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"Fifteen hands before the game changes," announced Erasa as she grabbed the deck of cards.

"So what are we playing again?" asked Gohan nervously as he sat around the table. He was still wondering why he had been asked to wear exactly seven articles of clothing.

"Don't tell me that the words Strip Poker don't mean a thing to you?" said Sharpner slyly.

Gohan's expression could be explained as priceless. He had been told the day before to study up on the types of poker for a friendly card game but clearly Erasa was hoping that this game was going to be a little more than friendly. There had been originally six players with even numbers of boys and girls but one of the boys, Alastair, had had to pull out sick as his father had had an accident and had to be taken to the hospital. Of the players remaining there was Sharpner who seemed to be loving the fact there were more ladies then men in attendance. There was Erasa, the host, who was having trouble shuffling the cards properly as she continued to smile cheekily. Videl looked out of place as much as Gohan did, clearly she had known just about as much as Gohan had about the night. No doubt she would have rather been spending this time trying to figure out Gohan's past but maybe a friendly game of cards would show something different. Finally there was Angela, who had managed to find out about the event by pestering Alastair and once she'd found out that Gohan was going to be there, she had immediately signed herself up.

Gohan recollected what information he had read over the internet the previous night about strip poker. It was more as a query when he had seen it next to the more standard games. He didn't need to be a genius to work the maths out in his head and why Erasa had said fifteen games. Fifteen games, five people each with seven pieces of clothing, meaning thirty five pieces of clothing in total. The maths didn't look so good with at least one piece of clothing guaranteed to be lost each hand.

Erasa quickly stood up from the small table, startling most people before she walked over to a corner in the bottom of her basement where her father had set up a bar for entertaining guests. From behind the bar she pulled out a tray of drinks she had premade and brought them to the table. There were six glasses on the tray, the spare one being for the missing Alastair. "I made them myself, drink up before we begin," she said happily grabbing a glass. Sharpner, Gohan and Videl each grabbed one while Angela quickly grabbed her own and Alastair's.

"Cheers," said Angela raising her glass to the middle of the table where it was met with the rest of the glasses before they were brought to the holder's lips where they were quickly emptied. Cries of pain and agony soon followed.

"What the hell did you put in that Erasa?" shouted Sharpner as his throat burned intensely. Gohan was breathing in air deeply and Videl looked like she was about to gag while Angela quickly swallowed Alastair's portions.

"I just found a few things behind the bar that daddy never used," said Erasa innocently as an empty tequila bottle rolled around behind the bar before clanging into a half empty bottle of gin.

"None of us our eighteen Erasa," said Videl as voice returned to her throat. "Did you even mix it with anything or is it straight alcohol?" Erasa replied with a shrug of the shoulders.

"Oh well," said Erasa as she walked over to the bar and put the tray back where she found it along with her empty glass. Everybody else simply placed their empty glasses on the ground next to the seat they were sitting on. As Erasa took her seat, she began dealing out the cards after waiting a couple of minutes to explain the rules and allow the alcohol to settle.

Gohan swallowed nervously as two cards were thrown in front of him, a sign that they were playing Texas Hold 'Em poker. Gohan shook his head lightly before looking at the two cards in his hand, after having his first taste of alcohol (and a big one at that) he wasn't feeling quite at his best. Looking at his cards he saw that they were a four and a seven, hardly anything worth playing with so he folded when his turn came around. Erasa quickly explained that when the game got down to only two people, whoever's hand won when the last of the five cards were put down would keep their clothes on but whoever lost had to remove a piece of clothing. If there were more than two people than there would still be one winner but two losers, meaning twice the number of shed clothes.

The first hand quickly turned into heads up with Videl against Angela. Gohan grimaced however as with three of the five cards on the table he would have made a straight with his four and seven thus having a good chance of winning the hand. Although in doing so he would have removed a piece of clothing from either Angela or Videl or possibly even both. Gohan was quite sure in doing so there would be disastrous results but the alcohol told him that it was a good idea.

Videl won the hand with triple sixes beating Angela's pair of five's and Angela took off her cardigan and placed it in the middle of the table where all the removed clothing would go. Gohan then realised that if he didn't play a single hand he could get away without being responsible for taking anyone's clothes off and all of his clothes would stay on. His theory was crushed however as Erasa explained an important rule. "If you don't play at least one hand every five you have to take off everything."

Gohan swallowed deeply as the next hand was dealt. Looking down at his cards he saw a King and a ten, deciding that he would play along. Sharpner and Erasa decided to play as well and all three of them were in the hand as the first three cards, the flop, came down on the table courtesy of Videl's dealing. The cards revealed a nine, a four and a King. Gohan inwardly smiled, knowing that it was all about hiding one's emotions. Nobody decided to raise and the next card turned over to reveal a Jack.

"I'll raise it to two pieces of clothing," said Sharpner with a smile across his face. Gohan scowled slightly, realising that if Sharpner had raised he was confident enough that his cards could beat both Erasa's and Gohan's. Erasa instantly called and Gohan called as well since he had top pair. The final card turned over to reveal another four and Erasa flipped her cards over to show she had a pair of two's in her hand to start with. Sharpner flipped his cards over to show the Jack of diamonds and a five of clubs before Gohan flipped over the winning hand.

"Well done," congratulated Angela trying to warm up to Gohan as she scooted her chair closer to Gohan's. Sharpner grunted as he took off his jumper and a shirt underneath to reveal another shirt. He chucked them in the centre of the table and all eyes went to Erasa as she took off her cardigan and placed it in the centre. She then reached under her shirt and fiddled around for a while. Before Gohan could ask what she was reaching for she revealed her hands with a lacy frilled bra in her left hand. Gohan's cheeks turned crimson as Erasa threw her bra into the centre of the table while Videl looked on in disbelief.

Sharpner began to shuffle the cards and Gohan realised this was going to be an awkward night.


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