To be a Pirate

A best friend.

When she'd first become a pirate, that's what Ahim had wanted. She didn't really think she'd got one...

She found one in Luka.

Gokai Yellow was her protecter, and she would always idiolize her.


Stephanie was forming her into everything Luka had taught her about being a big sister: Protective, funny, caring, and always looking out for the younger's best interest.

"You are doing great, Stephanie-chan," she smiled to the fourteen year old, who smiled happily at her neesan's approval.

"Argiatou, Ahim-san," over the past couple of months, she'd really melted away that icy layer of her the Zangyack had formed around her heart and shown how caring and sweet she was.

The two had been working on a little life together in the tiny town. They knew everyone by name and could tell you a brief description of them all, and they owned a small little shack for a home. Inside there was a twin-sized creaky, stained bed, and slow, ever-turning fan, and three windows.

It was still just right for them. Besides, they didn't stay in there long in the daytime.

In return for the mayer granting them the little house with no pay, they worked happily for the little store for commuters and the townsfolk. They were extremley hard workers, and when they weren't doing that, Gokai Pink had decided to teach the fourteen year old in the Gokaiger way.

It wasn't like her fighting style was bad. But it was too similar to the Zangyack tactics: Reckless and over-bold. She was teaching her to be more patient, and anticipate the enemy's next move. It was starting to really pay off, too.

"Huh..." the girl with the Gokai Gold Ranger Key rolled between her neesan's legs, slashing for her back, bringing her to her knees. Both females panted, shakily regaining their normal postures.

"That was very impressive," Gokai Pink hugged her, "I am so proud of you, oneechan."

"Neesan..." she cuddled into her happily, sighing in relief, "I think I like you better than Marvelous."


"Ahim-chan..." it was about to rip Luka apart with waiting for the two to return, "MARVELOUS!"

"I know they'll come through..." even the captain had been becoming less marvelous. He was pale, he dozed off almost all the time, and he even turned down eating supper a few times.

Something was very, very wrong.

"We need to find them, Marvelous," his best friend spoke, rising and heading for the wheel, "and if you don't agree..." He shook his head and grasped the wheel...the captain didn't respond.

"I'm so worried for them," Gai was getting excited for the first time in the past two months, jumping up and running to his friend's side, "we have GOT to go FAST."

"They could be in trouble..." our favorite blonde pessimist fretted, and Luka nodded.

"Well, if that's the case..." Gokai Red suddenly had that fire sparking in his eyes, "let's go find my Stephie...and Ahim-chan."


"It seems kind of quiet tonight," the former princess commented from her place on the bed. The two were curled up against the night chill, and the younger nodded and shivered lightly.

"I remember when Marvelous and I would curl up like this together...and listen to the silence of those nights," the fourteen year old recalled with a melancholy smile.


"Brrrrr..." seven year old Stephanie shivered, "n-not cool, M-Mother Na-Nature..."

Fifteen year old Marvelous chuckled a bit, sitting beside her and draping a tattered old quilt around them. He bent down to kiss the top of her head, and she giggled a little bit.

"You loooove me," she teased, and he gave her a poke on the stomach.

"Nah, you're just an annoying baby sister," he pinched her cheek, and that would've hurt if it had been anyone else.

She squealed and stood up quickly, "No I'm not!"

He laughed at her angry face and ruffled up her hair, "Yes you are. You're wittle Stephie-chan."

"Marvelous!" she shrieked as he walked off to avoid her temper tantrum, "MARVELOUS!"


"How cute!" Gokai Pink giggled lightly at the memory.

"Yeah..." the young teenager frowned a bit, "I miss Marvelous."

Squeezing her hands, the nineteen year old smiled gently, "Then is it time we go back?"



"See?" the captain smirked for the first time since the two young females had left, "I told you guys they'd come through."

"Ahim-chan!" Luka squealed, dropping down to her sister and throwing her arms around her, "you scared me so much!"

"I apologize to you all..." she bowed respectively, "mina-san, demo I have returned with Stephanie-chan."

"That's good," the first mate looked relieved to see the small princess as well, and the two younger males rushed to Stephanie.

"Are you okay?" they fretted in sync, and she smiled weakly and waterily.

"H-hai," she was weak in the knees as she stared up at her captain. Never in her life had she been so afraid of him...not even when they first met.