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This will be the Tanya/Bella version.

Chapter 1

Isabella's POV:

I was crouched, getting my things together; getting everything organized for tomorrow.

Charlie walked knocked on my door before stepping in. He looked at me with sad eyes. I felt bad that he felt bad. He knew I was still suffering from my breakup.

"You ready for school tomorrow?" He asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. I'm just about done." I said, setting my things aside.

Charlie game me a curt nod. "Good."

There was a moment's pause before Charlie sighed, "Anyway, Jacob and Billy is coming over. If you want to come down, please feel free. I think Jacob is anxious to see you."

I inwardly groaned. Ever since Jacob found out I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, he has been knocking himself out trying to get my attention.

"I-I don't feel too well. I think I'm just going to stay here." I said.

Charlie nodded his head, "I understand." He puts his hand on the doorknob and said, "A broken heart takes time to heal, but I promise you, it will. I know it may not feel like it now," He took his hand off the doorbell and walked over to me, kneeling down. "Listen, Mark will see one day that he lost the best thing that could ever happen. One day, you will make someone very happy. You have a heart of gold, Isabella. Don't waste it on him."

I gave him a slight smile, telling him I appreciated it.

Charlie left, closing the door behind him. When I was sure he was downstairs, I let it all out. As I cried, I felt a little better. My heart didn't feel as heavy. My tears kept coming and I couldn't stop even if I wanted to.

I got up and walked to my bed. I laid on it and continued crying. I'm not sure what time I fell asleep. All I know is that I cried, falling asleep. The last thought that went through my mind was hearing about a woman dying of a broken heart.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I was till half asleep when I tried to hit the snooze button. When I did, I put my head back down onto my pillow and resumed sleeping.

Five minutes later, I was woken up by it again. This continued about six times. On the seventh time, my heart dropped. I completely forgot that I had school.

I yanked the covers off me, ignoring the merciless cold from the morning air. I ran to the bathroom, showered and got dressed in my dark grey off-the-shoulder tunic top, dark blue bottoms, black dress up boots diamond earrings and my bangles. I put on my makeup, brushed my hair and styled it. I went downstairs and found a note on the refrigerator that said:

Good morning Isabella,

I had to go to work early. There is a new lead to my case. I'm sorry I couldn't see you off. Know that I will be thinking about you.

Much love

I grabbed a quick breakfast, brushed my teeth and went to my car to drive to school.

When I arrived at school and got out of the car, people around started whispering and looking at me. This was the first time the school has seen me since my breakup. I broke up with my boyfriend over the summer and it was the first day of a new year. I guess the word travels fast. I did my best to ignore everyone and try to move on.

As I walked to my school, everyone was giving me sympathetic looks and pats on the back and telling me it would be okay. I knew they were trying to comfort me but it had the opposite effect. It was actually a little humiliating.

As I was walking down the hall, Mike came running after me when he saw me. He stopped me and pulled me into a hug. "I'm so sorry, Isabella."

Even though I didn't want his pity, I returned the hug. He pulled back and asked me how I was holding up.

"I will be fine." I said.

He nodded, "Listen, I think what he did was really low. You are a catch. He is a loser for dumping you."

I whipped my eyes at him, "What?" I asked, shocked.

"Him, dumping you. He just lost the best thing that's ever going to happen to him." Mike said

I was in shock. That asshole told everyone that he dumped me. I felt a huge blow to my pride. This was not happening. Without a word, I took off in search of Mark.

I finally found him at his locker, taking out books. He changed over the summer. His blond hair was a little shorter, he grew about six inches, his muscles were more defined and his jaw line was more defined. I mentally slapped myself when I realized that I thought he looked hot. How could I think that about him after all the things he did to me?

I didn't run but didn't walk either to him. When I reached him, I closed his locker, preventing him to get any more books out and have his attention on me. "You feel like a man now?" I asked, angrily.

He looked at me and his eyes widened. I saw him checking me out and that he appreciated the view. I knew I changed a lot over the summer as well. My body was curvier in all the right places, I filled out more, my body was leaner and all woman.

He gathered himself together before asking, "What are you talking about?", putting his book bag over his shoulder.

"You're telling people that you broke up with me. You didn't. I broke up with you." I said.

He scrunched his eyebrows together, "Really? You are upset over minor details?"

I looked at him incredulously. This was high school. In high school, the minor details meant everything. Plus, I didn't like what it did to my pride.

"The point is you lied." I said.

"What do you care what other people think?" he asked.

"Same reason as you." I argued.

He shook his head, "I don't." He said

"That's why you lied to everyone?" I asked sarcastically.

"Look, I have to go. I will be late for class." He said, walking away.

I fought tears as I pulled out my schedule.

Period 1 Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry Building A Room 104 Kathy Frodel

Period 2 English Building B Room 314 Sam Hardy

Period 3 AP Biology Room B Room 209/Lunch Brad Johnson

Period 4 Choir Building E Room 91 Sara Nerison

Period 5 Music Appreciation Building E Room 12 Linda Larson

Period 6 History Building D Room 307 Tanya Denali

Period 7 American Literature Building C Room 102 Jean Perry

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