Title: The Rising Phoenix. Chapter: 0 - Prologue

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Ginny Potter nee Weasley

Author's Note: I came across this type of plot a while ago and thought it could be really interesting. So I decided to give it a go and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I have the whole thing done already, so I'll make sure I upload weekly, probably something like every Friday. So this story is my version of Harry being in an alternate reality. I tried to keep my main characters as close to cannon as possible, but inevitably, because of the different situations, some aren't completely true to form.

This story takes place about four years after the Battle of Hogwarts and Harry's defeat of Voldemort. Just so we can avoid confusion now, the main part of this story will take place from Harry's point of view and in an alternate reality, but it's the same Harry we've all read about and come to love. In this new reality, Voldemort isn't defeated and he's pretty much in control of everything. I'll explain more as the story progresses. Also in this story, James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Tonks (Dora), Severus, and Fred are alive. Dumbledore is not.

So if you're still confused, I'll try to make it clearer. There are several different interpretations to the theory of relativity, and according to one, there are an infinite number of alternate realities created every time you face and make a choice. So each time you make a choice, the opposite of what you decided is being played out in a different reality. This is what I'm trying to get at here. In my story, the people from one reality bring Harry from his reality into their reality. Get it? If not, just wait for the first couple chapters. If it still isn't clear, I'd be happy to explain more.

Also, this world is slightly darker because of Voldemort's reign and everything that has happened to them. As a consequence, the themes of this story are going to be darker and more serious (which is why I'm rating this story as M). I hope you enjoy reading it!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original characters!

Fifteen years ago, the world as everyone knew it, ceased to exist. It didn't die, or implode, or explode, or get hit by an asteroid as the Muggles liked to predict. It ended when one man was killed. For that one man was the only thing standing between them and complete and utter darkness. He had been old, but that never made anyone doubt his magical skill or his wisdom. He had been the final, and only, fear of a man who liked to call himself Voldemort.

Voldemort wasn't a man anymore, he was a monster. He had come to power after managing to kill the only person who had the power to defeat him. It wasn't the old man with the long white beard and twinkling eyes who had that power, it was a baby; the son of James and Lily Potter to be exact. The toddler was only two when he was killed, mercilessly, by Voldemort. When it was rumored that another could potentially have this power as well, Voldemort murdered him too.

With the only one who could truly defeat him out of the way, Voldemort had wasted no time in taking over. It had been gradual at first until all that remained was the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. The final push had been strong and completely ruthless as the Dark Lord and his followers assaulted the Ministry. He won the battle in a matter of hours – a slap in the face to the Order of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, almost all the Aurors, Hit Wizards, and Magical Law Enforcement members had been wiped out during the Battle of the Ministry. The few that survived sought shelter with the Order or went into hiding. The Order itself had been decimated in the attack as well. They were now only a third of the force that they once were. With the Ministry behind him and the Order leaderless and weak, Hogwarts was taken the next day.

Five years ago, Voldemort managed in securing his grasp on almost all the magical governments in Europe. The few that remained fought valiantly against his efforts, but were slowly tiring. As of now, Muggles still did not know of magic, but they felt the effects of it. The Muggles of England especially felt the horrors of the Death Eaters as they were the targets of Muggle Hunting and other forms of 'fun'. When Dumbledore was killed, several of the resisting wizard families gave up hope and capitulated. They feared that if they continued to resist, Voldemort would just make it worse for them later. With Dumbledore gone, the Order fell into shambles for some time until another stepped up to lead. But Voldemort operated freely in the open and declared himself king.

The prophecy was well known to this world, as it no longer applied. For once Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom had been killed, Voldemort had revealed it to the magical communities in an effort to show them that he was unstoppable. Just to be safe, he made sure that no Wizarding child born in the end of July was able to survive past their second birthday. It was believed among the masses that Voldemort had heard that prophecy, in its entirety, from Severus Snape. The Potions Master was believed to be the one who had provided Voldemort with the information needed to kill the boys. A certain family of red heads was believed to have sold Voldemort the information necessary to take over the Ministry and had a hand in killing Dumbledore. Voldemort encouraged these rumors, especially the one about the Weasleys, which made people willing to turn in any redheaded wizard or witch.

Another catastrophic and cataclysmic event occurred in the fall of Hogwarts. Without the prodigious headmaster, the school wards, protections, and professors were unable to keep the Dark Lord out. They managed to evacuate the children before all was lost, but it was a useless gesture. For once Hogwarts had been taken Voldemort made it his home along with his closest supporters. It had been made mandatory that all Wizarding children go there for school and there was only one house, Slytherin. This created two results. The seventh years who graduated the year Voldemort took over the school joined the newly christened Order of the Wolf to help fight Voldemort. Even sixth year kids joined the Order, forgoing their last year of their education to help carry on the resistance. The other effect was that Voldemort now had every child under his thumb. He ruled the school with an iron fist, and his Death Eaters tried to brainwash the children into submission. Parents tried to refuse to send their kids to the school, but between the Death Eaters who physically took the children and the quill that recorded all magical births, it was a futile gesture. Only Muggleborns were spared this fate, for Voldemort did not want them anywhere near the school.

The Order of the Wolf, rechristened and led by Barty Crouch, was the resistance to all this. Once Albus Dumbledore died, this new order stepped up their activities in an effort to take the fight to Voldemort. Crouch was hard and cruel but got the job done, or so it appeared. He was a surviving Auror from the Ministry Battle and was therefore able to command the other surviving Aurors' loyalties. He sent members out on missions almost daily but his success were outnumbered by his losses and the once swelled ranks of the Order of the Wolf were slowly diminishing.

Voldemort was pushing his control and influence out into the world. He was assured of himself that the resisting nations of Europe would soon fall and the Order of the Wolf was a mere thorn in his side with their disruptive activities. He had confidence that they too would soon be crushed under his heel.

Something needed to be done in order to pull this world back from the chaos that was reigning. Someone had to step up to lead the magical community in the fight against Voldemort. If no one in this reality could do it, then maybe someone from another reality might. Someone who had done this before. Someone who had fought and won this same battle before. Someone who could save the world while there was still time.