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All You Wanted

She had done it. She was making her way out of Lima. Her eyes drift over to the girl who made this all possible. What had happened in the past few months? She didn't know. Her eyes glistened with a mixture of emotions, ranging from regret to sorrow to thanks and everything else in between. Those eyes met hers for a fleeting moment even though it felt like forever.

At least for her it did.

And how she wanted it too.

She'd be moving soon. And with that came the inevitability of losing touch with the girl she had so grown accustomed to over the past four years. Yes, their history was a messy one. And maybe their tentative friendship was still in a state of semi-awkwardness. That didn't change the fact that the two of them need each other.

Or to be more specific, that Quinn needed Rachel.

She wouldn't have made it this far without her. And now she found herself in preparation of attending Yale, and Rachel… well she was in preparation of becoming a housewife. Quinn visibly shuddered at the thought. She glanced back at Rachel to check if the smaller girl had noticed. The brunette in question seemed lost in thought, and made no indication that she had seen anything. She was different, and not in a good way.

The irony of their situation wasn't lost on Quinn. No less than a few months ago it was certain that their roles should have been reversed. Rachel was supposed to be attending NYADA and Quinn would stay in Lima and probably try to start a family with Puck. Funny how things end up. Only Quinn found no humor in any of this.

Never once had she wanted the brunette to be stuck in this loser town, not even back when she used to bully her. No, she always knew Rachel would make it to Broadway and had always silently wished her the best.

At the time it was the best she could do. Quinn had to keep up appearances. She had to be the good Christian girl who teased the daughter of two men. And worse she had to quell the feeling she found for that same girl.

And at first it came easily. She threw slushies at her, dated boys, and did everything to she could to make her parents proud. Maybe if she tried hard enough, just maybe she'd be able to get the gay out of her. But yet now here they are, in her room, helping her pack.

Interestingly enough, Quinn thought that they had already finished the day prior, not that she was complaining. But it was just odd that now all they were doing was rearranging things. It had been unusually silent, something that had never been common ground in their complicated relationship. She didn't like it, and the Rachel that sat across form her didn't feel like Rachel.

"Hey, Rach," the brunette turned from whatever she was doing. "I think we're done. Do you wanna get something to eat?" Rachel bit her lip, deep in thought as though they had forgotten something, they hadn't, and then nodded her agreement.

The pair quickly ran downstairs and out the door. With the weather being as good it was they opt to walk to the vegan friendly restaurant Quinn had stumbled upon a while ago. "I'm going to miss this."

Quinn turned towards the tiny diva, whose fingers were interlocked with her own. Things like that had become natural for them in such a short time. And the blonde was confused as to whether the brunette would miss holding hands or simply spending time together. "Yeah, me too." A simple answer, not exactly the one she wanted to say but the only one she was comfortable with at the moment.

They reached their destination not saying another word, and then proceeded to eat without a sound. It was nice to just spend time together, but Quinn had something to do and only had a limited time to do so.

The following day went better than the past. They snuck into the auditorium. Rachel had scolded and lectured Quinn about how much trouble they could get into. The blonde just laughed at her, knowing that she wasn't serious or at least not that serious.

Truth be told Quinn knew that Rachel wanted to see that stage one more time, needed to. Not to mention that Quinn's flight was tomorrow. So she decided that morning to drive over to McKinley and break them in. In the pit of her stomach, Quinn felt this was a bad idea. Not because she thought they would get caught, but because she knew that this stage would bring back memories. Good or bad, now that was the question.

Her initial hesitation gone, Rachel ran up to the all too familiar stage. She twirled around with a smile on her face that Quinn hadn't seen since before she got rejected from NYADA. That girl lived to preform and lit up beautifully just by being in the spotlight.

Quinn strolled down the aisle, slowly approaching the stage. Upon reaching it, she leaned on its edge as she watched Rachel. It was easy to get lost in her. She turned and took a seat. "Sing us a song, superstar," she called.



"Yes, no. I don't take orders from you, Fabray." And for a second there, Quinn thought she saw a glimmer of the girl she used to know. But as soon as it came, it was gone.

"Okay, in that case. I'll sing for you." She bounced up off her seat and climbed on stage. Rachel's eyes followed her as she walked over to the piano. Quinn motioned for her to come over, having her sit next to her.

Her fingers tentatively brushed over the keys before she began to play. She had practiced this enough so that when in private, she could perform it with her eyes closed, but with Rachel here she felt her entire body tense. With one deep breath she began to sing.

"I wanted, to be like you. I wanted everything"

"So I tried, to be like you. And I got swept away."

Quinn scooted herself closer to Rachel and gazed at her chocolate brown eyes. It was hard to tell from the dim lighting, but it seemed that tears were forming in them.

"I didn't know that it was so cold and you needed someone to show you the way."

She took her hands off the keys and grasped onto Rachel's. They shifted themselves so that they were now facing each other.

"So I took your hand and we figured out that when the time comes I'd take you away."

Quinn's left hand gripped harder on Rachel's while her right one went to cup her cheek.

"If you want to, I can save you"

"I can take you away from here."

She could now see the tears spilling out from Rachel's eyes, and feel them soaking her hand.

"So lonely inside, so busy out there"

"And all you wanted was someone who cares."

Her eyes began to water as well, but unlike Rachel, Quinn didn't hold back and let her tears fall.

"I'm sinking slowly, so hurry hold me"

"Your hand is all I have to keep hanging on"

"Please can you tell me, so I can finally see"

"Where you go when you're gone"

"If you want to, I can save you"

"I can take you away from here"

"So lonely inside, so busy out there"

"And all you wanted was someone who cares"

By the end of the song they were both messes. The seat as well as the floor had gotten wet. Rachel was just sat there, staring deeply into hazel eyes until Quinn leapt up and embraced her in a tight hug. They sobbed into each other's shoulders. Quinn pulled away, but only far enough so that they each had some personal space. She couldn't stand to be too far away from this girl, which is why she did this in the first place.

"Come with me," she pleaded.


"To New Haven. It's not New York, but it's close. Come with me," she pleaded again.

"Quinn, I appreciate what you're trying to do," she paused as she took a breath and dropped her eyes from the blonde's. "But I can't be that close yet be so far from my dream."

"We can try," Quinn's desperation was growing. "We can try to get you to Broadway. We can do it. I know we can." And she did. She was so certain that they could. "Please Rachel."

"Quinn, no."


"Quinn!" the blonde was taken aback by her harsh tone. "You need to stop."

"No, what I need is you!" And then it was out. "I love you. I love you Rachel. I love you, and I'm trying to help you just like you've helped me over the years. Why won't you let me?"

"Quinn stop. I'm content with my life. As you already know I'll be assisting with Glee-"

"What happened to you?" Rachel froze at the question. "You used to be so full of life, and so independent, and so amazing. And now, now…" She wiped away some of her tears. "When did you become so broken?" Quinn regretted her words even before they left her mouth.

"Broken? Broken?" There was a fire in her eyes, but not the good kind. "Me broken?" She shot up from her seat, and took a few steps away from Quinn before turning on heel to face her again. "That's really funny coming from you!" It felt like getting stabbed in the heart. She wanted to back down, to apologize, but she couldn't.

"But you are! The Rachel I knew wouldn't just lay down and die! She'd keep going! She wouldn't stay her in Lima because of some stupid boy!" And now her jealousy was showing. She needed this to stop.

"You know very well that Finn has nothing has to do with this! I didn't get into NYADA, Quinn! Otherwise I would go to New York, do you really think I'd stay otherwise?"

"You would if he asked you to stay?" Quinn went up to her, pointing an accusatory finger at her. "If he asked you to stay you would have, wouldn't you?" No answer. "He broke you, Rachel. That's why I tried to-"

"Oh, is that the reason? You consistently tried to get in between me and Finn for my benefit? I doubt that Quinn. And maybe I am broken, but did you ever think to consider that it's your fault?"

"I-" Maybe it was her fault. Her hazel eyes met brown orbs, and in her eyes she saw all that she needed to know. She did. It was her fault. "Rachel, I-" The words got caught as she felt a lump in her throat. She took a small step forward, her arms wide in attempt to embrace the smaller girl. Rachel replied with a step back while furiously shaking her head. "Rachel, I'm sorry," the blonde all but stuttered out. Those were the only words that came to mind. She wasn't sure how to proceed, or if there was still a way to proceed. "I love-"

"Stop! Stop saying that!" the brunette screamed, louder than the blonde had ever heard her before. Even through the dim lighting, Quinn could she how red her eyes were as she blinked back tears that were already spilling.

"What happened to you Rachel? What happened to the girl I loved?"

It hurt.

It was a lie.

She loved her.

She still loves her.

And she will always love her.

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