Anko was given an S-Class raise Naruto to be a Kunoichi as the teachers in the Academy were literally singling her out and excluding her from crucial education and training. Now with her own methods, she would make Naruto the best kunoichi, come hell or high waters! Fem!Naruto

The Mission

'Jiji...again.' Naruto, age 6 sniffled as she ran to the Hokage that early morning. 'Yuka-sensei won't let me in into class. Why won't they let me in?'

"This is the 17th time now!" the Hokage swore, as he had sent 17 teachers to Ibiki as punishment, and said 17 teachers were horribly biased towards Naruto, ensuring she won't get any education. He sighed as he comforted the crying girl before him.

'Naruto-chan, I will find you a teacher.' Sarutobi promised her. 'I decided that you no longer need the Academy.'

'Eh? Nande? Don't I need to join the Academy to become ninja?' Naruto croaked out as she looked up with her tear-stained face.

'I change my mind...and I know just the teacher!' Sarutobi smiled. 'Go home for today, I need to talk to your new sensei.'

'Um...OK but where's Inu-niisan? My fridge is empty and the stores won't let me in without him.' Naruto croaked out as she tugged on his robe. This was another thing the old man cringed about.

'Sigh...I'll send him OK?' Naruto nodded and ran off. 'Kumo, get me Anko.' Sarutobi ordered as an ANBU appeared and used Shunshin to get the aforementioned person who came twenty minutes later.

'You called, Hokage-sama?' Anko, a young Tokubetsu Jounin of 17 years spoke out as she kneeled before standing up.

'Yes. The Academy Teachers are wearing my patience thin, and abusing my trust regarding young Naruto-chan.' Sarutobi spoke coolly with anger in his eyes.

'That means this'll be the 18th woman we'll be screwin' with.' Anko grinned ferally. 'They really don't learn. Oh well, more fun for us!' she cackled nastily as she can imagine what she'd do to the 17th woman who earned the Hokage's ire.

'Indeed. Oh, and I will be assigning you an S-Rank Mission.' Anko tensed at this. 'You will be Naruto's Kunoichi Teacher till she graduates.' Anko's jaws dropped.

'E-EHHHH?' Anko yelped with wide eyes and raised eyebrows. 'Hokage-sama! What part of me screams I'm 'capable of raising kids'?' she sputtered incredulously as she waved her arms in disbelief.

'But you have the right idea about Kunoichi which is what I'm counting on. You can ask for assistance if you wish but you do realize that you'll be giving them a fourth of this salary's mission correct?' Sarutobi chuckled as Anko continued to sputter but she knew the Hokage made up his mind.

'Ehhh OK but I'm gonna do things my way.' Anko pouted. 'No questioning my methods OK? Today's Kunoichi are fuckin' pathetic, reduced to civilians just given chakra if they hadn't had shinobi backgrounds!' she scoffed. 'The last decent Kunoichi before the curriculum went downhill was Kurenai!' she complained.

'I know but times are peaceful lately and the curriculum depends on the sensei.' said Sarutobi. 'But what you report to me is a bit worrying. I will see to it myself. For now, find Naruto-chan and get to know her.'

'Uisu!' and she was gone.


At a small house Anko couldn't find the little girl in question...she found her charge in a small shack in a forest. 'Aren't you supposed to live in an apartment, Naruto?' Anko blinked as the little girl sighed.

' kicked out.' Anko swore bloody murder at this. 'So Inu-niisan had another masked friend build me this house using a jutsu, then they fixed the wiring so I have electricity.' Naruto piped up. 'For baths I have to use the river nearby.'

'Sou ka, well, I'm your new teacher from now on, Mitarashi Anko.' Anko told her. 'The Academy's worthless for you now.' Naruto's eyes widened at this and got a little afraid. Anko frowned slightly at this. 'Don't worry, I'm not gonna send you away.' Naruto beamed at this. 'Come on kiddo, we'll get started with a training trip. We ain't gonna be here till you're 12 years old!'