By the time they reached the gate, they had disappeared completely. It was as if they were never there to begin with.


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