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Gohan continued to hammer on the door. It was a good thing it was hard wood (no pun intended), or he would have smashed through it.

"Videl just let me explain," he begged her.

"What do you want Gohan, because it's obviously not me," she replied through the door.

"I want to explain to you what happened."

This piqued her attention, but she pushed the feeling away. "I know what happened," she told him, still through the bathroom door. "You want everyone to know that you're too good for me. No girl will ever have a shot with the amazing Mr. Son Gohan!"

"That's not it at all!" he panicked.

"Oh really?" she asked with her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Then what, pray tell, did happen? Did you just want to play a friendly game of checkers? Or perhaps get me to babysit your brother while you go out with any one of those sluts in the other room."

Gohan thought for a minute. In his drunken state, this was no easy task. He did pull some ill-thought out plan together, though.

He powered up just a little. He then punched through the door, unlocked it from the inside and the opened the door. He walked towards Videl who was glaring at him. Gohan hit a figurative wall. He hadn't thought this through very well. So he said what was on his mind.

"Videl, the time in that closet…. It was… amazing. I have no other word for it. You make me feel alive. All I can think about is how invigorated I feel when I'm around you. I'm just….. I'm not ready t-to…. do what you said." Even drunk and lusty, Gohan would never completely lose his gentlemanly side.

"Why not?!" She was exasperated. This boy was so infuriating. He was so clueless. She spent her entire night trying to win him over, and he still didn't want her.

In answer to her question, Gohan replied, "I-I'm just not ready. It's too early."

Videl's mind completely switched sides. Wait. …. He does want me, just … not yet? She thought. He said that. He really said that! A smile tugged on her intoxicated lips.

"So, you do like me?" she tentatively asked.

"Yes," he told her without hesitation.

Videl couldn't wait another second. She launched herself at him with a speed that would have made Burter cry.

She planted a kiss on his lips, and then opened her mouth. After several minutes of Dancing with the Tongues, Gohan broke the kiss. Videl let her disappointment be well known with a scowl and a groan.

"Why'd you stop?" Videl demanded.

"Because I kinda want to go back to the party with you."

If Gohan had of left off those last two words, Videl would have castrated him on the spot. As it was, she smirked and told him, "Fine, as long as I'm the only one who gets to touch you."

Without thinking, Gohan said "I give you my saiyan word."

He realized his mistake after he saw Videl's look of confusion. He mentally shrugged and he pulled her out of the bathroom as if nothing unusual had happened.

When they got back to the room, they were surprised to find it empty. They heard footsteps upstairs, so they decided to see if that's where their friends had wandered off to.

"Erasa. Is that you?" Called Videl as the duo ascended the stairs.

"Viddy! We're up here." the blonde called back.

Once they reached the top of the stairs, Videl and Gohan were surprised to see everyone back in their clothes. Sharpner still had his piss-soaked pants on but he hoped no one would notice.

"What's going on?" Videl asked.

"We're going out!" Angela squealed. "Now go get dressed so we can get going."

"Where are we going?" Gohan managed to ask through his drunken state.

"We're only going to the most popular place in Satan City, The Hut!" Maya told them.

"What's The Hut?" asked Gohan. Videl just groaned.

"I thought you knew everything, Nerd Boy," sneered Sharpner. "The Hut is a club for grownups like ourselves to dance and drink the night away."

"News flash, dumbass. We need IDs to get in a club like that," Videl informed him.

"Ah ah ah," Bianca said in a hushed voice. "That shouldn't be a problem for the owner's daughter," she heavily implied.

Videl was not impressed. "You want me to sneak you all into a restricted club," she flatly stated.

"That's right," said Allison, who was clinging to Sharpner.

The regular Videl was screaming inside her, practically having a seizure. She wanted to scream at the lot of them for being so stupid. Now the new, alcoholed up Videl was going with the flow of things. Fortunately for this story, the latter was in control right now. Videl shrugged and said, "Sure."

After her and Gohan retrieved their clothes from downstairs, they got dressed then joined their friends at the front door.

"How far is the walk?" Hayley asked.

"About ten minutes," replied Erasa.

They continued walking (or rather, stumbling) in the direction Erasa told them. Gohan had to speak up.

"So what do we do at the club?"

"Don't you have any idea?" Maya asked him.

Gohan could only laugh nervously and rub the back of his neck.

"We go dancing and drink drinks and laugh and dance and have fun and dance!" screeched Angela.

"That sure is a lot of dancing," stated Gohan after his ears stopped throbbing.

"Great," huffed Videl. Now I get to make a fool outta myself in front of Gohan, she thought.

They continued walking in silence while each anticipated what they were going to do once there. Sharpner was hoping to get more than a few women drunk, Allison was hoping to get Sharpner drunk, Abby, Maya, Angela, Hayley, and Erasa were all hoping to have a slow dance with Gohan, Bianca was hoping for the same, only with Videl, Videl was hoping to avoid dancing at all and Gohan was just hoping to have a night of fun.

About halfway there, Videl stumbled as everyone kept walking. She would have fallen had it not been for Gohan's sharp, if somewhat dulled reflexes. He caught her by the shoulders just as her face was an inch from the pavement.

"Are you okay?" Gohan asked urgently.

She managed a sloppy grin. "Thanks to you, I am." She then thanked him quite thoroughly with a few seconds of making out. To keep up with the others Gohan had to carry Videl as they exchanged saliva.

Once he put her down he was surprised to see that they had stopped. They had arrived at The Hut. There was a red carpet along the wall of the building leading to the door. There was a velvet rope to prevent line cutters. There was a bouncer posted at the door. The line was so long, it stretched around the corner.

"Go on Videl, we believe in you," Bianca told her.

Videl took a deep breath, and then walked confidently towards the bouncer. He began to stop her. "Sorry, miss. But only people with tick-" he then recognized who he was talking to. "M-M-Miss. Satan! My apologies! Please, you and your friends go right ahead!"

Gohan shot her a look of admiration. He had seen many great things in his life, but Videl was something special.

They all walked past the bouncer, who made Sharpner feel a little self-conscious, and into the club.

To say the least, it was exactly what everyone except Gohan and Videl thought it would be. There was smoke everywhere, a bar off to the left, and booths to the right. The center of the floor was heavily occupied by vast amounts of contorted body parts moving to the beat of the music. Up near the far wall, there was a live band playing with amps so loud, Gohan could feel it in his gut. To the left and right of the stage, there were cages holding each a man and a woman ravishing each other while covered in neon paint under UV lights. The flashing lights around the room made the smoke appear whatever colour was on it at that point.

"What do we do now?" Gohan shouted above the music.

"Are you kiiiiiiidding?" asked Angela. Gohan had no trouble hearing her voice. "Now we dance! Come on Gohhhhhhan!" She tried to pull him away, but Videl quickly stopped this by stepping in front of her and taking Gohan's hand in her own. "Let's get something to drink."

"Okay, what do they have here?" Gohan asked nervously.

"Anything you can imagine," she purred.

They walked up to the bar and they each took a stool. "What'll it be?" The bartender asked smoothly. His hair was styled exactly like a certain popstar who a certain writer can't mention without being sued.

"Sex on the beach," Videl stated. Gohan fell off his stool at this. "Videl, I thought we talked about this!" he yelled. "Relax, Gohan, it's a drink." He calmed down at this. "Heh heh, oops." He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck.

"And you, Sir?" The bartender asked Gohan.

"Ummm…. I'll have a vodka and red bull, please."

"Coming right up, folks," he told them as he went to prepare the drinks.

Videl turned to Gohan. "So what do you think?""

Gohan couldn't find words to describe the place he was in, which was saying something considering his vocabulary. So he decided to keep it simple. "I've never been anywhere like here before."

Videl just smirked at him. "I'm sure that's true."

"Here you go, folks," the bartender set their drinks in front of them. "That'll be- free, Miss. Satan, absolutely free!" his voice became suddenly very oily. "Is there anything else I can get you? Anything at all, just ask."

"Save it," she cut him off. She and Gohan walked over to the booths on the other side of the room. It was a little difficult to weave through the dance floor without spilling their drinks or being accidentally groped, but they somehow managed it. They noticed their friends occupying a booth so they went to join them. They took the seats at the entrance to the booth, directly across from each other.

"There you two are. We were just about to go looking for you, Gohan." Abby told them, subtly shifting away Videl.

"What are those marks on your neck, Gohan?" Maya asked, noticing Gohan's hickeys from earlier.

Gohan blushed and tried to come up with a good excuse. "Ummm… well, you see….. the thing is….."

Videl decided to save him. "I gave him some hickeys while we were in the closet together."
The table suddenly became very quiet. "You what?" asked Erasa.

"I gave Gohan hickeys," she repeated.

Everyone just stared at her, except Gohan, who avoided looking at anyone. Videl just smiled a drunken smile at them.

Sharpner, trying to lighten the mood, guffawed saying, "So you're finally getting some, Nerd Boy."

Everyone except Gohan and Allison kicked him under the table for that.

"Owwww! I was just trying to break the tension!"

"Well it didn't work!" Hayley shouted at him.

Gohan sighed, glad that the attention was off of him. He couldn't help but wonder what else he was in for tonight.