prompts: sinful, tempestuous, raspberries
pairing: victoire/theodore

what we do is innocent,
just for fun & nothing meant,
living in sin is the new thing
-3, britney spears



Theodore kisses her neck and pushes her against the wall, muttering something about how she tastes of raspberries. In the back of his mind, he realizes how wrong this is—she's seventeen and he's old enough to be her father, but he gets caught up in things; in her, and he forgets.

He remembers what she said, when all of this started, two weeks ago-"it's just a little fun, darling."

Just a little fun. Those words echo in his mind and he sighs against her warm neck. Just a little fun. Does that make it right? Probably not.

It's easier that way, right? To forget how wrong and sinful this relationship is. To pretend nothing here is wrong; that it's perfectly okay to snog a seventeen year old. Doesn't that make you a paedophile, a voice taunts him.

He shakes it off and moves his lips from her neck to her lips, kissing her tempestuously. He doesn't want to think, so he doesn't.

After all, it's just a little fun, right? Nothing serious.

But in the back of his mind he knows, she's Victoire Weasley, she's gorgeous, and she's got him wrapped around her little finger.