Once Upon Cinderella's Escape

Once upon a time? What is that? Some foreign dish with snails, skrimp, and cheese? That's terrible, but I'm only joking, I do want to tell you my story though, the one where the girl and her evil stepmother and her evil stepsisters torture her poor soul until the prince swept her from her feet? Yeah, that one, the only difference is that this will be in my point of view and it's a very traumatizing story. If you don't enjoy the idea of a stepmother traumatizing her stepson by making him watch her mutilate a helpless animal then I suggest you turn back now. Otherwise, carry on darlings and hear my story. This is unlike any other because this, is a twisted Cinderella story.

"Yuusei!" My darling stepmother called to me, her sickly sweet voice cracking ever so slightly at her loud tone.

"Coming stepmother." I replied. She would be angry with me for not getting her room done on time.

"Have you done what I've asked?" She tapped her foot impatiently as if she had something more important to do than sit on the couch.

"I was just about pack up when you called me Stepmother." I lied smoothly. I still had about half her room to do, I wasn't close to being done.

"You insolent brat! I ask you to do one simple task and you can get it done in the time I given you!"

"Your room is pretty big-" I tried but she cut me off.

"Excuses, excuses." She brushed me off. "Go to your room, you will be punished later."

"Your room?" I asked.

"Don't test my patience Yuusei, I'm not in the mood, someone else will do it and your punishment will be even more severe for that reason.

"Yes Stepmother." I said turning and heading for my room. I smirked to myself, Operation Escape Part A complete.

I softly closed the door to my cold room in the attic and quietly gathered my things. I had to steal some of stepmother's money and pay off some of the servants and guards that she hired so that this plan would work. The ones that were still here willing helped me set up the plan and now all I had to do was execute it perfectly. I packed up everything that I needed, the essentials: clothes, hygienic products, and my father's diary. After I was set to go. I looked out of my window where the gardener was roaming quietly. I whistled and he gave me the sign to drop the rope. I dropped my bag down and made sure the rope was secure. Worst flaw in my plan was that I would have to climb down four stories to reach the ground. My hand slipped about three times and by time I actually made it to the bottom, skin was scraped off my hands.

"Come now, we are running out of time. I want you out of here, you need to make a new life so that you may find happiness elsewhere. I know this is your father's manor but you can come back one day and that witch will be gone. Master Fudo will be proud of you for your actions."

We ran and he gave me a tight hug. "I hope to see you again one day, Master Yuusei."

I smiled as I was passed one to a guard who escorted me from the grounds and toward the town.

As we arrived, I turned and bowed gently. "Thank you so much."

He patted my shoulder and smiled. "You are above me, I should be bowing to you."

"I am above no one, I just want to thank you for helping me. How long do you think it will take until she notices?"

"Since she doesn't care if you come to dinner she probably won't notice you're gone until tomorrow morning."

I smiled and then I realized. "Aww, I'm meant to be punished later!"

"It's fine, I'm supposed to be the one to do it so it's fine. I'll just tell her I gagged you."

I laughed and gave him a quick hug. "Thank you."

He nodded and I walked off, leaving behind the life I once knew.

It was beginning to get dark and I wondered where I would sleep tonight. I had wandered around all day long and my feet were beginning to hurt. I closed my eyes and sighed and accidentally walked into a wall. I fell to the ground and rubbed my forehead, the part that got the most damage, and looked up. Okay, maybe it wasn't a wall but it surely felt like it. Apparently it's a shame that the thing I walked into wasn't a wall but it was a person. And because I'm me and this is the thing I know how to do best I got on my knees and put my face in the ground. "Sorry! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! I apologize! Please forgive me!"

"Calm down kid, it's fine." That voice said calmly.

Fingers went under my chin and I met shining violet eyes. "My question for you is, are you alright?"

Heat rose to my cheeks and I tried a smile. "I'm fine, please forgive me for my rudeness, I was in a rush."

"You are covered in dirt, or what is this? A bruise?" He rubbed the tender place on my face where stepmother hit me earlier. "With a few specs of dirt." He traced down my neck where I'm sure bruises littered my skin and back up which caused me to shiver.

"Are you being abused?" He asked softly.

"No," I said swiftly, I couldn't call it abuse when I didn't know what abuse was.

"I see." He muttered removing his hand. "Well, where are you parents?"

"My mum gave her life to bring me to this world and my dad isn't in this world either. The doctor said he died of a hemmahage or something.

"I see. And the word you're looking for is hemorrhage. Well then, where are you staying?"

"Nowhere." I answered pushing myself from the ground. I held out my hand and he accepted it gratefully.

"What do you mean nowhere? Where is your house?"

"Why are you asking all of these questions?" I shot back.

"You..." He took a deep breath and smiled once more. "Just tell me."

"My house is no longer my home. I live nowhere now, I have been outcast and now I am wandering."

"Outcast? As in thrown out?"

I nodded and he grabbed my hand. "Come with me to my home and stay there tonight, and then wherever you wish to go after that you may go."

"I don't think that's such a good idea. I really need to leave this kingdom, I barely escaped as is and when she realizes I'm missing she'll send the dogs after me!" I said tugging my hand away.

"You ran away? I thought you said you have been outcast."

"I have been outcast, I have also runaway because of my own reasons. Please just let me leave."

"How about this, come to my home and I'll let my father see what to do."

"Why can't you let me leave?"

"Because you need special permission to leave the kingdom, now come on." He pulled on my hand and we headed to some unknown destination.

"You live in the castle?" I whispered urgently as we walked through the polished halls of the castle.

"Of course what did you expect?" I didn't answer because I knew he was being sarcastic.

I watched all the people that bowed to this man suspiciously. Who is this person exactly?

He opened two doors and pulled me inside then shut them quickly. "My father should be here any second now. Your clothes are torn so I have some that you can wear and then you can explain your situation to my father." He went to his overly large wardrobe and rummaged around a bit before pulling out a pair of black trousers and a button-down. "Here," he said, handing me the items and pushing me into his bathroom, "you can change in here."

He shut the door behind me and not two seconds later another voice filtered into the room. "News travels fast, I suppose. I hear you have brought a rather. . . raggedy guest."

"Father, welcome."

"What have I told you about the people of the town Jack? You can't continue to do this!"

"Father, I have never done this before, he is the only one."

"Yes, but one day your guise will shatter and people will recognize you. They may mob you or kidnap you. You're my son, you are the crown prince and I can't allow anything to ever happen to you."

Crown Prince? I thought. What?

"You make it sound like I'm some frail person who can't take of himself."

"I did not say that nor did I imply anything of the sort."


"Minus that fact Jack, where is this guest of yours?"

I quickly jumped back from the door and slid out of my pants and into his and was taking my shirt off when he opened the door.

"You're not finished?" He asked.

"I'm nearly done!" I blushed.

"Eavesdropping doesn't help you at all. Come now, hurry, put the shirt on but don't bother with the buttons.

I slid my arms into the sleeves whilst exiting the bathroom. I looked up at the other person in the room. He was clad in gold, silvers, jewels, and the finest silk. He was the spitting image of his son who stood next to me. Their only difference was their eyes, my 'caretaker' had deep violet coloured eyes whilst his father had light blue eyes. When I realized I was probably being disrespectful, I quickly looked down.

Feet suddenly obstructed my view and a hand made its way under my chin. My head was forced up and I was looking at the king's face once again.

"Hmm. . . well Jack, it's seems you've caught yourself quite a looker. He actually looks quite feminine. These eyes of his are stunning, and his body shape, minus the overly large bruise here. . ." He tapped my cheek lightly. "He's an angel. I wouldn't have guessed he was male if you hadn't told me."

I blushed and stepped back out of his grasp. "Um, thank you for your flattery, your majesty, but I've only come to request permission to leave the kingdom."

"Leave the kingdom? What for?"

"Well you see, I had no idea I needed permission to leave the kingdom but I was just on my way before I ran into your son, quite literally I might add, and he informed me that I needed permission from the king and then I ended up taking a detour and meeting you anyway."

"You didn't know that you needed permission to leave the kingdom?"

"Well I haven't exactly been outside of my house for nearly 8 years."

"Eight years? Dear lord."

"Yes, my stepmother said I was much too valuable to be let out in case I could escape."

"Sounds like she's keeping you like a caged animal."

"Oh no. She gives me freedom to clean the house but after that I'm sent back to my room in the attic.

"Who is your stepmother dear boy? Would you take me to see her tomorrow?"

"Oh please sir, don't make me go back there. I will do anything. I've only come here to get permission to leave the kingdom."

"Okay okay, I will not make you go. But can you tell me what your home is like? And tell me your name again?"

"Well I have my stepmother and my two step-sisters, and my stepmother's staff. And my name is Yuusei."

"Do your step-sisters help you clean?"

"Oh no, they do not get their hands dirty, they sit and have tea and watch me clean."

"Are there any others that help you clean?"

"No sir, they only clean after me if I don't get my chores done on time."

"And what do your chores consist of?"

"I clean the entire manor from top to bottom, the bathrooms, I cook dinner, I tailor my sisters' dresses, and any other indoor chore I can do inside. I'm not allowed outside the gates."

"How did you get outside today?"

"I climbed out of the fourth story window. I had to pay off a few people so I could escape."

"Really now? And can you tell me what happens if you don't get your chores done on time?"

"No sir, I'd prefer not."

"I see. Well I refuse to give you permission to leave the kingdom."

I could nearly cry. "But sir!"

"I refuse to give you permission because I feel the world outside these walls are too dangerous, especially for someone who barely pass as a male. You will be taken advantage of. And based on your story, because I don't do this ever, I will make you a proposition."

"What kind of preposition?"

"Proposition son, but I will allow you to stay here at the castle, although you must work for your stay."

"I can clean. That's best of my ability and I also took care of the steeds in the stable back at my house."

"That's perfect! You can be my son's housekeeper. You haven't much to do except clean his room and then once a week you can feed, clean, and exercise the horses in the stables."

"Sounds simple enough. Will my stepmother be able to find me?"

"Unless she knows for sure you're here she will never know your whereabouts."

"Oh thank you so much!"

The king smiled at me and patted my head. He then turned to his son and asked, "what made you choose this one Jack?"

"This is why." A grab, a tug, a whoosh of cold wind and a gasp is what happened next.

Until next chapter...