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My heart nearly ripped out my chest and fainted when I saw who one of the judges were, Miss Denali.

She was at a table with her chin in her hands and her elbows on the table with a smirk playing on her face.

Chapter 4

Isabella's POV:

I was determined not to let her affect me. I wanted this, needed this. I smiled back at her and when I did, she grinned. I think she may have wanted to laugh. I couldn't help the blush spreading across my face no matter how hard I tried. I swallowed hard and went up to the table. I was going to talk to the woman next to Miss Denali but someone else went up to her before I had the chance. I had no choice but to talk to Miss Denali.

When I reached her, I gave her a light smile. "How are you doing?" I asked

Miss Denali nodded, "I'm alright and yourself?"

I shrugged, "A little tired. I don't think my brain is used to the adjustment of school just yet."

Miss Denali smiled, "I'm sure you'll get there in no time."

"You seem very involved with this school." I said, thinking about the irony of her being here.

She chuckled, "Well, when I have an interest or passion in something, I give it my full undivided attention." Miss Denali smiled and I wasn't sure if I got the joke. It seemed I was missing something.

The woman beside Miss Denali rose from her chair, "Okay girls!" She called and clasped her hands, trying to get everyone's attention. People clapping their hands always irritated me. I don't know why, it just did.

"Form a line here," She said pointing, "And we can get started."

We did as we were told; I was in the middle of the line. The woman went to us and asked us to sign our names and fill out a little form. When we were done, we went one by one. A lot of the girls were really good. I recognized a few from last year.

When it was my turn, I felt butterflies flying around my tummy, especially since Miss Denali's attention was fully on me. A part of me wanted to quit and leave but my pride triumphed my discomfort. I moved to the center and faced the four judges.

As I was moving and giving it my all, I tried to ignore Miss Denali. I noticed she never took her eyes off me and she watched my every move, every part of my body. I tried ignoring her eyes raking over my body. The part of me that wasn't uncomfortable with Miss Denali took pleasure in knowing that Miss Denali was enjoying herself because it was an ego boost for me…not that I really needed it but still.

I was relieved when I was done. I looked to the judges and saw that they were smiling and writing down notes. The only one that wasn't doing this was Miss Denali. She was too busy staring at me with her mouth slightly open. Her eyes had desire swimming in them. I guess she was speechless. Nice to know that I could catch her off guard as well; this woman who was usually so calm and collected.

The woman at the end smiled at me and said, "Thank you Isabella. You did great."

I walked out with my bag and walked to my car. I pulled my phone out and texted Angela that I tried out for cheerleading. About a minute later, I received a reply back, congratulating me and assuring me that I got in again.

I drove down the streets watching the sun set on occasion. When I arrived at home, I got started on dinner and did some laundry. I heard my phone ring and went upstairs to answer it; it was Angela.

"Hello?" I said

"Hey, what are you doing?" Angela asked.

I shrugged, "Doing laundry, cooking."

"Do you have plans this weekend?" She asked. Today was Friday.

"Not really. I was going to play it by ear." I answered, putting the soap in.

"Well, how would you feel about going shopping with me?" Angela asked.

"Shopping?" I thought about it, "Okay."

"Great! Meet me at the mall at two?" She asked

I nodded my head, "Okay. Looking forward to it."

"See you then." Angel said

"Bye." I said, hanging up. I looked at my phone and saw that I had a few missed calls. I looked to see who it was and saw that it was Mark. I rolled my eyes and set my phone down.

My dad and I were eating at the dinner table when he asked if I had any plans over the weekend. I nodded my head, "Yeah, Angela and I are going shopping."

Charlie paused and looked happy. "Really?" he asked, hopeful.

"Yeah. We're going to the mall tomorrow." I said, taking a sip of water.

"Good. I'm glad that you're not still hung up over-, " he stopped when I snapped my head up. "-that guy."

I smiled, "Don't get me wrong, I still think about him sometimes. The pain is lessening though. More quickly than I thought."

Charlie pointed his fork to me, "I told ya." He said and winked at me.

"Are you doing anything?" I asked.

"I will be out of town for a couple days. I will be back on Monday in the afternoon." He said. "Will you be okay by yourself?" he said looking at me.

"Of course. Please, don't worry about me. I'll be fine, but please be careful." I said.

"Always." He responded.

"When are you leaving?" I asked

He chuckled, "That in a hurry to get rid of me?" He asked teasingly.

"No but-"

He held up his hand, "Relax. I'm just messing with you. I'm thinking about leaving early tomorrow morning."

I nodded.

I spent my Saturday morning cleaning and doing homework. Mark called me a couple times but I declined. I was becoming increasingly frustrated. I really didn't want to deal with him yet. He was pushy but not like this.

While I was doing household chores, my mind would drift to Miss Denali and each time I would shake my head, trying to get rid of images of that dream. Why did she affect me so? I think I was scared. I think I was scared that I was actually enjoying thinking about her. It made me happy to think about her and that terrified me.

I looked at the clock and decided to take a shower and get ready because I was sweaty from the work I did.

After my shower, I got dressed, did my hair and makeup. I drove to the mall to meet Angela. I saw her standing outside the entrance. When she saw me she waved her hands and smiled. I went up to her and hugged her. "Ready?" She asked. I nodded in return.

We spent the day walking around and buying.

We walked along and Angela stopped. "Come on." She said, grabbing my hand and pulling me along. I realized she was dragging me to 'Victoria's Secret'.

I smiled, "I never would have guessed you shopped here." I said

She chuckled, "Usually online."

Angela and I went to the back and my jaw went slack, "Oh." I whispered. Of course she's here. I should've known…okay not really but still. There, was Miss Denali looking through the lingerie.

"What?" Angela asked, looking in the same direction.

"That's my history teacher." I said nodding to her.

Angela smiled, "Really? Let's go say 'hi'." Angela dragged me further into the store and I was trying to get out of her grip.

"Angela, wait. Angela." I whispered furiously, still trying to pull away.

We reached her and Miss Denali looked at us. When her eyes fell on me, she broke out into a grin, her eyes flashed with joy and I felt a flutter in my heart.

"Isabella. It's nice to see you." Miss Denali said sweetly. She looked genuinely surprised to see me.

I then remembered where we were and I blushed. I'm usually not like this. I can be blunt and I don't usually blush at the drop of a hat.

I swallowed, "Hi Miss Denali." I wanted to turn the attention away from me since I couldn't handle the pressure. I gestured to Angela. "This is my friend Angela."

Angela waved, "Hi."

"Nice to meet you." Miss Denali said.

I heard two women in an argument, coming from the right. They were arguing about what was better.

"Tanya, you choose. Irina thinks this one is better to wear for your mate but-" I heard the voice get louder as they approached.

I turned my head to the right and saw two women coming toward us. The first one had long, blond hair, golden eyes and fair skin. She was holding a white see-through tulle & satin babydoll outfit.

The other woman had long blond hair as well but not as long. She had golden eyes, fair skin and was tall. She was holding a red bow-trim garter and matching red bra.

When both women saw me, they stopped.

I looked at Miss Denali who looked absolutely mortified but didn't blush. She swallowed and bit her lip. She looked like she wanted to strangle them.

She smiled but I knew she was still embarrassed and angry. "Kate." Miss Denali said to one woman. She turned to the other woman, "Irina." She then turned to me, "This is my student, Isabella Swan." She said calmly.

The women looked at me and recognition ran across their features. They both looked happy to see me. I guess she talked about me. About what I had no idea. Maybe she talked to Mark disrupting her class and I was part of the equation.

"Isabella. Hi. I'm Kate." Kate reached out her hand and when I went to shake it, she pulled me into a hug.

I was a very touchy-feely person but she was a stranger to me. I relaxed my body and returned the hug. She pulled back and I looked at the other woman. "I'm Irina." She said, pulling me into a hug as well.

I pulled away and saw fury in Miss Denali's eyes staring at the two women. "I knew I should've brought Carmen instead." She whispered.

"We're Tanya's sisters." Irina said, ignoring Miss Denali's comment.

"Nice to meet you." I said, nodding with a smile. I don't know why but I liked them. Not as much as Miss Denali but-. I stopped myself as I realized that thought.

Before I could analyze it, Kate took a step to me and leaned in, "Which one do you like better, Isabella? This one?" She said holding the one up in her hands, "Or that one?" She said, pointing to the one in Irina's hand.

I opened and closed my mouth. "I…both of them are nice." I said blushing.

"This is Angela. Isabella's friend." Miss Denali said, gesturing. I think she wanted the embarrassment to be over with.

I looked at Angela who looked like she was trying to hold in a laugh. The women smiled and greeted her. I noticed that they didn't hug her though. Weird.

"We really need to be going." Miss Denali said, pulling her sisters away.

"We'll see you again." Kate said with a smile. How could they know that?

I waved, "See you."

Miss Denali started walking away but stopped and turned to me when her sisters were out of sight. She leaned in close to me and whispered, "If you had to choose one, which would it be?"

I paused, "You mean the…outfits?" If you could even call them that. You're paying for thread that isn't there.

Miss Denali nodded with a mischievous smile.

I shrugged, "That's a hard one." I pictured Miss Denali in both of them and tried to pick. She looked great in either one. "I guess the red one." I said, blushing.

Miss Denali smiled and winked, "Thanks for your input. I'll keep it in mind." She said before walking away.

I let out a breath and turned to Angela. "That was fun." She said and went to a nearby rack.

"You don't find it odd that they only asked for my input?" I asked. I was trying to figure out if there was something there or was I imagining it.

Angela furrowed her eyebrows and shrugged, "Not really. You're her student. I don't know her."

We spent about an hour, picking out what we wanted.

We bought a bunch of stuff and left. As we passed by 'Motherhood Maternity', Angela stopped, "Need anything from there?" She asked with a smile.

I smacked Angela's shoulder, "Keep going."

Angela didn't move. "Seriously, I need to get something."

My mouth dropped, "Angela? Are you…" I wasn't sure if she was joking.

When she saw my expression, she laughed, "No, I'm not but my mom is. I wanted to get her something." She went in and I followed after her.

Angela paid for it and we went out and we walked some more. "I have to use the bathroom real quick. Can you hold this for me?" She asked, holding up her bags.

I nodded and took it. I waited outside and I saw a golden flash in the window's reflection. I turned and saw Miss Denali and her sisters walking.

As they got closer, I saw their eyes fall to the bags I was carrying. I looked down and I turned red. I was carrying a lot of 'Victoria's Secret' bags and a 'Motherhood Maternity' bag that was in bold letters. You couldn't miss it. This looked really bad. I felt myself turn redder.

As they got in ear shot, I felt the need to explain myself. "This isn't all mine. Some of the 'Victoria's Secret' and 'Motherhood Maternity' is Angela's." I then realized that they may think that Angela was the one expecting. "Angela's mother." I said.

All three women laughed. There laugh was so musical. "It's okay Isabella. They go together perfectly. Maybe not in the same order but-" Irina said, smiling.

I thought I was going to die from lack of blood because I was sure that all of it was in my cheeks and head.

"No, I-" I started.

Miss Denali held up her hand, "Do not worry, Isabella. We were just playing. I wouldn't be laughing if I thought it was true." I believed there was an underline meaning but I didn't know what.

Angela emerged and I couldn't give her bags to her fast enough.

"Congratulations." Miss Denali said to Angela.

Angela's eyes widened, "I'm not a mother-"

"We know. Your mom is." Irina and Kate said.

Miss Denali grabbed my hand and squeezed it lovingly, "I will see you on Monday." She said before continuing on.

"You're ready to go?" Angela asked.

I nodded, "Yeah. Let's go home."

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