Law & Order: UK fic:

Pairing: Mattesha

Disclaimer: I don't own anything!

Summary: Ronnie loves a good wind up, especially if it's at Matt and Alesha's expense.

A/N: I'm back! I've not been writing for a while, but I hope this makes up for it. Let the hilarity ensue!

Uncomfortable Truth

"Okay, thanks guys, I'll get this information back to Jake" Alesha bid farewell before she headed out of Natalie's office.

Matt sprung up out of one of the chairs by the desk as soon as Alesha had left the room, startling his two co-workers. "Right, back to work!" and the young detective rushed out of the room all too quickly.

Natalie and Ronnie looked at eachother with bemusement written all over their faces.

"What's he up to?" Natalie wondered, as she re-organised some papers on her desk.

"I'm not sure I want to know" Ronnie chuckled, then spotted something on Natalie's desk "Oh Alesha left her phone, i'll go and see if I can catch her up."

Ronnie left the office with Alesha's phone in his hand, he walked at a much brisker pace than normal as he headed towards the stairs. He refused to run for anything. Getting onto the top of the stairwell, he glanced down over the railings to see if he could spot Alesha, however he got a little more than he bargained for. On the stairs, a few flights below, he could see his young detective partner sharing an intimately long kiss with their female CPS colleague. Ronnie had to laugh to himself. All be it quietly. Quickly realising he could take full advantage of the situation to wind them up later on; Ronnie tried to signal to the pair of them that he was heading towards them. He banged shut the door leading onto the stairwell and walked heavily down the stairs as he shouted out "Alesha! Alesha, wait up!"

Ronnie quickly heard a "Yeah?" in response from the woman in question.

Ronnie smiled as he walked a bit quicker down the stairs and soon approached the pair of them, both of whom looked decidedly flustered "You forgot this." He handed her the mobile.

"Oh thank-you so much Ronnie, can't believe I left it in the office!" Alesha put her phone away safetly in her bag.

Ronnie assured her "That's alright, easily done." He then turned to Matt "So sunshine, what are you doing with our Alesha, I thought you said you were getting on with some work?"

Matt looked panic stricken for a second, trying to come up with a good excuse "Uhh... I uh... just fancied some fresh air."

Ronnie looked in agreement "Yeah looks like you need it, you look a bit...flustered" he glanced between the two of them "Actually the pair of you do."

Matt and Alesha were trying to hide their blushes.

"Must be a bit hot in here, don't you think so Matt?" Alesha said, hurriedly.

"Yeah, yeah" Matt fanned himself with his hand "Boiling!"

"Really?" Ronnie looked confused "It's freezing in here, the heating broke a while ago, remember...everyone's been doing their work in their coats!"

"Oh...yeah" the penny had slowly dropped for Matt, he just hoped Ronnie wouldn't keep going on about it, the hole had been dug deep enough already.

"Right...anyway, I best be off" Alesha said, readjusting her bag anxiously wanting to get away "Thanks again Ron, I'll see you both later in the week."

"See ya love" Ronnie said casually, as he began heading back up the stairs, but he had glanced back to see Matt and Alesha sharing a brief loving look, and Matt giving her a wink in his usual Devlin fashion. Before Matt ascended the stairs and caught Ronnie staring at him, peculiarly.

"What?" Matt asked, frowning at his partner's expression.

"You're up to something my boy, I know it."

Matt laughed and patted Ronnie on the back as he said "No I'm not, you're going a bit mad in your old age!"

"Oi watch it you!" Ronnie said, to the echoes of Matt's laughter ahead of him.

Ronnie knowing the true extent of what had gone on, and boy was he going to enjoy making Matt and Alesha squirm.