This is my going to be my first multi-chapter fanfic. I'm also going to try writing this and posting it without getting members of my family to give me their opinions first, so it'll be interesting to see what it's like. However, I would LOVE your reviews. This chapter is just an introduction to the main story, only the end is really important. I'm going write a chapter and do a quick spelling/grammar check, and only revise each chapter a few times, so I'm not sure how good it will be. Well, here goes.

Lotso was sitting in a field with very tall grass, and he had been there for weeks. His beloved Daisy had taken him, and him alone, with her to her family's picnic. They had played together, and Lotso had been placed a bit away from the picnic tables, as Daisy had been so hungry that she had dropped him immediately at the first sign of lunch. Lotso had watched Daisy fall asleep, and continued to lie there as Daisy's parents packed up, and buckled Daisy into her car seat, without glancing around for their daughter's favorite bear. Lotso was beginning to feel worried, but he was sure they'd turn around and get him any moment now.

He watched in surprised horror as Daisy's parents closed the car door, got in their seats, and sped off. He stayed there for weeks, convinced that his Daisy would come for him. He would have gone looking for her, but he was afraid that if he left that spot, Daisy would come back and he wouldn't be there. So there he sat.

Jessie had been gathering dust under Emily's bed for years. She'd fallen under when Emily's friend grabbed the pillow she was resting on, so Jessie slid through the crack and onto the floor. She'd told herself so many times that Emily would look for her, and find her under the bed, but Emily either didn't notice or didn't care that Jessie wasn't in plain sight anymore.

Emily finally did find Jessie, but she didn't play with her. She took her in the car, and got out at the park they used to play at. Emily paused when she saw something pink laying in the grass. "What's this?" she muttered, picking it up. It was a pink bear that smelled of strawberries. He seemed to be abandoned.

She carried Jessie and Lotso over to the donation truck and put them in an empty box, along with a few other odds and ends. She felt a tiny twinge of regret leaving Jessie, but she was too old to play with cowgirl dolls anymore, and the bear looked like he needed some company. Still, she picked up her cowgirl, and gently straitened her hat. "Bye Jessie," Emily whispered, "I love you, but you could make some kid who doesn't have any toys really happy, like you made me happy when you were my only toy. But I'd rather you bring joy to someone else than sit on a shelf. Besides, it looks like he needs some company, don't you think?"

Who needs some company? Jessie thought as Emily gave Jessie one last hug, and dropped her in the box, closing the top so the only light was coming from the handles on the sides. She watched as Emily drove away, a sad smile on her face.

Lotso stared at the cardboard in front of his face. He had just been dropped in a donation box. What about Daisy? He asked himself. But deep down he knew she was never coming back. He knew she was probably crying her eyes out for him, but it had been an hour car ride for Daisy's family to get here. As much as Daisy's parents knew their daughter loved Lotso, they wouldn't drive an hour to find out some kid had probably picked him up anyway.

Well, that's smart of them, thought Lotso, thinking of how the teenage girl had picked him up. He decided to just accept he wouldn't see Daisy again, even if it hurt. What's the point of mulling over impossible dreams? Lotso asked himself. The real thing bugging him, however, was he was going to be alone in this box.

As Emily's car disappeared from sight, Jessie turned around. "Hello?" she said. "Is anyone-" But before she could finish her sentence, she was pulled into an enormous, furry, strawberry-scented hug. As the stuffing was being almost squeezed out of her, Jessie heard a voice say "Thank goodness you're here. I thought I was going to be all alone in here"


I know I changed Lotso's story so only he was lost, and he seems to be taking it pretty well. Interesting, why isn't he emotionally crushed? Does my explanation in the story of why he's not taking it badly sound reasonable? I like to think that the things Emily says to Jessie in this chapter are running through Emily's mind (except for the parts about Lotso, of course), and just aren't said aloud. I have a general idea of what might happen in the next couple chapters, but not in the overall story. Toodles.