So I was looking through some MvA ideas and I found one which returns the monsters to the 'saving the world' theme. I had a long conversation with myself and got myself permission to write this.

I felt the whole 'Parenthood' story sorta drifted away from what MvA was about. So the whole Sarah/Matt story is over and now we can get back to the action.

As before, no idea how long its gonna be. Hope you enjoy.

ONE: All Hallows Eve

Steel Residence, Modesto

Sunday, 9:15pm

The Steel family were all gathered in the living room watching a movie. An animation studio had made a CGI film that told the life of Susan during her early days as a monster, they called it Monsters vs. Aliens. The film had just finished and the end credits were rolling.

"You know," said Holly, "I never realized how much that Witherspoon lady sounds like Aunt Susan."

"What did people have against monsters really?" asked Suzie, "All that screaming. It's just so rude."

"That was what life was like back then," said Mom, "It was like that back in my home dimension as well."

"People were kept from the truth that there might be other forms of life out there," said Dad, "Of course these days monsters are as equal as everyone else."

"Yeah, aquatic apes, living gelatinous blobs, bug headed scientists…even giant women, we're as common as the rest of the world." Said Mom.

"Well…we're not that common," Holly put in, "I mean the human population is 6 billion plus and the giant women population only comes to only…" she counted in her head, "twenty."

"Yeah, we're kinda unique!" Suzie said proudly.

Sarah and Matt looked at each other.

"Actually…" she said looking back at her daughters, "That's not entirely true."

"What do you mean?" asked Holly.

"There was a time when giantesses were not as scarce as you think…"

"You mean there are MORE of us?" frowned Suzie.

"Well…not anymore, it's a long, long story," said Dad.

"Oh please, daddy." They said, "We wanna hear it."

"O-kay," said Mom, "It happened about six months after you were born. We weren't there when all of this occurred as we were taking a family vacation at Monster Island at the time, getting some well-deserved relaxation,"

"Cos you two were such a handful." Dad added.

The twins were abashed.

"Your Aunt Susan was in the thick of it and she told us the whole story when we were allowed to come back and the planet had been declared safe. This is the story of: ATTACK OF THE FIFTY FOOT WOMEN!"

"Why did you shout just then?"

"I was going for a dramatic…oh never mind. This is what happened: Aunt Susan and Dr Cockroach had just popped over to see us all on the island. It was All Hallows Eve and they were just leaving…"

Monster Island, Bermuda Triangle

16 years ago…

Butterflyosaurus spread her wings and took her passengers off from the island and into the evening sky. Susan and Dr Cockroach sat on top, holding onto the giant bug's fur. They soared over the clouds until they could see the sun getting closer to the horizon, Dr Cockroach pulled tightly on the butterfly's fur he held on to.

"I say, my dear Arthropod, can we remain stationary for a few moments?"

Butterflyosaurus raised her wings and came to an abrupt halt, growling in puzzlement. But being unable to speak English Susan did the asking herself.

"What is it, Doc? Why have we stopped?"

"There's something I've always wanted to see but never got the chance to," he said, "The Green Flash!"

"The what?"

"It happens should the sun set or rise on the horizon, the moment it occurs there is a flash of green that lasts just a second. Some go their whole lives without seeing it and some claim to have seen it, I want to be one of those who have seen it with my own eyes and now I'll get my chance."

He scurried onto Butterflyosaurus' antenna until he was as high as he could be, keeping a close eye on the horizon as the sun got lower and lower.

Realizing there was going to be a few minutes of awkward silence, the mad scientist decided to pass the time, "So, how are the photo shoots going?" he asked Susan.

"Oh, they're going well," she said.

Susan had taken up a part time job as a model. It wasn't really her thing but many people (mostly men) asked for it. Susan now held the world record for world's tallest model and was to have her own calendar out next month. She found it weird at first but soon got the knack of it, she usually had plenty of time to decide a pose whilst the photographers had to trek a fair distance so as to get all of her in the shot.

"The outfits they provide are really gorgeous; I never knew I had such a fan base!"

"So have you got an outfit to wear for Halloween?"

"I have…something. It's back at the facility." Said Susan, "What about you?"

"Same. Will Mr. West be there?"

"Er…he should be closing the bar at eleven and be joining the party on the streets afterwards. In fact I…was hoping tonight was gonna…be the night."

Dr Cockroach chanced a look away from the horizon, "You and the dear boy are actually…"

"We've been together for over a year and we haven't moved forward at all apart from setting up businesses together. Sarah and everyone else have been urging me go for it, and I'm sure they've been telling Nate the same. Hopefully I'm finally gonna bury the past with Derek and try my luck…that's why I've chosen what I've chosen for my Halloween costume."

"Which is?"

"You'll find out when we get back. Speaking of which, how much longer?"

"Any. Second. Now. Come see, you'll be one of the few people to see this."

Susan crawled over till she was right on the top of B's head. The butterfly was transfixed by the suns light.

The sun touched the horizon; the yellow orb flattened and widened like a deflating beach ball, then just before the last light disappeared. A flash of green.

"There! There it is! Did you see it?" cried Dr Cockroach.

"Wow, and that happens every sunset?"

"And sunrise if you have the right altitude. Thank you, dear B. Butterflyosaurus?"

The giant butterfly was still in a trance from the suns light. She finally snapped out of it when Susan repeatedly snapped her fingers in front of her eye. She snorted, confused on what happened.

"Come now, B," said Susan, "We gotta get back to the facility and get changed. I'm sure you're eager to put your Elvis outfit back on."

Butterflyosaurus roared in agreement and shot forward, making up for lost time, back to Area 52.

Monster Sitting Room, Area 52

Location [Punishable by death]

Susan and Dr Cockroach walked in on their fellow monsters who were showing off their scary costumes.

"Hey, what took ya so long?" asked Link, who was wrapped in bandages.

"Had to see an optical phenomenon." Said Dr Cockroach.

The fish ape looked to Susan for an English translation.

"Forget it." She said to him, "I'm just gonna go get my outfit on and I'll be straight back."

She went through the next door that led to the cell block and door closed.

Dr Cockroach reached under his work desk and pulled out a suitcase. Ever since his adoration with Halloween he always dressed up in scary Halloween guises, his manic laugh usually aided him in scaring children.

As he pulled out various clothing he turned to the others. "Fang and Eclipse not joining?"

"They're at home," said Link, "Eclipse' up the duff apparently."

"Up the…? Oh, I see. That's rather sudden isn't it?"

"Apparently Serenian pregnancies last three months and they can grow up rapidly." Said Link, saying only what Fang had told him. "Yep, ain't gonna be seeing them for a while!"

B.O.B slid over to the group after playing with Rex. He was now deep red and had two pointy horns sticking out of his head.

"Rather colorful, B.O.B. How'd you change color?" asked the mad scientist.

"I swallowed several tins of red paint and a couple bottles of ketchup." Said the blob.

"Isn't that like…cannibalism?" asked Link.

"Well I am the devil. Tonight I am…BEELZEBOB!"

"Very ingenious, B.O.B –er, BeelzeBOB. And what about you, Link?"

"I'm THE MUMMIFIED LINK." He said proudly, "We've all chosen Halloween names for ourselves…"

Rex had his fur gelled up to resemble spikes so now he looked like Godzilla, choosing his original monster name DOGZILLA. T.O.M had spread his vines into eight separate legs, colored himself black and taped a large black object to his backside, making him look like a spider, now his name was TOMANTULA. Dr Sprocket had gone for dark clothing and a leather jacket, blacked out his lenses and produced a gun from his arm, he was now the SPROCKINATOR.

"Well come on, Doc." Said T.O.M eagerly, "What you 'sposed to be?"

Dr Cockroach wrapped a long dark cloak round him and revealed himself in his Transylvanian outfit, complete with fangs, "COUNT DOCULA has arrived, Mwahaha!"

"You know, with those teeth, I thought you would have chosen a more suitable name like COUNT COCK-BITER." Sniggered Link, the others muffling their amusement.

"Very funny, Bandage Boy. What about the missus'? They're fine with you leaving them with the kids?"

"They don't really get Halloween. Besides, they say I'd just get in the way. Something about the ability to multitask."

Everyone silently nodded.

A little while later Susan returned and when her friends saw her they could only move their jaws up and down without sound. She wore a mini dress that was made of white silk and was torn on the bottom. She put her hands on her hips and posed, "So, what do you guys think?"

Everyone was still speechless.

"Well that was the desired effect." She said to herself.

"My dear, you look…" Dr Cockroach stuttered.

"…absolutely…" mumbled Link.

"…pwitty!" B.O.B and T.O.M said together.

"Thanks guys. This is actually the wedding dress I wore the day I became Ginormica. I found it in Area 51 storage a while ago, Monger allowed me to have it back so I thought I'd wear it tonight. I made a few changes like repairing the ripped seems along the sides, adding stilettos and wearing underwear to prevent any embarrassing moments."

"I'm sure most men won't like that last part." Said Link.

"Well, they can think what they like," smiled Susan, "This is all gonna be for Nathan."

"What're you gonna call yourself?" asked B.O.B innocently, "We've all given ourselves spooky, halloweeny names."

Susan thought for a moment, "Well, when I tore through the church on my first day as a monster I could hear people calling out 'Here comes THE BRIDE!' so I guess I'll choose that."

"I must say that outfit will be impossible not to get peoples temperatures up, my dear," said Dr Sprocket, "I'm a robot and my oil pressures just gone up!"

"Well in the past I wouldn't have thought about wearing something like this but since the photo-shoots I've been more confident about showing more of my body to the world."

"Amen to that." Said Link, then slapping himself, "You're married. You're married."

"Right, if we're all ready then I suggest we'd better get going, Butterflyosaurus will be waiting." Said Dr Cockroach.

"It's ELVISAURUS tonight." T.O.M told him. Rex woofed in agreement.

The monsters made their way out the room with Dr Sprocket tripping over the doorway slot, his new darkened vision not helping.

Susan was the last out; before she went through the door she had a good look at her reflection in the window overlooking the central room. Her body was more toned thanks to her regular visits to the gym, "Alright," she said to herself, "Let's make this a Halloween to remember!"

... . .-.. .-. .-.-.- / -... . .. -. -. / ... . .-.. -.. / -.-. .- .-. - .. ...- . / -... -.- / . ...- .. .-.. / -.-. ... .. -.-. -.- . -. ... .-.-.-