This is my first fanfic and it's a crossover between Hey Arnold! and As Told By Ginger. Events in this story take place the summer before The Jungle Movie. I hope you enjoy!


Chapter One - Just Another Summer Morning

Arnold's POV

"Rise and shine Arnold!" Grandpa said right after he entered my room

"Why are you waking me up so early?" I asked Grandpa while he was opening the curtains

"Don't you remember, today's our vacation to Sheltered Shrubs" Grandpa said to me

For a minute or two, I went clueless about this family vacation thing, really. I slowly got up from my bed and looked out to my window and after a few minutes, then I remembered, we're supposed to leave for Sheltered Shrubs today.

"Arnold, breakfast is ready!" Grandma said as she entered my room

"I'll be down there in a while, Grandma!" I said to her

"Arnold, don't forget your suitcase and you better hurry, we don't want to miss our flight, would we?" Grandpa said before he left my room

"Okay Grandpa!" I said

I haven't finished packing, I've only packed half of my suitcase. I don't know why? Maybe I don't really like the idea of going to Sheltered Shrubs, from the name of the place itself, it sounds like some place that's not for me...I mean it doesn't sound like a big city's name to me. I've been used to being a city boy, you know. I just hope I would prove myself wrong about that 'coz I'm pretty sure Grandma and Grandpa won't leave me behind.

I finished my packing and I found Helga's necklace on my desk drawer. She gave me this necklace on the last day of school and I just left it on my desk drawer. I don't really have feelings for her and I wouldn't like everyone in my house to find out about this. They might just start teasing me with Helga again. Don't even remind me of the last time they did that!

I wore Helga's necklace which had a football pendant on it. It may look awkward but I guess Helga gave it from her heart so maybe I should go ahead and wear it.

I continued with my packing and I brought a few comics along just incase i get bored. I later closed my suitcase and dragged it to the living room. Heck! It was heavy. We're staying there for a week although I don't know where we will be staying but I just hope it won't reek or something.

In the kitchen

"Arnold! Would you pass the eggs!" Grandma asked me.

"Sure Grandma!" I said.

Grandpa and Grandma were looking at me suspiciously, it seems that they saw my necklace. I silently continued eating and Grandma and Grandpa went back to what they were talking about. Everything went well until Grandpa's attention was diverted to me.

"Arnold." Grandpa said

"Yes?" -Me

"What's that on your neck?" Grandpa asked. Oh Snap! He just noticed my necklace! Damn it!

"Just a necklace from my friend." I said.

"Oh! I didn't see you wear that yesterday. Just asking." Grandpa said

Phew! I thought the teasing was going to come back again. Thank God Grandpa didn't go further! I continued eating and Grandpa and Grandma went back to their business. Minutes later, we finished eating and then Grandpa called for a cab to pick us up at home while Grandma checked if our tickets are complete and so far, so good! We later placed our baggage at the sidewalk and said goodbye to the people we left at the apartment. A few minutes after that, our cab arrived and we hopped into the cab. My family vacation just started!

After 5 minutes, our cab arrived at the airport and we went inside the terminal building to check in our baggage. Our baggage counter was pretty far, it was in the other end of the terminal building. The line was a bit long in the check-in counter that we're going to line up in. A lot of people must have thought that going to Sheltered Shrubs will be a very good idea for a summer vacation.

After 30 minutes of lining up at the check-in counter

"Next!" the lady in the baggage check-in counter called

"We're checking in 3 bags." Grandpa said as he walked up to the check-in counter

Grandpa and I lifted our baggage to a platform that was kinda like a conveyor belt, only that it drops the baggage straight to another platform which also looks like a conveyor belt. Before we left to look for our boarding gate, the lady gave us our boarding passes and we went straight to pay for our travel taxes and went through inspections before we could find our boarding gate. Looking for the boarding gate was also a long walk.

I was thinking to myself "What should I get Helga? What if I fall for a different girl? What if Sheltered Shrubs is really the middle of nowhere? Will I ever survive this vacation?". The next thing I knew, scenes of my vacation there going haywire started to play in my mind as we kept walking to our boarding gate.

"Arnold!" Grandpa called me

"Uh...yes, Grandpa" -Me

"Is everything alright?" He asked me

"Yes Grandpa, you have nothing to worry about" I reassured him

"There's our boarding gate!" Grandma said to us as she pointed to Boarding Gate #15

"Let's go, we're boarding in ten minutes!" Grandpa said to us

Boarding Time

"Falcon Airlines Flight 435 bound for Sheltered Shrubs is now ready to accept passengers. Please proceed to Boarding Gate #15 for your boarding." The lady over the airport's PA system said.

Grandpa gave us our boarding passes and like what I said before, the line was so long and it took us ten minutes before we had our turn. Right after that, we walked through the tarmac and we finally made it into the plane. The next thing we did was find our seats and we got thrown to the far end of the plane. Looks like Grandpa got us last-minute tickets or something. We took our seats and put on our seatbelts. Minutes later, the stewardess informed everyone via the PA system of the plane about the flight info and the flight safety video was shown. Halfway through the flight safety video, our plane already took off.

I'm about to say hello to Sheltered Shrubs!