Chapter 3

The girl

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"We have time." Spike told her. Yukiko stared at him intensely for a moment before sighing and looking away, a blank expression in her eyes.

"Specter was a little white monkey that grew up in an amusement park raised by a trainer. But even after Specter grew to hate humans he still had a soft spot for the man who raised him."

"Oh yea." Spike said. "I remember in my final battle with him he asked if his trainer was ok." Yukiko nodded.

"Well after Specter began to take over he went back to the trainer, and offered to let him live even take him to live in the future. But when Specter made his offer the trainer declined and said that he was old and didn't want to see a future run by monkeys. Instead he asked Specter to spare his 2 year old daughter. Specter agreed to the deal and he raised the girl.

"And you are the trainer's daughter?" Spike asked a little awed.

"Yes," Yukiko answered. "In a sense I suppose it's kind of ironic." Specter was a monkey raised in a human environment by a human. Now a human is being raised in a monkey environment by a monkey." Spike pitied the girl. She never knew another human.

"It must have been strange, growing up so different."

"Yea, I guess that's why I ran from you. I never actually met another human before and I was scared that if I did, I would be so different I wouldn't be able to call myself human, or monkey."

"It's alright now, don't worry. I am going to stop Specter and fix everything." Yukiko smiled at him.

"I know I have been waiting for you, Spike."

"What?" Spike asked confused.

"I have been cheering you on from the beginning. Haven't you wondered where the gottcha gadgets have been coming from?"

"That was you?" Spike asked. Yukiko nodded.

"How could you manage that? Wouldn't the monkeys give you a hard time here for even living here?"

"Specter took care of that." Yukiko answered. "Mostly I was raised in his castle. He acted as if he avoided me like the plague but always found some excuse to watch over me. I guess since my father was somewhat a father figure to him, he made it his goal to be a father figure to me. I am allowed to wonder so I learned the streets and once I stumbled upon the room with the time machine. I stared through it for a long time watching the events that happened and the events that were erased. When I saw you I found hope. I copied the professor and made gadgets and when no one was around at night I would send them to the field where you were and sneak back to my room."

"Wow," Spike said. "That's all I can really say is wow." Neither of them said anything for a moment and finally Spike broken the silence said. "I guess I have to go, I have to stop Specter…would you like to come with?" Spike added on awkwardly.

"You're not going to hurt Specter are you?" Spike was momentarily stunned before looking back at her.

"No everything will be better if I capture him once and for all. He will be sent back and his helmet removed none of this will ever have happened." Spike left closing the door behind him.

"Wait!" Yukiko called after him as she ran to catch up with him. "I am coming with you." Spike nodded.

"Ok Yukiko, let's go." And the two began walking down the block.

"Specter's castle is that way." Yukiko said as she turned a corner Spike followed and sure enough a large mid evil like castle appeared on the horizon. Yukiko stopped in front of him. "I am afraid you can't come in this way, go around back, I will meet you there and open the door for you." Spike nodded and disappeared around the corner while Yukiko took a deep breath before skipping happily in through the front door. She passed dozens of monkeys that didn't give her a second thought, some even waved energetically at her while she smiled and waved back. In her mind she compared them to the Spike boy. Where they really all that different? Was living with the monkeys so bad? To get to the back door she has to pass through Spector's throne room she became very nervous, worried he would see right through her and stop her. Spector looked up at her looking away from the computer screen built into his chair.

"Yukiko…" he greeted. Yuki gasped in a deep breath before turning to face him smiling happily.

"Hello lord Spector!" she greeted innocently tilting her head as she normally did. Pink stood by Spector's side watching Yukiko anxiously.

"Yuki, you know you are always welcome here, however, today I have a lot to do." Spector said emotionlessly. "I think you should go home." Yuki nodded and hurried from the room stumbling every few steps. Pink always made her uneasy, she always watched her so closely as if waiting for her to screw up, so she could get rid of her. Yuki made her way to the back door opening it to find Spike hiding in a nearby box. She led him inside and saw Pink approaching passing through to her room. Yuki panicked and shoved Spike into the closet, slamming the door shut.

"What was that?" Pink asked, eyeing Yuki suspiciously.

"Nothing," Yukiko confirmed.

"Didn't master Spector tell you to go home?" Pink said, taking slow intimidating strides towards her.

"I was just on my way." She said shrinking under Pink's large eyes. Pink examined her and was about to turn away when…


They both froze and Pink spun around flinging the closet door open. Spike jumped out at her swinging the net wildly. Pink let out a yell as she dove backwards.

"Another human," Pink said disgusted. Spike twirled the stun club around gracefully. Before he flashed, fuzzing in and out of existence, Yukiko looked back and forth at them before diving at Pink. "Disgusting traitor," Pink said as she threw her across the room.

"Spike," Yukiko yelled. "Spike is in the next room! Go, I will hold her off!" Spike nodded before dashing into the throne room to meet Spector. Pink made a move to follow but Yukiko tackled her from behind. "Oh no, you don't," she called out.

"Fine, I will take care of this one first." Pink stretched out her hand and sent Yuki flying. Music boomed out of nonexistent speakers as Yuki struggled to her.

I should have known she would turn this into show. Pink's eyes glowed brightly as her aura flared around her. Yuki ran as plates and pictures began to fly off the walls. She barely managed to keep away from them, she dove inside the dumbwaiter and hit the button sending her plummeting down. she climbed out and made her way to the stairs as she heard Pink following her. she made it to the door of the throne room in time to see Spike nock Spector out of his chair and throw the net over him. Spector yelled and disappeared in a blast of light. Reality flashed around her, time began to straighten and everything began to vanish, replaced by a different world, Spike's normal world. Now it was Yuki's turn, she began to flash, in and out, in and out.

"What is happening?" Spike asked worried and confused.

"I don't belong here." She said. "I am still a baby in this time." She walked over to spike pulling him close so she could feel the heat radiate off of him. "I have to go." She stared into his eyes for a second before looking away…then without warning she grabbed him, pulling him into a passionate kiss before pulling away. "Thank you." She said as she flashed out of existence one final time. Spike stared shocked. Her final words seemed to drift in, as if whispered by the wind. After a moment he smiled and made his way back to see the professor.