Hello everyone! I'm starting a challenge/consequence series of one-shots. You tell me the pairing/plot, and I'll write a one-shot about it. I'll have a week to complete it, which doesn't count if I'm on vacation or something. Leave your story with a consequence. If I don't get the story done and uploaded in time, I have to do whatever you tell me. It can be practically anything, but something someone would actually do. If you do something like "And if you don't you have to kill yourself" I'll laugh and not even do the story. So here's what you do:

Review with a pairing and plot.

Write a consequence for if I don't get the story done.

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(So I'm putting this here because my story could get taken down if I don't.)

Okay the first request is from Pepe-chan;


if u dont...I CANT THINK!... ill get back to you on that..

She messaged me later saying:

hey! i found a good story plot...Amu Tadase and Ikuto were i dont know a plane crash...and tadase ikuto die and amu is in a coma..

No consequence, though. And I'll try to fit the AmuHiko in without Nagihiko being in her request. Amu, Tadase, and Ikuto are all in high school in this story, and Ikuto's two years older than the other two. Well, enjoy!

-Amu's POV-

I sighed for the fifty-third time since the plane had departed. Exactly once each minute. I had forgotten to bring something to do in my panic. Ikuto had decided last minute that him, Tadase, and I were going to take a trip to America, for what reason I don't know. I had had only thirty minutes to pack, and only packed enough to wear for a week, which was how long we would be staying. I checked my watch.



Ikuto was sitting a few rows in front of me, asleep. And Tadase was reading a book. I guessed I should read the Japanese to English dictionary I had managed to grab.

Basic Greetings

Kon'nichiwa – Hello [hel-oh]

Sayōnara – Goodbye [good-bahy]

Ogenkidesuka? - How are you? [hou ahr yoo]

I didn't get much further when suddenly the plane lurched forward. An announcement came on over the loud speaker.

"Attention, passengers. We are currently experiencing engine difficulties, please buckle your seat belts."

I quickly put it on, always hating planes. It shuddered for a moment, then flew smoothly. But we all kept our seat belts on, as the sign saying to keep them on was still on. A few agonizing long moments passed, no one saying a word. What was really moments felt like hours. Again without warning, the plane felt unstable. But this time I felt the vague sense of dropping. It began to increase more and more, and people began to panic. The loudspeaker came on again.

"Attention, we are currently falling. Stay calm, we will fix this as soon as possible."

The plane didn't stop falling. It went faster each moment. I looked out the window. The ground was rising up quickly to meet us. When we neared the ground, I heard myself screaming.

And then all went black.

-Nagi's POV-

As the train lurched to a stop, and I jumped off and sprinted down the hallway. Amu's plane had only crashed in South Korea, so I took a plane to South Korea and then a train to where the hospital she was at was. All I knew was that she was in a coma, and Ikuto and Tadase had died in the crash. The rest of the former guardians hadn't been their usual selves since the news, and Utau had locked herself in her room for days. She still hadn't gotten completely over her infatuation with her brother.

The hospital loomed into view. I quickly ran in and asked the front desk lady for Amu. I had looked it up in Korean earlier. She seemed confused when I said Hinamori first, but I quickly corrected myself. She was in room 104. When I got to her, the doctors argued for a while before finally letting me in.

Amu's face shocked me. The left side was covered in scars and a few burns. Her arm was in a sling. It had been a month since the accident, I couldn't get here any sooner, and she looked like she had been in the crash only a few days ago. I sat down in the chair beside her bed, and waited. Eventually I fell asleep, the exhaustion from lack of sleep catching up with me.

-Time Skip-

Amu stirred in her sleep. I had been visiting her every day for the past few weeks. This time, her eyes fluttered open for a brief second. In an instant the doctors were by her side. They ordered me out, and after some protesting, I left the room. Ten long minutes later, they told me I could come in, that Amu had woken up.

I walked in the room to find Amu smiling at me. I smiled back.

"Hey Nagi."

I smiled even more. "I guess you won't be sleeping for a while anymore, huh?" She let out a small laugh.

Her voice came out a little strained. "Yeah."

DONE! Next time Pepe-chan, put a consequence! And I don't know all that much about Korea, or how people wake up from a coma, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.