Warriors: The Last Saga


Beginning of Leafbare

Information We Can Disclose So Far

This story will take place after Sign of the Moon, the fourth warriors book in 'Omen of the Stars'. Due to certain events, there will be a small gap in between the ending of the actual book and this story. Perhaps at a later time I will go back and fix that, but for now I think it's fine to leave it how it is.

Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing are still searching for the fourth cat. Dovewing has several ideas on who the fourth cat is, but doesn't dare approach them without consent from StarClan. ThunderClan has successfully helped and aided The Tribe of Rushing Water and have already returned home. Now, many moons later, the Dark Forest continues to grow, recruiting warriors from within the Clans. The Dark Forest has caused the Clans to distrust each other, tainting the cats' minds and often, the Clans are seen fighting one another over stupid and small issues.

Wind brushed the grass in the empty clearing, sending long shadows sprawling across the ground. The sun had not yet set and two cats gathered there huddled, one gray and one golden. Whispering softly to each other, they spoke of great danger. The last prophecy had gone horribly wrong and the worst thing is that they hadn't been able to do anything about it. They decided that they needed to send a prophecy, one which would guarantee the safe future of the clans. But, with such a prosperous future, there has to be a price.

"You know, Lionheart for things to be turned around now, especially when things have become so bad, it might cause the battle of all battles." A brief pause. "And I'm not sure we can risk that right now," the gray she-cat spoke sadly, voice cracking of old age. The cat's deep blue eyes glowed softly in the faint light, clouded, and haunted by the past battles. The she-cat looked exhausted, the stress and pain caused from the recent events had depleted her of energy and will.

"I know, Bluestar.. Though if things continue, the clans might not survive at all, which would be the greatest price to pay. We have to do something, otherwise the clans will be destroyed forever. We can't just leave them alone, Bluestar. We need to fight against the eternal darkness. This is a battle we cannot afford to lose," Lionheart stressed, his amber eyes filled with pain. His eyes too, were empty orbs, lost in the past.

"Maybe… it's time for the clans to give up… Ever since the Dark Forest has been recruiting from inside the clans, things have been chaotic. We've done most everything we have. It's not up to us to fight their battles. Even the power of the four wasn't enough! Why did the fourth cat have to be one who wishes nothing to do with the prophecy! How can we expect to defeat the eternal darkness with only three?" Bluestar yowled, frustrated.

"It will never be time for the clans to give up. We have to fight forever. Our duty in StarClan is not to stand by, but to help those living." Lionheart said firmly. His voice took on a sympathetic tone as he stepped forward to give Bluestar a gentle lick on her shoulder.

An unfamiliar scent drifted across the valley, picking up the attention of both the residing cats. Lionheart leaped up, pricking his ears, waiting for a sign of any unwelcome visitors. The wind howled, scattering leaves everywhere. Bluestar watched Lionheart's focused eyes, and traced his gaze. Bluestar caught glimpse of a dappled tortoiseshell running off to hide.

Confusion and annoyance swept through Bluestar's body as she called out, "Spottedleaf!" The tortoiseshell quickly skid to a stop at the sound of her name, and hid her eyes as she turned back to face Bluestar.

"Were you spying on us, Spottedleaf?" Bluestar demanded.

Spottedleaf ducked her head in apology. "There's nothing to do around here! It's the beginning of leafbare and none of the herbs are ready. Cats are always holding meetings without me! I thought I might learn some of the news! I'm a ThunderClan cat too, you know," Spottedleaf protested, her amber eyes flashing.

Bluestar settled down and wrapped her tail around her leg. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Next time, approach us. Don't hide in the trees or bushes, or anywhere!"

Spottedleaf nodded her head in agreement, then her expression shifted to a more serious look. "I think I have a prophecy that will fix the possible upcoming problems. It may cause trouble throughout the clans, but we have to take our chances," the dappled cat mewed. "I've recently been having strange dreams, and they're from an unknown source, but I can tell they are important.."

"And what is this prophecy, Spottedleaf?" Bluestar questioned. Lionheart shifted his paws but stayed silent. Spottedleaf's eyes glazed over and overtook a foreign glaze. Both Bluestar and Lionheart had seen many medicine cats take this "prophecy" form, but even after seeing it over and over never made it less creepy.

"At the morning of dawn, one cat will rise and save the clans from eternal darknes," she rasped, her voice sounding like it hadn't been used in several moons.

"What does the prophecy mean?" Lionheart asked as soon as Spottedleaf was shaken from her trance.

"I'm not sure… This prophecy has come to me from one of my recent strange dreams. I feel that we have another ancient prophecy in our paws, possibly coming from the same ancestors as the last," Spottedleaf replied.

"Let's hope the clan cats can figure it out better than we can," Bluestar replied dryly. With that, Bluestar called the meeting to an end and the three cats padded away, going in separate directions. Shadows silhouetted over the open clearing; a cold leafbare breeze smoothed the grass. Everywhere the wind whispered, "it's time".

A/N ~ Hello all, and welcome to my first story, The Last Saga. This story will focus around Dovewing and her perspective of life, but will also include other POV's as well. I've decided that I wanted to take this story down the path of Dovewing and Tigerheart, instead of Foxleap as it originally was. For those of you who have read this story within the first year of it being published, this is now an edited version with Dove X Tiger instead of Dove X Fox. Please review, as I would love to hear what my readers think! Enjoy! :) ~ SnowArabian


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