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Her head rested against his chest, her body nestled between his legs, his thighs wrapped tightly around her. She let her eyes flutter closed as she felt his hands slipping down her arms to wrap around her waist.

He gave her a squeeze, kissed the top of her head, and felt her relax deeper into his hold, which made him smile as he kissed her head again.

They were pretending to watch some documentary on the television, their eyes focused on the screen but their thoughts so clearly on nothing but each other.

He traced the waistband of her sweatpants with his fingers, smirking as he moved his head. He bent it slightly to nip and suck at her neck.

A soft moan left her parted lips, and her back arched slightly when he worked his hand down into her pants. "El," she whispered, involuntarily spreading her legs for him, "God, the kids are…"

"Asleep," he finished for her. He grazed her slick skin, moaned into her ear, and pressed two of his thick fingers into her. "You feel so good," he breathed against her, biting her ear lobe.

The moan that left her now was louder, lower, and she let her head fall to her left, opening her neck to him. "Two in the morning," she mumbled, but any cohesive thought that may have followed was lost when he began to twist his fingers.

"Don't care," he whispered, and he grunted when he felt her fingers dig into his thighs, her nails cutting into his skin. He groaned, pumping his fingers faster as she began to rock against him.

She moved, meeting every thrust of his fingers, rubbing and grinding into him. She felt him, hard and thick at the small of her back, as he started to move with her. "El," she whined, turning her head and craning it to look at him.

"Yeah," he nodded, "I know." He covered her mouth with his, pushed another finger into her, and held her against him tightly with his free arm.

Her nails dug deeper into his legs, she whimpered against his mouth.

He twisted his wrist, working his fingers deeper and faster, and thrust his body against hers in a vain attempt to get closer despite the clothes separating them. He grunted again, the noise swallowed by their kiss, and shivered as he felt her begin to tense and tighten.

She shook her head, though, moaning in protest, trying to pull away from him. "El, please," she begged him.

"What?" he asked, breathless, "What's wrong?"

"Need you," she told him, biting and pulling at his bottom lip. "All of you." She looked into his eyes, her almost black gaze settled on him.

He understood her, and without pulling his hand away from her, he gripped her tight and rose from the couch, then carried her into the bedroom. He regretfully pulled his lips away from hers as he laid her on the bed, crawling over her as his free hand ushered her black sweatpants over her hips. He moaned at the sight of his hand working and thrusting into her.

It took some tricky positioning, but she managed to peel off his shirt without much hassle, and she gladly arched her back so he could get her top off, then, too. There was a moment of silent stillness, then she nearly growled when he thrust his fingers back into her.

"God, baby," he grumbled, still looming over her. His thumb swept over her clit, and he relished in the way her body jerked and her voice broke into tiny whimpers. He rubbed her clit hard and fast for a few moments before slowing his teasing fingers and smiling at her. "Not yet," he whispered.

She reached for him, pulling at his plaid boxers, eager to get them off of his body. Her eyes were glued to his, her breath was rapid and short and she let out a soft grunt when she tossed the cotton shorts across the room. She grinned when she saw him smirk at her, and a small laugh escaped when he bent his head to kiss her again.

He held his breath when she slid her legs over him, caressing his shins with hers, asking him to give her what she so desperately wanted. He moaned when her right hand found his, pulled him away from her, and her left began to stroke his length. He pulled away from her to peer down, holding her gaze as he maneuvered his body and lined up at her entrance. "Liv," he said in a whisper, biting his lip.

"What?" Her question came with a soft moan, her fingertips grazing the skin of his arms. "El, don't…"

His lips cut off her words, he thrust into her fast, deeply. He moaned against her mouth, starting a slow rhythm and winding his arms around her. He mumbled something but it was lost in their kiss.

Somewhere in the house, her cell phone rang, a blaring tone that went right through her. "No," she complained, her hands curling around his ass as he pumped into her. "Not now," she spat.

He grunted and sped up, hitting into her with force, his skin slapping against hers. "Shit," he hissed, dropping his head and pressing it against hers. "Come on, baby," he breathed, kissing her.

She whimpered, rolling her eyes both in pleasure and annoyance at the chirping phone in the living room. "God, El," she moaned, her body starting to shake.

Pressed for time, he caught her lower lip between his teeth and nipped as his left hand snaked between their bodies to seek out her clit. "Fucking…cum…" he grunted, wiggling the pad of his middle finger over the swollen nub.

"Oh, my God," she cried, her back arching off of the mattress. Feeling the heat course through her body, she craned her neck to kiss him harder, screaming into his mouth when her muscles clenched around him.

"Fuck," he cursed, trying to move faster still as he heard his phone ring with hers. "Yeah, baby, come on," he said softly, his fingers still circling her clit as he felt his own release start to creep up on him. "Oh, God, Liv," he growled, then he kissed her and felt her tighten, clamping down on him.

Her back flew off of the bed, her nails cut deeper into his skin, she moaned into his mouth as she shook in his arms.

He thrust until he absolutely couldn't get through her tightness, and he let go, stilling, shivering and shuddering as he spurted into her.

She struggled to breathe beneath him, letting the waves roll through her, keeping her lips on his, unwilling to part yet. Finally, she pulled back from him, and in rushed words with heavy breaths, she said, "Phone, shit."

He laughed, kissed her forehead, and nuzzled her nose with his for a moment. "Yeah, we should get up."

She nodded as he rolled off of her, then took a deep breath as she moved to follow him up and toward the closet. As she pawed through her clothes, it hit her. This was his closet, in his bedroom, and it was half-filled with her things. Her blazers mixed with his suits, her shoes sat in piles with his, and it all hit her at once that she was now half of something real, something permanent. "El?"

"Hmm?" he answered, still panting, pulling on a black button-down shirt.

She turned her head as she pulled a pair of brown pants off of a hanger. "Yes," she said, nodding once at him.

He furrowed his brow as he tugged on the black pants he'd stepped into. "Yes?" he asked. "What was the question?"

She pulled a blouse over her head, adjusting the straps of the bra she'd slipped on beneath it. "You haven't asked me yet," she told him, fluffing out her hair before pulling it up into a ponytail, "But when you do, yes." She kissed him, despite his frozen confused face, and walked out of the bedroom to answer her phone, which had started to ring again.

It took him a long moment to process it, but once he did, he smiled. He clapped his hands together, rubbed them in anticipation, and looked up at the ceiling. He smiled, a silent thank you to God for answering his prayers, and he walked out, catching up to his partner.

She reached for the doorknob, but looked up when he cupped his hand over hers, stopping her. "What?"

"I'm just…" he sighed and blinked at her. "Thank you for…letting yourself fall."

"I knew you'd catch me," she said with a wink, then she kissed him and opened the door.

He watched her leave, closed his eyes, said another quiet 'thank you' to no one, and followed her. He knew it would be a long night, but knew what waited for him afterward was well worth the work, because he'd fallen just as hard and fast as she had, just like a cannonball.

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