Twisted Cinderella Story
Once Upon Cinderella's Rebirth

It had been days. Long, agonizing days. The kingdom was in despair as their young royal was pronounced comatose.

It was a simple day, normal and nice, the sun was shining bright and the birds were chirping, a soft breeze fluttering through the open windows marking the start of spring. All the snow had melted and the new season was full of surprises.

The kingdom had been shocked but accepting of the pregnancy of their prince. A change that could be expected only because of the magic surrounding it. He was a Pure Heart so there was no denial.

Yuusei was sitting at the breakfast table, quiet and not touching his food. Kiryu asked him if he was alright and he didn't respond. After a few moments, he stood and fell out, his body hitting the ground hard.

The entire dining hall panicked and Kiryu reacted first. He checked to see if he was still breathing, which he was, and waved a hand over his body quickly. He knew what was happening.

"Someone run ahead and let the infirmary know I'm bringing the Prince to be looked over." He said, lifting up his fiancée.

The doctors had looked him over and sighed. "His body shut down and we don't know why."

"Thank you doctors."

Kiryu knew why; the new season of spring had been the time when everything had reawakened, including memories.

He visited his master that night, seating himself upon his lap. "My master," he purred softly, "I have news of the angel."

"And what would that be?"

"The Rebirth has begun. The process is in its first hours."

"Good," he tore Kiryu's shirt from his torso and grinned, "shall you keep me company tonight?"

"Of course. I wouldn't have it any other way."

That was four days ago. Things had not changed with Yuusei's condition. Bruno sent the news to Jack and the distraught prince felt so helpless, not being able to see his love.

"Jack, son, if you would just calm down and let me explain."

"Father! My love is in a coma! He may never wake up!"

The king had enough of his son's antics, retracted his hand and slapped his son clean across the face.

Jack stared at his father in shock, "if you would just shut up and listen, I can tell you what's happening."

Jack sat down and sighed. His father smiled and leaned against his desk. "Yuu's memories are coming back. It was always his destiny to regain everything he had forgotten but you know what this means don't you?"

"If he had stayed with me, his memories would have never returned." Jack replied sadly.

"But that's not what we wanted. You're afraid of him hating you Jack. And I can only imagine why."

"I nearly lost him."

"And it was your fault!" The king slammed his hands on the desk. "You sold him out and then suddenly you care?"

Jack winced at the memory. "It was an accident. I had no-"

"Bullshit. Don't you dare tell me that you had no idea what you were doing because you knew and you knew very well that you were doing it." His father pulled at his hair. "Jack, I love you because your my son but I have never wanted to hit you so bad in my life. You nearly destroyed the balance of everything! For what? A game that you thought wouldn't work?"

"I'm sorry." The prince whispered.

"I'm not the one you should be apologizing to. You're an adult now, I cannot and I refuse to save you anymore. You better hope and pray that he forgives you for what you've done because if I didn't know how much he loves you, I'd say he's better off staying with Kyousuke in Old Domino. You will have signed your death wish then. All of our death wishes."

Jack stood then, everything he wanted to say nonexistent. He left his father's study and walked back to his bedroom. He closed the door and leaned against it, going through the guilt trip once more. The bloody, mangled body of his intended at his feet, the nightmare's bright red eyes staring back at him and to his horror, he remembered the amused smirk that graced his bloodstained face. He felt himself go mad then, and he screamed. It was something he never wanted to remember, something he never wanted to go back to. He was being consumed by the darkness and the only one that could save him was in a different kingdom, in a coma.

The Rebirth was taking longer than Kiryu expected it to, but then again, reliving eight years of memories in such a short time; he was surprised the boy hadn't died yet. He was constantly monitored to make sure his child was not stressed by the events happening inside its mother's head.

Reconstructing divine objects was a delicate process and any wrong turn could result in death. It was strange to see him in such a still position, not moving, not doing anything, it was almost if he were dead if it wasn't for the subtle rise and fall of his chest.

His baby bump was beginning to show, only because he was so tiny. It was soft and bulged out slightly like he had eaten too much and it never went down.

Kiryu sat down and stroked the bump slightly. He hopes the child would be okay as its mother hadn't eaten in two weeks. The spring season still had two and a half months left. He just hoped the infant would survive.

There was a knock on the door and Bruno entered. "Sir, there is a package waiting for you."

Kiryu stared at Bruno and a thought struck him.

"Is there something wrong sir?"

"No, I just had an epiphany is all. Thank you for informing me. You are dismissed."

Bruno gave a lingering look to Yuusei before leaving. Yes, it would work out perfectly.

"Jack." The king looked at his pitiful son, the weak, frail man before him was not the same man who had just married six months prior. "There is a letter for you."

"Is it from Bruno? Set it down I'll look at it later."

The king hesitated, he wasn't sure how his son would react. "It's from Kiryu. Yuusei is awake."

Jack got up quickly and snatched the letter from his father.

Dear Prince Jack of Neo Domino,

You have been cordially invited to a summer ball hosted at the castle of Old Domino to celebrate the awakening of our prince. The ball will be held on the twenty-first of June at seven O' clock in the evening. Your presence will be appreciated.

Heir of Old Domino Kiryu

"The twenty-first is tomorrow." Jack said.

"Well, you best start preparing."

"How are you feeling, my love?"

"Don't call me that." Yuusei said softly. "It's not your place to call me that."

"You refuse to return my feelings and after you've deceived me no less. I was heartbroken."

"Don't be so weak. That's the reason I'm where I'm at. For being weak."

Kiryu watched as the small prince ruffled through his options. "You know-"

"I do appreciate you being kind enough to allow me to see my husband." Yuusei said softly as he lifted the white fabric from the pile.

"You want this one?"

"It's brings back some good memories. White would be for the best."

"Even after everything you've learned and remembered, you still love him."

"It's only natural. He was my intended from the start. I loved him from the moment the light was released the day of my birth." Yuusei held the white fabric to his body and sighed. "I just don't understand why you can't love someone else. You'll waste away trying to love someone who you are not meant to love."

"Telling me not to love you is like telling the sun not to shine. It's impossible." Yuusei allowed Kiryu to hold him. "If you never met him, do you think you could love me?"

Yuusei paused and sighed, running his hands through his hair. "I could never know. You've done many bad things Kiryu, things I can't forgive and if I had been yours, even then I wouldn't know if I could love you. Not the way that you want me to love you."

Yuusei escaped from his grip and went into the bathroom. "Allow me my moment of happiness. You've given me a chance at salvation even if it may ruin me. Please." And he closed the door.

Kiryu led him down to the ballroom after he had changed into the pure white ball gown. He told him that it would be his responsibility to explain his double life to his kingdom because if he didn't the outcome wouldn't be pretty.

The ballroom went silent as he entered with Kiryu at his side. He was led to the other side of the room in silence. Small murmurs broke out, people asking why the Princess of Neo Domino was in their ballroom without the Prince and the smarter people wondering why their prince was in a white princess getup.

He explained the situation as thoroughly as he could, his false rehearsed reasoning, and how sorry he was.

"...I have deceived all of you and for that I apologize."

The crowd began talking at once causing uproar but it wasn't mainly negativity. Yuusei heard some things such as:

"We don't blame you! It was necessary."

"Please don't feel guilty, my prince, we understand."

"You are absolutely stunning in that dress!"

There were some other things like:

"That kingdom! They should all die forcing our prince to do something so outrageous."

"Our prince wedded to the prince of an enemy kingdom? How unsightly."

A headache arose in Yuusei with all the shouting and Kiryu pulled him from the podium to take over.

"Bruno!" Yuusei called softly. "Come to me."

The blue haired man was at his side once again and he sighed in relief. "Are you alright?"

"I need a moment. Escort me to the gardens."

"Of course." Bruno led him out of the ballroom and into the hallway. He led Yuusei by a hand toward the inner castle courtyard.

"I remember this place so vividly now." Yuusei said softly. "That this is what my father wanted me to come back to, what he wanted me to rule if I so chose to. It's depressing. I relived every memory of this place and the happy moments of that house in Neo Domino. It all seems so surreal."

"Do you wish to return?"

"To Neo Domino? Always."

"And Prince Jack?"

Yuusei paused for a moment, his thoughts running rampant about Jack. How should he feel about his husband knowing that at one point Jack wanted him dead? "I love him with all my heart. I wish that I didn't have to feel the pain he caused me but in order to get what I want, I had to hurt. If ever I could return to him, to have him know that despite his faults, my love never failed and that I still believed in his love for me, I would die for that chance."

They arrived at the courtyard and Bruno sat Yuusei on a bench and leaned himself on a tree. Yuusei stroked his bump, sticking out of his stomach like a small boulder, two times bigger than it was before he regained his memory.

"It's hard to believe I'm five months along. This child has come a long way. How strong it will be."

A silence ensued and Yuusei sighed. "Do you think he'll ever come Bruno? I wanted to tell him that everything I had done from the moment he'd asked me to marry him, all the manipulation and lies and pretending I had done from that moment on was to ensure my life was happy with him. I wanted nothing more. The world was my chess board, my opponents were the dark forces standing in my way, my pawns were the people I manipulated, and I was the queen. My primary goal was to protect my king and never let anyone put him into check. But I lost this game anyway, I was one put into checkmate and now the game is over." He lowered his head. "I have lost."

Soft, large hands suddenly made their way across his stomach and throat. His head was forced toward the sky as lips pressed against his neck and a hand stroked his baby bump.

He was frozen in fear and a shiver went through his body. He recognized those hands.

"So you see, Yuu-chan. The world hasn't ended yet. You're alive, I'm alive, and our child, the miracle we've created is very alive. So you say you wish to tell me these things but you don't open your mouth to say them." The intruder rubbed a thumb across his hostage's lips and slowly nudged two fingers inside the wet cavern.

That voice, those hands, that soft touch, there was no doubt. His heart pounded with excitement as the hand on his stomach lowered slowly to his crotch; rubbing, pressuring sending him into a pleasured daze.

"Jack..." He moaned out.

"You were wearing the most beautiful white dress when I took you the first time," the blonde prince whispered, "and now when I take you again, you're wearing another white dress."

Yuusei turned around as best his body would allow and kissed his husband, the love of his life. "You saved me."

Jack shook his head, "I almost killed you. I don't deserve your love."

"You do. That day made me a stronger person and I don't blame you for that. It was an accident and we'll leave it at that."

Yuusei stood and led Jack out of the gardens and to his corridor. He took him to his bedroom and immediately Jack began undressing his husband.

The delicate fabric was off of Yuusei within minutes and Jack decided to forego the foreplay.

"Ow..." Was the immediate reaction when he pushed one finger through the tight ring of muscle.

"What's wrong, my love?" He asked stroking the baby bump.

"Be gentle, I'm still healing apparently."

"Healing from what?"

Yuusei became silent and Jack had a very back feeling he'd have to kill someone.

"Kiryu, back before I regained my memory, and before the doctors found that I was pregnant," he paused again debating whether he should say it, "used to rape me everyday."

Jack clenched but kept calm for the sake of his love. He gently stretched the pucker and brushed his fingertips against the bundle of nerves which sent his lover screaming in orgasm.

The sound nearly brought Jack to release but he withheld and wiped the tears from Yuusei's face.

He positioned himself at Yuusei's entrance, pushing in swiftly, the immediate tightening of muscle, sending him into a daze of pleasure, a daze he hadn't felt in awhile.

"Are you ready?"

He thrusted when he saw the nod and tried to hold back when he heard the whimper under the moan of pleasure.

"Don't!" Yuusei reached up and shook his head, "don't hold back. Please I want you to cleanse me, make me feel alive again, like I'm worth something."

"You are worth more than everything in the world. If not to anyone else then to me especially."

Jack fulfilled the request made to him either way.

"Father!" Yuusei hugged the king tight, at least as much as his body would allow.

"It's so nice to see you again, well and as yourself." He touched my forehead and smiled. "I apologize from the bottom of my heart for deceiving you so. Everything your father had set up was an elaborate plan to protect you and the life he wanted you to have. With his demise, your memories were wiped because without the memories you were incomplete. That person can't take you while you're incomplete. I'm very surprised that the first memory you recovered was that of your father's death. Nothing before, nothing after."

"My memories started when I was eight, why didn't I have memories from after you retrieved me when Aki killed my father? Those were the first memories I recovered."

"Aki wanted to destroy those memories, if you never knew Jack, then the spiritual connection you have with him would have ceased to exist. That was her goal but your father was much more powerful than the darkness, if he had not been, you wouldn't have recovered those memories at all. Your memories began as a servant in your own house. Like a newborn child. Aki wasn't strong enough to completely destroy those memories which is a good thing."

Yuusei nodded and clutched Jack's hand. "Can I go home now?"

"We don't know Yuu, this is legally your kingdom, would you just abandon it?"

"The Kyousuke family had the title of heir before I regained my memory. I'll gladly pass that responsibility over once more. I don't know how to rule a kingdom anyway."

"You were catching to Neo Domino with no problems." Jack smiled.

"But I wasn't ruling Neo Domino, I'd never be ruling, if I can have my input through your rule Jack, I'd be perfectly fine with that."

"Do you truly wish to return to Neo Domino?" Jonathan asked.

"If ever possible."

Then I will consult with the council." Jonathan said.

"We cannot allow you to leave."

"But why?"

The oldest councilman sighed. "You don't understand that to abandon this kingdom although you are the rightful heir to the throne would be disastrous. And this is your father's kingdom, your family's kingdom. They have been ruling this kingdom for centuries, to just abandon it like such would be disgraceful and very dishonorable."

Yuusei paused and thought hard. "I may be heir but I refuse to rule. I will have an heir or heiress, whom will rule in my place. If by the moment this child can form coherent sentences with understanding, decides that they wish or do not wish to rule in this kingdom, is the moment that I will either pass on the right to rule or I shall pass on the responsibility to the Kyousuke family."

"You will rule the kingdom?"

"I will," Yuusei nodded, "I just will not rule it here. I shall live in Neo Domino with my family and whatever problems that need solving I will solve from there. If ever I need to return for any serious issue, it's no problem."


"You have a choice councilman. I could just decide to not rule at all. Either I go and rule or I not rule because you refused me and I go anyway."

"Alright, but you understand that you are much more susceptible for treason accusations."

Yuusei walked to the door with Jack and gave a knowing grin. "Treason comes from peoples' opinions. If they trust me and respect me, they respect my choices."

"It feels absolutely wonderful to be back here." Yuusei sighed happily as he stretched.

"The kingdom will be happy to hear that their princess has returned and is with child with the heir." Jonathan replied.

"For a kingdom, that's always exciting news."

"But you know, I have a strange feeling lurking in me. I want to be cautious about everyone because something is going to happen."

"Well for now," Jack said wrapping an arm around his love's waist, "let's get you resettled. It would do you some good to reduce your stress levels."

"Oh yeah," Yuusei paused,"Kiryu told me that he had a spy here feeding him information from inside the castle. Did you find out who it was?"

Jack nodded. "It was Bruno."

Yuusei's heart skipped a beat. He looked back at the blue haired man retrieving their bags from the carriage with shock. The one he liked and trusted, is the one that sold him out?