A/N- My own spin on the classic Marriage Law. All characters except the unrecognizable belong to Ms. Rowling, as well as the universe.

Peace, Or Whatever You Call This

Chapter 1

Miss Hermione Jane Granger,

It is my pleased responsibility to inform you that you as well as 200 others have been specially selected to participate in a new program at the Ministry of Magic, the New Era Generation Propagate Program. This program induces those of superior intellect, such as you, to help create a new generation. Witches and Wizards all over Britain and Ireland are to be wed to others of this group, and will procreate to help to counter the severe decline in the magical community. Witches and Wizards of all blood-status' are eligible, within the age group of seventeen to seventy. As well, you are required to report to the Ministry Lobby on the 17th of August for further examination. This is to narrow the selection and help us better match you to your suitor.

I wish you an excellent afternoon, and good luck!

Mrs. Suzanne Collin-Jenkins

Department of Experimental Studies

By the time she had finished reading the letter firmly clutched in her hand, she was kneeling in front of the fireplace in the living room of her parent's house. She hurled a handful of floo powder into the fire, and choked out the Weasley's address.


Suzanne hummed to herself as she traveled the lift to the fourth floor. She smiled indulgently at Dolores, who in turn flashed her wide smile, all teeth.

"How goes it?" Asked Dolores sweetly. Suzanne gave a tinkling laugh.

"Wonderful. Just going to Lorn- ah, I mean Minister Blalan, with the final drafts of the contracts." She told the Secretary to the Minister. Dolores Umbridge gave her own girlish giggle.

"Delightful!" The lift dinged and the ministry witch's voice informed them that they were indeed now at the fourth floor. Suzanne Collin-Jenkins exited the elevator after briefly clasping a hand with her friend's in delight. As the lifts closed behind her, she saw Dolores' positively devilish smirk.


They had all gotten one. Alright, well not all... But most of them had. Ginny had already contacted a few friends when Hermione had arrived. The Patil twins, Seamus, Luna, Lavender. All of them had gotten the letter. As well as her brothers, Fred, George, Charlie, Percy. But not Ron.

Hermione had exited the fireplace in a rage.

"Who do they bloody think they are? Summoning people there to report for examinations! And for what? To become breeding stock! People won't stand for this!" She practically screamed. Most of the Weasleys were assembled in the small kitchen of the Burrow. She saw four ministry envelopes sitting on the table in the middle.

"So you've gotten one as well then?" Muttered Fred glaring at the enveloped as if to set them on fire with his eyes.

"What? You've gotten one?" Yelped Ron from beside George. Hermione nodded once, sharply and threw her matching envelope onto the table.

"Whose are those?" She asked looking at the now five envelopes.

"Fred's, Charlie's, Percy's, and George's." Murmured Ginny, whose voice was muffled as she had her head down and was speaking into the tabletop. Mrs. Weasley, Hermione noted, was crying slightly into her husband's chest, who also had a hard look in his eyes. At that second, the floo flared behind Hermione, and she turned to see who it was. Harry stepped out of the green flames, a murderous look on his face. He threw his envelope to the table when he saw the pile.

"Who is this Suzanne Collin-Jenkins?" He spat. "What the fuck gives her the right to mess around with my bloody life!"

"I expect there will be something in the evening prophet coming along soon." Charlie said in an oddly hollow voice. Hermione looked at him worriedly. It sounded as if he had completely given up hope. Well she hadn't. She decided with steely reserve. Not yet. The hoot of an owl at the window took everyone's attention. Ginny rushed over to get it. Her eyes scanned the piece of parchment quickly.

"Luna has gotten one as well." She said, "As did Neville." A loud bang made everyone jump.

"Neville! Neville has got one? Freaking Neville Longbottom?" Yelled Ron, now very red in the face. He jumped up and stomped out of the room. Eyes turned in her direction, as if expecting Hermione to run after him. She ignored the Weasleys, instead going over to the pile of letters at the table. She ripped them from their envelope, checking to make sure they were all the same, and none held more information. The floo flared for a second time since Hermione had arrived. Out stepped Bill who looked very much as if he were about to cry. He added his own crumpled letter to the pile and walked on by the rest of his family in a daze. Hermione snatched it up feverishly, and dropped it as if burned a second later. It was the very same. Bill would not marry Fleur. He was in the pool to be chosen from.