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TWENTYFIVE: Happy Endings

Outside the Medical Center, Area 52

Two Years Later…

They sat in the hallway, waiting anxiously for news. Sarah was the most restless of all, she had twiddled her thumbs an uncountable number of times and she was oblivious to her leg continuously twitching.

Matt sat next to her, looking slightly calmer but still longing for an update.

"This isn't right!" she said, "She was in with me! I should be in there with her!"

"The circumstances are different you'll have to agree," said Matt, "We're not on an island and the moment was expected, not early like it was for us. Just try to relax."

"Relax? My sister is giving birth just beyond this door and I can't even see her through it and you want me to RELAX?" she said hysterically.

Susan and Nathan were now officially an item and last year she discovered she was pregnant. So Nathan decided now was the best time to propose to her, to which she said 'yes'. They got married last month with everyone invited and now Susan was in labor with their child, as expected it was a girl.

"Just find something to take your mind off it, like I am with this lot. Oi, Suzie!" he called to his daughter.

The twins, now approaching three years old, were playing in front of them with Rex and Spitfire. The dragon had doubled in size, he was not chubby anymore and his legs, tail and wings had lengthened, giving him the ability to walk around on all fours, but he was not yet able to fly. Rex was more a supervisor as the three played together. When their dad called, Susannah looked at him.

"Yes, daddy?" she asked innocently.

"How many times have we told you? Do not grab the dragon's tail!" he said sternly.

Suzie, who had indeed grabbed hold of Spitfire's tail, let go of him and patted him on the back, "Sowy, dwagon!" she apologized.

Spitfire merely chirped and playfully pounced on her, Holly got involved and the three ended up in a giggling pile. Rex picked each one up in his mouth and separated them again.

Sarah dipped her head, unable to take the waiting anymore. But before she could do anything Matt grabbed her leg, "You heard what Olga said: Wait out here so they can have more room to deliver the baby. It makes things easier for them."

"I know! I know! I just-I just want to know that everything's okay," she sighed.

"We all do." Said Matt. "Suzie, what did I just say?"

Over an hour later, the doors opened and Dr Harman stepped out, removing her gloves.

Sarah shot to her feet before Matt could tell her to calm herself.

"How is she? Is she okay? Are they both okay?"

"They are both doing fine," Olga smiled, "You can go in now but keep it down and make it brief, they're resting."

Sarah picked up Matt and walked inside. The large white room was filled with various medical equipment and at the back was a giant bed. In it, was Susan, she was nestling a bundle of blankets in her arms and looking tired but happy.

Sarah walked round to the side of the bed where Nathan stood by his wife's head. Looking overwhelmed but trying not to show it, Sarah dropped Matt next to his best mate and crouched down to her sister so she could be closer to her.

"Can I see?" she asked.

Susan smiled, "Of course,"

She gently tilted and wrapped up in blankets was a tiny face that was sound asleep. Sarah nearly burst into tears.

"Please Sis, otherwise you're gonna start me off again!" said Susan.

"She's just so tiny!" she said in a voice so high pitched that it was hard to understand.

"Nice one, mate!" said Matt, putting his hand on Nathan's shoulder, "She's a beauty!"

Nathan was still too choked up to speak.

Then the twins, Rex and Spitfire wandered in, wondering what was going on.

"Mommy, what is going on?" Holly asked innocently.

"Why is Aunty Susan in bed?" asked Susannah, "Is she ill?"

"Far from it," grinned Susan, "Come here, I want to introduce you to someone,"

The twins went round the other side of the bed and climbed up so they could see over the top. They looked at the baby in her arms and were curious, "Who is dat?" asked Suzie.

"Where did she come from?" asked Holly.

"This is my daughter," Susan said proudly, "You two have got yourselves another niece,"

"Like Aunty Michelle's twiplets?" asked Suzie.

"Yes, and Roxanne's unborn child as well." added Sarah.

"She's pwitty." Said Holly.

Rex and Spitfire poked their heads from the end of the bed, looking puzzled.

"Hey, you two," said Susan, "Come say hello,"

Spitfire scrambled onto the bed and, like a cat, gently treaded over to her. He looked at the baby in her arms and smelt her, she had the same scent as Susan which meant she was okay with him. He approved with a happy grunt.

Rex joined Holly and Susannah and they all grouped in closer on the new mother and her new born daughter.

"What is her name?" asked Suzie.

"Her name is Chloe." Said Susan. She looked at Chloe as she snuggled in her blanket, she was the happiest she had ever been, she finally had her happy ending.

Steel Residence, Modesto

13 years later…

"…the end." Said Mom.

"Wow, just…wow!" said Suzie.

"To think there were millions of us at one point!" said Holly, "And that it involved Spitfires origins and why Dr Sprocket had to upload himself into a Super Computer!"

"You said Spitfire was rescued from an evil scientist, I didn't think it would be a scientist THAT evil!" said Suzie.

"Well it was a tough time for everyone and we were sworn not to go into details about those days." Said Dad.

"Hey, what did happen to Tina in the end?" asked Suzie.

"That's easy, meet the Governor of California recently?" asked Mom.

"Yeah, last month, she was very friendly to us, quite tall as well…NO WAY!" gasped Suzie.

"Tina took Susan's advice and made something of her life. Went into Politics and was elected as Governor (or Governess) of the state. She married Daniel and they have a couple of kids. She and Susan have remained the best of friends ever since."

"Woah, so many revelations…hard to process it all…" said Suzie, her hands on her head.

"But that's it right?" said Holly, "That's the end of the story and everything is back to normal, just us giantess' left as I said before, right?"

Mom and Dad looked at each other.

"There's more? How can there possibly be more to this?" she said.

"Should we tell them?" asked Mom.

"Pretty much told them everything else," said Dad.

"Well…99% of the story I told you was true. The bit about ALL the giantess' returning to normal was a little 'exaggerated',"

Suzie and Holly leaned in on tender hooks.

"After the rest of the world's giantess population was returned to normal it was finally Area 52's turn. But there was a problem, about a hundred or so of the women didn't want to be returned to normal. They said this new life of being a giant made them happier than they had been when they were normal. They warmed to their new lives just as your aunt and I did. So 120 women refused the procedure of being returned to normal."

"Wha-But how come we've never seen any of these other women?" said Holly.

"Well, General Monger knew if the world learnt of this then they could be accused of raising an army, so the whole thing was hushed up. Only those within the facility would know of this, including ourselves. The women were secretly transported to Monster Island. Monger had the island totally remodeled so it could be more of a home than a base. The facility zone was turned into a small city with houses big enough to accommodate them all and their loved ones that went with them. They nicknamed it MonstroCity."

"Butterflyosaurus and Esqargantua were relocated to the island next door and the island has been secretly inhabited by 50 foot women for the last 15 years." Said Dad.

"So that's why we've never been there!" said Suzie.

Holly looked at the clock on the wall, it was past midnight.

"Man, it's late!" she yawned.

"Yes, it is. And you two should get yourselves to bed now. It's a school night." Said Mom.

"Right, night Mom, night Dad, thanks for the story!" they said, and made their way to their room.

Sarah could finally relax after spending the last two hours telling them the story. She slumped back on the sofa, worn out.

"Glad that's over," she said.

"Just wait a moment," said Matt.


"You'll see. Any second now…"

Suddenly the twins rushed back into the living room, almost tripping over as they sat in front of their parents again.

"We like totally forgot!" said Suzie.

"What happened to Satanica?" asked Holly.

Mom suddenly remembered she had left that part out, her husband looked at her with that 'told-you' face.

"Satanica stayed in that secure cell for a year, even though Monger only intended keep her locked up for 4 months she refused to come out, saying she didn't feel she was ready. Aunt Susan visited her every single day." Said Mom, "When she finally decided to end her self-imposed exile she was given a new name chosen by your Aunty. Sharon Murphy, the twin sister of Susan Murphy. Feeling she couldn't stay in a place surrounded by tiny civilians, she was taken to MonstroCity where she could live in a place where she could fit in. She's lived there ever since."

"And everybody lived happily ever after." Finished Dad, "Now we won't tell you again, off to bed the pair of you!"

The twins ran off to their room, their heads filled with so many revelations, "There was an island populated with 50 foot women, they had another Aunt that was a clone of their Aunt Susan, the Governor of California used to be a 2750 feet tall giantess, Spitfire was grown from an manic scientist who wanted to control the world and at one point there had been over 6 million giantesses across the world."

There were still so many questions running round in Holly's head. But in Suzie's there was only one question.

"Hey, sis?"


"Who on earth would want to call their child 'Humphrey'?"


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