Chapter 10

Sammy's POV

"How do I look?" I asked Casey as I slid off the bed. I smoothed my dress again and fixed my hair.

"Sammy, you look fine. As always." Casey reassured me, while putting a stray strand of hair behind my ear. Then he cupped my cheek. "You don't have to fuss about your appearance." He said.

I nodded and smiled slightly. Casey smiled back and trailed his hand down my arm to get to my hand, making me shiver at his warmth touch.

Marissa and Billy left first. I took a deep breath and walked into the living room with Casey. Holly and Dot were standing off to the side next to the tv. While the adults and my sister were on the couch. My mom had her arm around my sister's shoulder in a little sideways hug. I internally scowled at that.

"Samantha, you're awake." Grams exclaimed and rushed up to hug me. I hugged back but pulled away quickly. My father stood up, and stared at me. Gosh, it was really awkward.

"So.. I guess your mom has never told you about me." He said slowly. I shook my head.

"Thats the understatement of the century." I replied and glared at Lana.

"So you probably didn't know that you had a twin sister either." He nodded in understanding. I nodded back. "Well, I'm Justin. And as you know I'm your father." He said kinda awkwardly.

Then I did the unexpected. I ran up and hugged my father. Really tightly. He hugged me back, and it didn't seem as awkward as I thought hugging him would be. I smiled into the hug.

"Hey, what about me?" A voice said from behind my dad. We broke apart and I looked behind him to see who it was. Huh, my sister wanted a hug?

"Right, uh Samantha, this is your sister, Alexandra" He said gesturing to her.

"Daaaaad!" Alexandra whined. Do I seriously sound like that when I whine? Oh God. She turned to me ad smiled. "Don't listen to him. My name might be Alexandra but I like to be called Alex. It suits me better."

"Hm. You look like the sporty type. So I guess it does suit you." I half smiled back politely. "I like to be called Sammy. Samantha is just too girly." I wrinkled my nose at the name Samantha.

Alex's eyes widened, before she smiled widely at me. "I know right. Dad?" My sister turned to him. "Who named us anyway?"

Our father chuckled and pointed at Lana. "It was all your mother's idea."

I turned to her. "Nice going, mom." I said sarcastically. Me and my sister high fived and started laughing. Hey, maybe having a sister could be fun.

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