Hey guys! I'm back to writing, this time I've decided to take a chance and post one of my Lord of the Rings fictions. It's always been an intimidating prospect to me…the books are so well written and the films brilliantly produced, making writing a fanfiction an incredibly daunting experience!

I know that I have not written this fiction to a level as brilliant as Tolkien, but hopefully the story itself is enjoyable.

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Chapter One

I had been sat in the cell for too long, the sound of battle echoing around the stone walls – slamming against the iron bars on the windows that were imprisoning me.

I had done my best to reach up to one of the windows to the outside, but I was too short. Not that I wasn't already aware of what was going on. Saruman's army was most likely tearing apart whatever god forsaken group had decided to battle with them. I stayed perched in the corner of the cell, my long brown hair matted with dirt as it hung to my waist in limp curls. I lifted my hand to the scar around my neck and sighed, it was beginning to ache. Each time Saruman cast an incantation that I had given him, invisible fire licked at my wound.

It was only as I sat there in silence – in pain, that I heard it…the quiet dripping of water against stone. My eyes lifted, I hadn't had water to drink since the last rainfall, and my mouth was dry and coarse. My eyes met with the trickling of water in through the window, immediately I began crawling weakly towards the liquid. The second it hit my skin I felt a surge of relief flood me. I lay by the cold wall weakly, my mouth open to the stream of cold water rushing in through the window. At first I was refreshed, happy knowing that I was hydrated enough to survive a few more days…that was until the water became heavier and heavier – to the point where I was struggling to get away from it.

I panicked, looking around the room to find that I was now entirely trapped, I had thought about dying – being in the situation that I was in, I had had no choice but to think about it…but I'd never imagined that I would drown in a prison cell. The water was pouring in now; it was soaking the bottom of my ragged dress and causing my feet to go numb. I tried to think but my mind was too clouded, I was weak and hadn't eaten or slept in days. I'd used up the last of my energy trying to use my powers to escape this place – clearly I'd failed.

In a last attempt to rescue myself, I began moving the hay bed towards the window where the water was entering, knowing I was to act fast if I wanted to survive, I climbed up the window, my arms sticking out in an attempt to get someone, anyone's attention. However, the flow of water was too strong and kept pushing me out of the way. I pushed my face against the stone wall, trying to get a mouthful of air before I began shouting.

"Help!" I yelled, hating how damsel in distress I sounded, "Can someone hear me!" I screamed again, gasping for air as the water reached my waist in depth. I swallowed a mouthful of water and fell back from the window in a coughing fit, my chest heaving in an attempt to expel the foul tasting water. I found it ironic that fifteen minutes ago I'd felt refreshed and relieved by this same stuff that was flooding my cell and probably about to kill me.

"Hello?" A small, confused sounding voice sounded from behind the water.

"I'm in here! I'm stuck!" I replied urgently, still clinging for dear life to the metal bars of the window, the feeling in my hands had long disappeared in thanks to the cold.

"Merry how do we get her out?" A worried tone filled the accented voice and I prayed that I wasn't about to get myself into even more trouble.

"There's a key in the warehouse downstairs, you'll have to be quick before the water destroys everything," I replied, praying that whoever was stood there could hear me. I gasped for more air, swallowed more water accidently and tried to convince myself I wasn't about to die.

"How do we get there?" Another voice asked.

"Door," I gasped, "To your left!" The water forced me back again, my feet were now completely off the ground, I was swimming in a concrete coffin, my heart beating so hard and my breathing so fast that I believed that my fear alone could kill me.

An eternity past and I believed I'd never get out. Fear trampled every part of me, the water floating me to the surface, my face almost pressed up against the ceiling that was once unreachable. I panted, desperately trying to breathe.

"Are you still there?" A voice sounded from the window once again, the noise was muffled by the flowing water that had no slowed to a mere background noise.

"Yes," I gurgled, my mouth half underwater, "Yes!" I yelled again for reassurance.

"We got the key," A small arm stretched through the bars of the window, it appeared small enough to be a child's, I couldn't help but hope that children hadn't been made to fight in the war.

I swam towards the window, the stone ceiling scratching at my cheek. I reached the window with great difficulty, my arms and legs were exhausted and I could barely bring myself to move another inch.

"Thank you," I whispered, my hand grasping around the child's.

I let go, keeping the key held tightly in my hand before taking a huge lungful of air and diving down into the water. With every last ounce of strength I had, I lunged myself towards the door. I reached the sturdy metal door and grabbed onto the handle so as to keep myself under the water. I fumbled with the key, slipping it clumsily into the lock and turning it. Suddenly, the second the door slipped away from the frame, the water that had filled the cell flooded out of the door and into the hallway in a mad rush. I clung desperately to the doorframe, noticing the sparkle of silver out of the corner of my eye. Weak as I was, I clambered back through the still hip depth water towards the sparkling amulet in the corner of the room. I slipped it into my pocket and weakly waded down the water filled hallway, gripping onto the walls at either side of me to steady myself.

Light from the doorway ahead of me blinded my eyes as I walked, I took a deep yet unsteady breath of fresh air as I exited the darkened hallway and into the flooded battlefield of Isengard. I collapsed heavily to my knees, letting out a dry sob of relief – I was finally free.

"Are you alright?" A voice sounded from in front of me. I looked up to see two small boys, both with wavy golden hair and kind eyes, staring down at me.
"Are you the boys that saved me?" I asked, only now realising how strained and croaky my voice sounded.

"Depends, are you the girl from down there?" One of them asked with a curious smile.

"Yes," I sighed, "I am…thank you," I smiled as best as I could but the boys seemed to have already been unnerved.
"I know…" I began, staring down at the ground, "Do not feel distrust towards me, my scar is only a wound, not a label," I clarified in my most reassuring tone. I saw the boys still staring at the white, ghostly hand print wrapped around my neck.

"Do you know where we could find some food?" One of the boys asked, I sighed with relief, revelling in the change of subject.

"I'm starving," The other added with a glum expression.

"As a matter of fact," I smirked, finally hoping that I could repay the boys that had saved my life and my sanity, "I know exactly where to find some food." I grinned, realising how hungry I actually was – I hadn't eaten in days.

As we walked towards the sheltered room filled with food, I let out a long breath, I was relieved…relieved to be free of Saruman, from evil, for now at least.

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed it. I'm trying hard to stay away from the Mary Sue characters everyone complains about, but characters in LOTR are always going to have to live up to some kind of exciting back story!

I promise it gets better…

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