Eddie felt as if he had a heart attack when his Alert System started to go off. He waited for the loud sounds of his music to blare out and the closet door to open and for him to get beaten up by a pack of furious girls-

But all the system did was vibrate.

Eddie sighed in relief, being extra cautious not to make it too loud. After it stopped ringing, he began to type quickly.

Eddie: Too bad it was on vibrate XP

Dustin: ... I'm going to kill you in your sleep.

"Sahari, truth or dare?" Seiko asked, holding a pillow in her lap. Her breathing was normal now, since it had tightened when she began to talk about Eddie. God, he made her so nervous, and he didn't even have to be there.

"Dare!" Sahari said happily. Seiko thought for a moment.

"Okay, since APPARENTLY you infatuated with Maddie, I want to see your impersonation of her!" Seiko said in a happy tone. Sahari smirked and stood up. She pulled her pajama pants up high above her stomach, and began to talk.

"HEY YA'LL! My parents are as annoying as hell, and I say I still love Stardos, but I actually love DASTARDOS-"

"THAT TEARS IT!" Maddie shouted, tackling Sahari to the ground. Sahari laughed loudly as they wrestled.

"... Dustin, how come your hand is down your pants?" Seedos asked, making a disgusted look at the blonde 's face was still twisted in anger,still pissed off about the truth about Seiko's feelings. Eddie never paid too much attention to her before, so why would she like him, and NOT Dustin? Maybe it was his porn collection-


"Seedamor, it's called Jacking. So shut up." Dustin said bitterly. Seedos's questions didn't stop.

"Why are you jacking, what ever that is?"

"Dammit, watching two girls wrestle each other makes me- AHH!"

"Are you okay?"

"... Yup. Now I am."

"... Dustin?"

"What now?"

"... What's that white stuff on your hands?"

"... Seeds." Dustin said, his face turning a light shade pink as he wiped his hand on Seedos's shirt.

"Okay OKAY! We have a game to play!" Maxime said, pulling a laughing Maddie off of Sahari. Sahari pouted playfully.

"Oh come on Maxime. We were just about to have some fun~"

"You can do that stuff later in a bedroom. Now Sahari, it's your turn!"

"Oh fine... Leafos truth or dare?" Sahari asked, pulling her pants back down to the correct way. Leafos thought for a moment.

"Um... Dare?"

"SWEET!" Sahari yelled loudly. Leafos hung her head. This defiantly won't be good. Sahari reached into Leafos's bag and pulled out her Alert System.

"I dare you to prank call your precious Patch!" Sahari said in a baby voice. Leafos's cheeks turn bright pink.

"Wha- No!"

"You have to! It was a dare~" Sahari teased. Leafos took the Alert system shakily, biting her lower lip. She slowly dialed, and listened to it as it rang.

Patch was sound asleep, dreaming about a patient he had just saved from the wrath of Dastardos, when his Alert System blared loudly. he shot up from the bed with a startled scream, reached over and picked it up.


"I am in your closet!" A creepy voice on the other end said, and it hung up right away. Patch's eyes widened, and he shook. His head looked over at the closet, and he didn't take them off for a split second.

Leafos hung up, irritation clear on her face despite the laughter in the room.

"I could have gotten arrested for that you know!" She hissed, stuffing her alert system back into her her bag.

"Then why did you do it?" Seiko asked.

"Probably to hear his sweet voice~"

"Shut up Maddie!" Leafos said, blushing furiously.

"UGGHHHH GOD I wish I knew what they were talking about..." Dustin muttered to himself, resisting the urge to punch the glass window. Seedos shifted uncomfortably.

"Well, ask Eddie to tell you..."

"Never! He's a traitor to us now!"

"... Just because the girl you have been chasing for years now likes him and not you?"

"... YES."

"Dustin... Seed... Os?" A low voice said behind them. Dustin and Seedos spun around, and saw a drunken Sparcticus, swaying a bit side to side. Dustin's grin stretched from ear to ear. and he ran up to give the eskimo a hug.

"OH THANK GOD! Someone I can stand!" Dustin said loudly. Seedos looked offended, and made sure the girls inside didn't hear. Sparcticus rested a hand on the back of Dustin's collar, and started to pull him forward towards the house. Dustin choked.

"Hey! What are you doing? We are hiding in the bushes over there!" Dustin whispered/hissed. Sparcticus paid no mind to him, and dragged him to the doorway. He started banging on the door loudly.

"HEY! Let me go!" Dustin demanded, trying to break free of the grasp, "What are you doing? SEEDOS DO SOMETHING!" And then Seedos does what he does best-

He ran away screaming like a girl.

"Wow... THANKS A LOT!" Dustin shouted after the screams. Sparcticus continued to have a strong grip on Dustin as he banged on the door.

There was a loud thud as Maxime fell over from her handstand. She got up angrily.

"What the hell?" She complained. There was a loud banging and shouting outside, and the door frame was shaking violently. Willy shouted from upstairs.


"SHUT UP DAD THAT ISN'T US!" Maddie shouted, stomping over to the door.

I swear, if it's another stupid shenanigan I will-

At once, the door swung open, almost hitting Maddie in the face. Sparcticus staggered in, holding Dustin bridal style as he kicked and screamed.

"NO YOUR RUINING EVERYTHING PUT ME- shit..." He whispered, seeing the faces of the seriously shocked girls. He smiled goobaaishly and waved. Maddie's face turned red. Not red as if she had a crush or something, but red as in "She's pretty pissed."

"Sparcticus. How come your here with him?" Maddie asked calmly, trying not to scream. Sparcticus hiccuped.

"He was... peeping on the party..." He slurred. Dustin's jaw dropped. Now, we know he has a loud mouth, but for once, he was quiet. Maddie's face started to twist into unimaginable anger.

"Sparcticus... Put him down... I need a word with Dennis the Menace." She said through grit teeth. Without warning, Sparcticus dropped Dustin onto the floor with a loud THUD.

"OW! That was my tailbone you- EEP!" He sqeaked. Maddie had grabbed his collar and yanked him up, almost ripping his shirt.

"Hey, like, what's with all that thumping around? Are you guys, like, doing stuff without me?" Petula's voice called out.

"QUIET YOU!" Maddie shouted towards the basement door. She turned her head back to Dustin and gave him a hard shake as if he were a rag doll.

"WHAT. WERE. YOU. DOING. SPYING. ON. US." Maddie yelled out. Dustin whimpered.

"We all were..." Sparcticus slurred. Now it was Maxime was mad.

"We? Who's we?" she growled.

"UHHHH no one... EDDIE'S IN THE CLOSET!" Dustin sobbed, tears coming from his eyes. Seiko's face fell, and she covered her mouth with her hand as her lavender eyes widened. Leafos swung the closet door open, revealing Eddie in a crouched position, his alert system in his hand.

"Oh. My. God." Sahari said, looking back and forth between Seiko and Eddie. No one said anything for a while. Seiko spoke up first.

"You... Were in... there the whole... time?" She said, her voice sounding choked up. Eddie's heart sank, and he gave a slight nod. Seiko's eyes became a little wet.

"And you... heard me... say... say..." She couldn't finish. Eddie didn't respond right away.

"YEAH HE DID. HE TOLD ME ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU SAID." Dustin said loudly, smirking at Eddie. Eddie's snapped his head over the blonde boy, glaring something seriously fierce, when something else caught his attention.

The horrible sound of sobbing.

"OH MY GOD!" Seiko cried, her head in her hands.


"I-I- I have t-to go!" Seiko sobbed, racing out of the room and out the back door. Leafos ran out after her cousin, and Eddie was going to until Maxime got hold of his shirt.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" She hissed. Eddie felt himself go limp as she yanked him back over. Dustin smirked, almost proud of what he did.

Well, almost, if he hadn't made Seiko cry.

Maddie slapped him across the face.



"... Well she wasn't supposed to-"

"SHUT UP- HEY!" Maddie said as Sparcticus pushed passed her. He tumbled over to Sahari, slumping over and grabbing her in a hug, which made her scream.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" She screamed, trying to push him off. But Sparcticus held on tight.

"Sahari, p-please tell me it's not true!" He cried out. Sahari struggled to pull him off.

"What's not true?"

"That your with Maddie! Tell me it isn't true!"

"... WHAT? NO OF COURSE NOT EW! No offense Maddie."

"Non taken." Madde replied simply. Sparcticus grinned stupidly and then leaned in towards Sahari, who's eyes widened and she put her hands over his face to push him back.


"I am so relieved!" Sparcticus slurred, his voice muffled a bit by Sahari's hands, but the drunk Eskimo continued to lean it. Sahari felt herself being pushed back a little.

"AH! GET AWAY FROM ME!" She screamed. Sparcticus gently pushed her hands away as he swayed a bit.

"Please don't fight it... I lurrrrve you..." He slurred, leaning in with his tongue hanging out slightly. Sahari grabbed an empty popcorn bowl off the table and whacked him over the head.


"... Ow..." was Sparcticus's only reply. Maddie rolled her eyes.

"That's it. There's a drunk man in my house. Two idiots were spying on us. Kill them." Maddie said. Maxime smirked happily, and Sahari looked pleased with that idea. Dustin cowered a bit.

"You mean... metaphorically... right?"


"... damn."

*The Next Day*

It was the afternoon in the village, and loud groans were heard.

Sparcticus, Eddie, and Dustin were all sitting at a picnic table in town, covered in bandages and casts from the fight of the girls last night. Dustin's right arm was broken, and was in a sling over his shoulder, and he had a black eye, and a couple of bandages on his face. Eddie's right ankle was twisted, and he had bandages around his head, along with a bruised lip. He cringed when he remembered the fierce talk had, had with his dad last night after getting home from the hospital.


"I can't believe this. I just can't. Eddie, I raised you better then this! Spying on girls? You really went that low? You know, you probably did deserve that beating you got! I am so embarrassed about this! You realize the talk I'm going to have with Lottie and Willy now?" Eddie's dad ranted angrily. Eddie let out a small cry, but his throat was throbbing where Maxime had kicked.

"I'm sorry dad, but Dustin... made us go!" He said hoarsly. Eddie's dad snorted.


*End of Flashback*

Nothing-less, his ass was grounded.

Now we have Sparcticus, who was still experiencing a massive hangover. Not only that, his wrist was sprained, and Sahari wasn't easy at all on his groin. He had to waddle around like a Pengum.

"I knew this would end badly..." The eskimo muttered, getting only grunts from the other two.

"I can't believe Seedos ran away... And he didn't even get caught!" Dustin complained, glaring over at Eddie.

And God, I hate you so much... He thought angrily. Eddie glared back over.

"Glaring at me isn't going to make me go away." He growled. Dustin rolled his eyes. Eddie groaned.

"It isn't my fault, okay? I seriously didn't know you liked her, and I didn't know she liked me!" He said. Dustin took out his alert system and typed something quickly. Seconds later, Sparcticus's alert system went off, and he picked it up to take a look at it. He turned to Eddie.

"Um, Eddie?"

"Yeah Spartcicus?"

"Dustin just alerted me telling me to tell you that he's never going to speak to you again." Eddie turned his head to Dustin.

"Why can't you just tell me that?" Dustin typed another message quickly.

"... He says that's the point Cullen..." Sparcticus muttered. Eddie groaned at Dustin's insult.

"Come on Seiko... Just- No! Just get over here! You left your bags! ... Oh come on, I heard Eddie was grounded! You won't- Yes I'm- Hello?" Maddie said. She rolled her eyes and hung up on her Alert System. God, it was a disaster. Her whole slumber party was all just a big disaster. Petula showed up, her parents embarrassed her to death, Dastardos tried to make her look crazy, and Dustin got his dumbass friends together to spy on them. Now Seiko won't come to the village, Sahari won't go anywhere near Sparcticus, and Petula-

"Hey, can I like, come out of here now?"

"NO!" Maddie screamed, throwing a shoe at the basement door.

"So you just ran away?" Dastardos asked, cradling Magnar in his arms. Seedos nodded, twiddling his thumbs around.

"I just knew the girls were going to find out after Sparcticus showed up, and in no way was I going to get harassed by them because of Dustin's stupid idea!" Seedos said in his defense. Dastardos set Magnar down on the couch.

"Well, that is true. Did you learn anything?"

"Other then the fact that girls are crazy and they scream a lot, not really..."

"Eh, maybe you will next time..."

"Oh no, I will never do that again! It was wrong, and I could have gotten seriously hurt!" Seedos said, shaking his head. Dastardos rolled his eyes.


"So what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Did you learn anything? Or at least see something interesting?" Seedos asked. Dastardos gave his brother a lingering death stare, his lips parted slightly.

"No. No I didn't." He said harshly. He looked at Seedos's sleeve.

"What the hell is on your shirt?" He asked, pointing to the dried white mess. Seedos shrugged.

"Some kind of seed Dustin pulled out from his pants... After doing something... jacking I think it was called?"

"... I never want you around that kid again. Ever."