Warriors: The Last Saga

Chapter 17


Information We Can Disclose So Far

At the gathering, Tigerheart was introduced to two of his kits, Hawkpaw and Robinpaw, by Dovewing. After the gathering, Hawkpaw feels that Tigerheart's scent is familiar and that Dovewing is hiding something.

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"Jayfeather, you know that you're supposed to be curing Cherrykit's stomach ache and not supplying Poppyfrost with milk, right?" Briarpaw questioned, her voice echoing after him in the medicine cat den.

What? Jayfeather bent down to smell the herb he was carrying. Just like Briarpaw had called him out, he was carrying borage leaves instead of chervil. "Mouse dung!" The young apprentice stifled a mrrow.

The gray tabby paced angrily back into the den, a scowl present on his face. This time he took time to carefully select the correct herb. "Briarpaw, you're well enough for movement..why don't you deliver this to the nursery?" Jayfeather offered, a smug look on his face.

Briarpaw grimaced. Of course he would be the one to revenge his mistakes upon her, why did she expect any different result? "Of course, Jayfeather." Her reply was simple as she hopped off the table she had been sitting on, grabbing the herb and promptly leaving to the nursery.

Though it had been several moons since Briarpaw's injury, Jayfeather had kept the apprentice in his den. She had been allowed to go on a hunting patrol only a few days ago, but came back being carried by Lionblaze. According to the cats on patrol, she stepped on something wrong and had collapsed, the pain in her leg unbearable.

A heavy sigh escaped his mouth as he watched the apprentice. He, nor Leafpool, had no idea on how to better heal Briarpaw. She seemed to be walking fine, with only a minor limp, but if she were to collapse in pain during a battle?

Leafpool had been the one to make the executive decision that Briarpaw's resting place would be the medicine cat den for now. Jayfeather wished that the young she-cat wouldn't have to miss so much of her training, as her siblings were nearly warrior-level, but her injury prevented it. Jayfeather's scowl came back, as he contemplated his earlier mistake. It wasn't like him to be aloof or mousebrained, what was going on? A familiar scent wreathed itself around him, plunging him back into the dream he had only a few days ago.


The gray tabby slumped to the cold marble floor, conflicting thoughts rushing through his head. Only a moon ago had the white she-cat made an appearance in his dreams while pleading for help. He hadn't had the chance to discuss the possible trip to the Tribe with Firestar, but had a rather clear idea of what his answer would be.

With the forecoming battle and the Dark Forest waiting to strike, leaving ThunderClan vulnerable of their medicine cat apprentice as well as several of their strongest warriors was unthinkable. 'But if Half-Moon, and even Rock, felt the need to appear within my dreams.. It must mean something, right?'

HIs thoughts were interrupted by Briarpaw's loud exclamation of, "What's wrong with you? No offense, but you look like you were run over by a monster and then mauled by a fox."

Jayfeather could feel Briarpaw's orbs stare burning into his collapsed form, curiosity and innocence in her tone. "Oh, thank you so very much for that wonderful description. Glad to know that I look like utter mouse-dung."

Briarpaw limped over to the medicine cat, licking his ear in comfort and realizing her mistake. "Sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's just that..recently you've seemed depressed. Is everything alright?"

Though the young she-cat didn't hold a high opinion of the tom, she did feel that her current condition had contributed to his, and Leafpool's, distress lately. Besides, being around him for the majority of her days she had a limited fondness for the gray tabby.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Jayfeather sat up from his sprawled position, turning to face the apprentice with his blind orbs. "It was just a dream I had, that's all."

Briarpaw's interest was immediately gained. "A dream, really? Was it from StarClan? Why haven't you told Leafpool or Firestar yet?"

...He could almost envision her bouncing up and down with excitement.

"Yes, a dream. And no it wasn't from StarClan. I haven't told Leafpool or Firestar yet because as of now, it doesn't involve them."

"What do you mean it wasn't from StarClan? They're our ancestors after all! Couldn't Leafpool help you? She's a medicine cat, just like you…" Had Jayfeather not been blind, he would have seen the she-cat's enthusiasm turn into curiosity, her head tilting ever so slightly to the left.

Jayfeather shook his head in frustration. "There are ancestors other than ours, Briarpaw. I suppose you weren't alive during any of the Tribe journey's but —" He lashed his tail, angry that he had chosen the Tribe as an example. What a perfect example to remind himself of his inner issues!

"But..?" Briarpaw prompted, patiently awaiting his answer.

He took a quick deep breath, regaining his focus and composure. "But they have ancestors too, that don't live in StarClan. As for Leafpool, she's been under a lot of pressure and stress lately, I'd rather not burden her further."

Briarpaw nodded in agreement to his statement, accepting his crafted explanations. Seeing as the tom was already lost in thought, she meowed, "I'm going to see if I can join a border patrol or hunting patrol for later. I want to see if I feel any better, my leg hasn't been acting up lately. Bless StarClan!"

"Be careful and please, please don't injure your leg anymore than it already is."

A nod. "Of course. Bye, Jayfeather! I'm sure you'll figure out all of your problems shortly, okay?" With that, the apprentice scampered out of the medicine cat den in search of the deputy, leaving Jayfeather to drown in his own muddled thoughts.

"Lionblaze!" Jayfeather's hiss cut through the frigid leafbare air.

The golden tom pricked his ears at the sound of his name, taking a split second to pounce on a squirrel and kill it with one bite. He padded over to his brother, mouth full of squirrel fur. "Yes?"

"Go back to camp and get Dovewing. Meet me by the shore of the lake. Hurry!" Jayfeather scurried away.

Lionblaze questioned his brother's motives, wondering why the three had to go as far to meet at the shore, but shook his head. He grabbed his prey, a squirrel and a sparrow, in his mouth and bounded back to camp.

As he ran, his thoughts wandered to the topic of Cinderheart. The white she-cat had been avoiding him, more than usual, and when he caught her looking at him, he had noticed that her gaze was filled with regret.

Though he knew she was still worried about the fact that he was involved in a prophecy, he still didn't understand why she felt the need to avoid him. Firestar himself had been the sole focus of a prophecy moons ago, and Sandstorm never felt the need to be scared or leave him to his destiny. Lionblaze lashed his tail, annoyed at the stupid prophecy which had ruined his and Cinderheart's relationship.

Entering the camp, he almost crashed into the white she-cat herself but veered sharply to the right to avoid collision. Mousebrain! He cast an apologetic look at her, seeing that he had scared her, then went to deposit his catches in the fresh-kill pile.

He paced over to Dovewing who had been sitting, enjoying a mouse to herself. It seemed that lately, the pale grey she-cat had no means to socialize with the rest of the Clan. Her causes unknown, but still the very action allowed Lionblaze's protective and caring persona to take over. Though Dovewing was not officially related to him, he considered the she-cat his sister because they were so close to each other.

Softly murmured words, and Dovewing knew exactly what was happening. She scarfed down her mouse, then padded after him.

Lionblaze could feel Cinderheart's crystal gaze burning into his back, but dismissed the feeling. If she was so convinced that they would never work out because of the prophecy, then so be it. They had more things to worry about now, especially with the introduction to several new prophecies, each within a few moons of each other. The golden tom growled inwardly. 'So many prophecies! Why do our ancestors think that prophesies with solve everything?!'

Dovewing and Lionblaze arrived at the shore quickly, seeing Jayfeather sitting upon the wet sand, waves lapping at his feet. Lionblaze shivered. It was leafbare; the water must have been freezing! Jayfeather turned, aware of their presence, and waited for his companions to settle.

His voice lowered to a ragged whisper and his left paw struck the sand, leaving four claw marks in the sand.

"We need to go back to the Tribe of Rushing Water..."