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I could see him. I could recognise those shabby clothes and kite anywhere. I smirked, let's have some fun. I walked over behind him, making sure I was silent.

"Hehe" I chuckled next to his ear, slinging an arm over his shoulder. He jumped, panicked eyes looking at me.

"You scared me" he quietly exclaimed. I just smirked, raising an eyebrow. What did he expect?

"We could be friend's y'know…" I whispered. He froze.

"Really?" he asked, uncertain.

"Sure" I purred, he was so naïve.

"Okay.." he mumbled, the hesitancy lingering in his eyes. Someone walked past noticing his 'clownish' attire and my 'jester' like outfit.

"Circus clowns?" She asked. Best to agree… for now. I nodded, smirking, bells tinkling from the ends of my hat. She pulled out a camera.

"Please?" She asked. I nodded again, what was the harm in a photo?

"Smile" I whispered to Innocent, grabbing his hand in mine, making him show a peace sign. He smiled quickly, trying to hide his shock. I smirked. She left quickly.

"You Trickster" he muttered, walking away. I just laughed, raising an eyebrow.

"Trickster by name, Trickster by nature" I muttered, walking after him.

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