More Information about fanfiction: Kyle is married to Mana, but is starting to have feelings for a certian someone that hes had hidden feelings for. He already has a child with Mana (. this is totally different from the game plot from when you get married to the ending of the game. So, this is, I guess what you would call an alternative ending. Sorta. Not really. But the children will have the same names like in the game.). The child is a 5-year-old girl, named "Aria" (yeah, she has the same name, but still, only 5 in this fanfiction). Only Aria knows about her fathers love for this other person, and promises not to say anything because she wants her father to be happy. Even though she dosen't want him to 'cheat' on Mana, she accepts what he's doing and tries not to say anything about it. But, someone gets jealous and wants Kyle all to himself. Find out who the others are while reading~ ;)

It's was snowing outside. A lot. So much you could hardly open up your front door. Mana was at her father's shop, not knowing that there would be this much snow.

"Daddy," a little girl said, looking out the window. "will mommy be alright?"

"Oh, don't worry Aria. She'll be fine since she's still inside."


Kyle, Aria's father, smiled and ruffled up his daughter's hair from behind.

"Hey!" She said, trying to fix her hair afterwards. Kyle chuckled a bit. "Sorry, but that's so fun to do!"

Kyle walked away from the window where Aria was and turned on the stove. He put a pot filled with broth and vegetables on the burner. "Aria, we're gonna have soup. Is that ok?"


Aria went back to looking out the window, which was hard because of all the snow blocking everything away from sight.

"Daddy!" Aria said, on her tiptoes trying to look past all the snow, "I think I see someone outside! We should let them in so they don't get hurt."

"Hmm? Oh, well, lets try to open the door and get them. Aria, could you look over the soup for me while I go get them?"

"Okie Dokie! Be careful, daddy!"

"I will be." Kyle said, as he pushed the front door open. "oh, that was a little easier than I though it would be." Kyle shivered "gosh it's cold..." He looked for the figure of the person outside, and found it. Hey... That's Barrett...

Kyle and Barrett were good friends for a couple of the past years. They still talked, but ever since Kyle married Mana, they've been too busy to even look at each other. A few minutes passed by of Kyle just staring at Barrett's back, before he obnoxiously yelled,


"..Eh?" Barrett said, turning around. "O-oh... ... ... ...Ok..." He slowly walked towards Kyle.

Kyle sighed. "Barrett, wearing your regular clothes and a long over coat won't protect you that much from the winds and snow. You must be freezing."

"I'm fine... I wasn't out there that long...". He lied. He was out there for hours.

Barret stepped inside the house and felt the warm heat brush against his face.

"Why were you outside, anyway?"



"N-no reason. I just... Like snow." another lie left his lips.

"Really? I never knew that..."

Kyle closed the door behind Barrett.

"Barrett, you're gonna get wet when the snow melts off your clothes. I might have some PJs you could borrow or something... .But that's really all I'd be able to let you wear."

"... Ok... That's fine..."

Kyle took off Barrett's over coat and hung it up on a coat rack.

"Oh, it doesn't look like any snow got on your clothes at all... Well, we can go eat first, then... Would you mind taking off your shoes, please?"

"Oh... sure..." Barrett took off his shoes and put them by the door.

"Barrett, is something wrong? You seem so...Depressed. Did something happen?"

"No, I'm fine... Just a little tired, that's all."

"Oh... Ok, then. You can go have a sit at the table. Aria! You can stop looking over the soup, now."

"Okie dokie, daddy!" Aria said, walking away from the stove, and walking towards her father.

"Oh, Barrett, this is my daughter Aria..." Kyle picked Aria up with ease because of how light she was, and she waved and smiled slightly at Barrett.

"Oh... She's... Adorable..."

"Mana is at the shop right now, but she'll probably be staying there because of the snow."


Kyle smiled at Barrett and walked towards the table. He sat Aria down on a chair and went to get bowls for the soup. Barrett sat down in a chair across from Aria.

"So you're daddys friend?" she asked, swinging her legs back and forth.

"... Yeah."

"Oh... Daddy talks a lot about you!"

Kyle almost dropped the ladle he was using to pour the soup into the bowls as he said "W-well, not a lot... I've told her about you. Once or twice... T-that's all..." with a nervous voice. He started to blush a little, but hid his face from Barrett as soon as he could so he wouldn't see.

Humming Witch~: Well, I started to write a fanfiction about one of my favorite pairings in the whole world. I've had this idea for the longest of time, I had to get it out of my head somehow. Oh, and just so you all know, the POVs are going to start switching places. Because I can't just do this in one person's POV (since i did think up a manga for this, first) and I want to get very into deatail. Don't tell me they don't have stoves. I know that they don't in the game or anything, well, too bad. Kyle made one. Because he's amazing, and in fanfictions, anything can happen, really, so... just... ignore it, please. Thanks~3 ^^