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Meanwhile in Hillwood, the Patakis were having dinner and this one was no ordinary dinner, it was a celebratory dinner for Olga who just graduated from college.

"I would like to propose this toast to Olga G. Pataki who has just graduated from college." Big Bob said

Right after that, everyone did a toast and started with dinner. Olga was busy talking about college and her new found boyfriend while Helga was annoyed as usual.

Helga's POV

"How I wish I could excuse myself from this." Helga said to herself

"Ben Fowler is a really nice guy. He's such a gentleman. In fact, he took me out on a date in one of Vermont's finest restaurants for Valentine's Day." Olga said to her family

"It's always Ben Fowler this, Ben Fowler that. When will Olga stop getting into my nerves about her oh-so-nice boyfriend?" Helga said to herself again

"Tell us more." Miriam and Big Bob said to their daughter

"And did I forget to mention that he got us the front-row seats to Dino Spumoni's concert!" Olga said

"Well what do you know? Our daughter has just graduated from college and he even got himself a new guy with the nice personality." Bob said

"Say Olga, mind if we meet this guy one of these days?" Miriam asked her daughter in a drunk-like voice

"Sure! Actually, Ben has invited me to visit him in his hometown on Sheltered Shrubs this summer and he said it would be good if I brought my family along" Olga said

"Sheltered Shrubs...that's where Arnold is right now." Helga said to herself

"Then I guess we're heading to Sheltered Shrubs first thing tomorrow!" Big Bob announced

"First thing tomorrow, I'm gonna look for Arnold. I'm just going to make sure my plan doesn't backfire." Helga said to herself

Olga's POV

"Hello! This is Ben Fowler speaking." Ben said on the phone

"Hey Ben! It's Olga here. I've got some great news!" I said to Ben

"What is it, Olga?" Ben asked me

"Well, my family and I are going to Sheltered Shrubs tomorrow!" I excitedly said to Ben

"Uh...okay, so I should be ready." Ben said to me

"Bye Ben!" I said to Ben

Meanwhile at Ben's

"I can't believe it! Olga Pataki's coming here tomorrow, with her family! What should I do? What was I thinking when I told Olga that she and her family are welcomed to visit me in Sheltered Shrubs. What am I going to do?"

Ben Fowler was already in a state of panic right after he received Olga's phone call. "What am I supposed to do when her parents are here?" Ben asked himself. Ben's house wasn't really his house, it's just an apartment he rented because he wanted to be independent from his parents.