Rogue tried to keep her hair out of the way as she threw up. The toilet was stinking with her stomach previous content. When she woke up less than a minute before, she barely had the time to open her eyes before bile rose in her throat. Her breathing labored, her stomach quietened, she sat with her back pressed against her containment cell's wall.

With her nail, she dug a line next to the others she made each day since her arrival. Sixty. She'd been imprisoned for the last sixty days. She'd been experienced on and tortured for sixty days. Two months.

She sighed. The X-Men probably thought her dead. She remembered a fight. She remembered getting hit. She had gashes and bruises all over her body when she came to.

And now, whatever they did to her made her sick in the stomach first thing in the morning. She remained motionless as the nurse came into her cell. She was a mutant going by the name Vertigo. She was a Marauder. Rogue knew, thanks to Gambit's memories she had absorbed in the bayou, some about Sinister and his Marauders. His psyche had been comforting and strengthening through the ordeal.

Vertigo helped her on her feet. "Happy birthday, Rogue," said Sinister's helper.

"Birthday?" Rogue's weak voice squeaked. According to her calculations it was July 5th, as she had spent two full months there.

"Indeed. Today is the first of August." She made Rogue sit down. "And as a birthday present," she chuckled darkly. "I can tell you that Sinister's procedure was a success. You are pregnant."

Everything went black as Rogue fainted.

AN: I think the AN in the end is more friendly, isn't it? Unless there are warnings, I will keep them at the end as much as possible. The idea came to me... well, the origin of this idea is mixed. Those of you familiar with X-Men: The End know that SPOILER Gambit is the clone of Sinister with a twist of Summers dna END OF SPOILER. Knowing that, and the fact that Rogue has the potential to tap into any ability she once absorbed (See Xtreme X-men) my mind pondered the following: what if Sinister focused on Rogue instead of Jean Grey, and used Gambit's genetic material instead of Cyclops to create the ROMY version of Nate Grey? Once this idea formed, my fingers went into a frenzy and typed the prologue you have up there, word for word.

I shall post three different fics in different verses. This one, Rogue's Baby, is set in X-Men: Evolution. Reaper is set in Wolverine and the X-Men and Family is set after X-Men First Class.

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