My last chapter was sort of stupid, but hopefully this one will be better. I know it's been a VERY long time since I've updated, so I don't even know if anyone's reading this.

Lotso and Jessie were now used to Annika's house. Most of their time was spent in their owner's room. It had light green wallpaper with pearls printed on the walls, and a purple carpet. Her room had a double casement window (one of those windows that was like a miniature glass set of double doors in the wall). Annika had gotten, for unknown reasons as she was an only child, a bunk bed. She claimed the top bunk while her two toys had the bottom one. Her toy box, which looked like a treasure chest, sat unused at the foot of the bunk bed. There was indeed a large dungeon-like closet, with stone walls and a stone floor in Annika's room. Whenever Annika's family was out, Jessie and Lotso would go downstairs and watch TV or go on the family's computer. Today, however, even though they had the house to themselves, they stayed in Annika's room and talked.

"It's strange, isn't it? These are our last couple hours of being alone." Jessie said. Annika was going to the toy store with her parents, so soon they'd have a new friend. Even though they were excited about meeting someone new, both Lotso and Jessie were slightly sad that it wasn't going to be just them anymore.

"Well, hopefully we'll still be able to get some alone time." Lotso put a paw around Jessie's shoulder and said "I mean, the new toy will probably understand that, since we're best friends, we might want some time just with each other." Jessie nodded and said "We shouldn't try to exclude new toys though." They heard the garage door opening and they both flopped down on the pillow in toy mode.

About half a minute later, Annika rushed into the room with a box in her hands. She sat on the bottom bunk and began to take out the new toy. She excitedly pulled the toy out and carelessly dropped the box to the floor. She showed the new toy to Jessie and Lotso.

"This is Phillip." she told them. Phillip was a G.I. Joe type of action figure. He had a marquee of black hair, a bit shorter than shoulder length, and also a black beard and mustache. His face was very realistic, not cartoon-ish like Jessie's was. He wore an electric blue jumpsuit, and navy blue gloves and boots, which went to halfway between his elbows and wrists (for the gloves) and the boots went up to his calves. He wore a hooded, navy blue cloak, and there was a strap around his torso which held a holster for his quarterstaff (also navy blue).

Annika was called downstairs, to her annoyance. Jessie jumped up and said "Howdy! I'm Jessie!" Lotso introduced himself, and grabbed Phillip in a bear hug. Jessie thought this was hysterical, until Phillip whacked Lotso across the head with his quarterstaff. No one beat up Jessie's friends and got away with it! Jessie sprang at Phillip, and started to wrestle him to the ground. Fortunately, the flailing quarterstaff didn't hit her, and Lotso wrenched it out of Phillips grasp. Jessie and Phillip rolled around the floor, each trying to pin the other down. They were very evenly matched, neither one being able to overcome the other until Lotso hit Phillip with his own quarterstaff and Jessie took the opportunity to pin the new toy down when he was stunned from the blow.

"Nobody hurts my friends, got it?" Jessie told Phillip in a deadly voice that made Lotso shiver. Lotso sincerely hoped Jessie would never use that tone on him. Jessie released Phillip, but Lotso didn't give him back his weapon yet. He wasn't sure if the new toy could be trusted with it.

"That wasn't the way I envisioned I'd introduce myself." Phillip said calmly, as if he hadn't just attacked the other two. "You just startled me with that hug." He told Lotso. He paused, and then suggested "Let's start over again. I'm Phillip." He extended his hand to Lotso, who didn't take it. "Don't worry, I won't attack you again. I just-" "Overreacted?!" Lotso finished in a cold voice. "I greet you nicely, you attack me, and I'm supposed to act like it never happened. You-" He stopped his rant as Jessie pulled him aside and said "Lotso, what would you do if you were a new toy, and you were hugged by a complete stranger?" "And if you couldn't breathe." Phillip added. Jessie shot him a glare that said you're making it worse for yourself before putting even more distance between them and Phillip. "I probably would have done something similar." Lotso admitted. "Exactly." Jessie replied. "I'm not saying we should forgive him right away, but we shouldn't hold it over his head forever. How about we make him earn back his quarterstaff?"

They walked back to Phillip and reintroduced themselves, not being as friendly as they could have been. Phillip, however, was being overly nice, since he was very embarrassed about his bad first impression and wanted to show the others he really was a nice guy. He was informed by Lotso that he wouldn't get his quarterstaff back until they thought he could be trusted with it. Phillip, who was determined to act as if the whole incident hadn't happened, asked them about Annika. Before they could answer, Annika's footsteps sounded on the stairs. The toys rushed back to their places, and Lotso reluctantly gave Phillip his quarterstaff, since Annika would notice it switched hands if Lotso had kept it.

If he doesn't give it back once we can come alive again, he's in big trouble Jessie thought as she sat lifeless on the bottom bunk with Lotso. Annika rushed in and said "All right, guys! Let's have a tea party!" That was surprising for the cowgirl and bear. Annika was a tomboy and her games were always more adventurous than sipping tea.

She grabbed the toys and set Lotso and Jessie down at the small tea table her aunt had given her. She'd never used it before. Annika cast Phillip as the waiter and had her serve the other toys tea. Lotso "drank" his first, and fell to the floor, making choking noises.

Annika made Phillip cackle with sadistic glee and had the cowgirl say "I poisoned the bear, and there's nothing anyone can do about it." Great, This is like re-living my horrible introduction Phillip thought sadly as Annika made him and Jessie brawl on the floor. Annika couldn't decide who she wanted to win, so she had them both faint from exhaustion.

Once Annika left the room, Phillip went over to Lotso and handed the bear his quarterstaff. Over the next couple days, Lotso found themselves gradually forgiving Phillip, and by the time he'd been around for two weeks, the incident of him attacking them was completely behind them.

Well, I hope you liked it. By the way, Phillip is an OC. His introduction wasn't quite what I expected it to be, but it worked out. In case you're wondering, Phillip's head looks the same as Obi-Wan Kenobi's from Attack of the Clones, but with black hair.