Title: The Rising Phoenix. Chapter: 46 - Epilogue

Main Characters: Harry Potter, Ginny Potter nee Weasley

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EPILOGUE – A year has passed since their return home

Harry and Ginny were taking a much needed break. Ever since they had gotten home, they had been busy. They had checked out Harry's bloodline and found that he was indeed the Heir of Gryffindor. They had Teddy checked as well and accepted the regency for him until he was of age. The other Heirs had come into their status as well and Ginny and Harry were busy helping them out. As they were regent for Teddy, Ginny and Harry were now officially his guardians as well. Something that Andromeda was more than happy with as she still got to see him almost just as often as before.

Ginny put her feet up and looked over at the bookcase where they had placed the items they had received from their friends a year ago. The table was still full, everyone there presently talking and laughing. Dora had a growing belly, Ginny estimated that she would probably be giving birth sometime in the next two months. Lily no longer had a belly represented so they assumed that it meant she had had her kids and they were healthy. Obviously they couldn't be represented, but sometimes, in the way James and Lily were sitting or positioned, they were holding something. Right now, Lily was laughing and had an arm cradled around an unseen bundle, sitting near Severus and Lauren who was proudly showing her hand off. Her ring hand.

"He proposed!" Ginny grinned pointing.

Harry followed Ginny's line of sight and saw what she was referring to. A smile broke out on his face as he realized that Severus had finally gotten around to proposing to Lauren. "About time! I was afraid he'd never get to it."

Ginny laughed and nodded in agreement. The door opened to reveal Ron. He looked at them in surprise. "Who proposed? I knew it wasn't Harry as he did that ages ago."

"Severus," Ginny replied grinning widely. "And I thought you had cold feet."

"Oi!" Ron protested though he was grinning.

Harry just laughed at that. "Admit it Ron, you took forever to ask Hermione to marry you."

Ron rolled his eyes. "Anyway," he started intent on changing the subject, "I came here for a reason."

"And what's that?"

"McGonagall has some questions for you about the Academy. And she has those recommendations she mentioned."

"Thank Merlin," Harry groaned in relief.

"Oh and the Wizengamot is meeting in two days. Luna said that she also got a letter saying that she is expected to attend."

Harry groaned audibly. "What on earth could they want?" It was a rhetorical question. He knew what they wanted and he detested going.

"Oh it's not that bad Harry," Ginny chided, a grim smile on her face.

"I hate bureaucrats," Harry moaned before looking over at his very pregnant wife. She was due in just a few days and they already knew what they were having by the slip of their healer's tongue. But it was kind of a blessing because they had finally settled on a name, just in time too. Very soon they would welcome James Sirius to their world and family. They were honoring not only Harry's father and godfather, but their friends from their craziest adventure yet.

"Well the meeting will be over before you know it." Ron said bracingly.

Harry looked at him in despair before shaking his head and leaning back on the couch, his gaze on the ceiling. "I think I preferred fighting Voldemort and Riddle." Harry's tone was only half joking.

There was a pause before Ron broke it. "Well, I still think that the Private Eye business would have been a good idea. Maybe we can quit this charade and start it up?" He offered.

Harry snickered at that and nodded. "We could try," he said in a hopeful tone.

Ginny swatted at the back of his head. "You have too much going on Harry," she chided. Then she started grinning wickedly, "besides, you wanted this."

"Ugh, don't remind me." Harry groaned.

Ginny caught Ron's eye, the mischievous grin on her face. "But hey, maybe we could do it Ron. Weasleys' Private Eye." She tried out the company name sounding thoughtful.

Harry turned to look at his wife, trying to see if she was kidding or not.

Ron grinned and then nodded. "Come to us if you need to find your toothbrush," Ron snickered.

Silence filled the room for a few seconds before everyone started laughing. Ron left still chuckling to himself and Harry kissed Ginny softly. All in all, he, they, were happy.

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