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Her finger tips danced up his bare stomach, making it jump as they made out. His breathing increased as they traveled up his chest and circled his nipples. He groaned when they started their way back down him. She was the only one who got to see him shirtless. She was the only one who never cared about his scars or how bad his childhood had been. She touched him like the marks weren't littered across his upper body.

" Daryl." She whispered against his lips. Her hands moved to his hips then around to his ass were they started gripping him hard. She was forcing him to move harder and deeper into her. She moaned loudly as she turned her head.

" You best stop doin that." He warned. " Or this ain't gonna last much longer."

" Close!" She moaned out. His breath was hot and fast against her cheek. She was squeezing her eyes shut. When she started moving her hips faster it forced him to readjust his thrusts.

" Sage!" He warned again. He was too close. Even if she slowed down right than, he was going to cum inside her in moments. She was too warm, too wet and it felt too good for him to hold back much longer.

Suddenly, her legs tighten on his. Her hands flew up to his hair. She pulled it as her back arched. She cried out her orgasm but he only had a few seconds to enjoy it before his own slammed into him. He pushed into her hard until he was completely inside her. His muscles tensed as her little body trembled. He grunted as he came.

When they came down, he slowly lowed himself on top of her. His head came to rest against her chest. He could hear her heart racing. Her arms came around his shoulders. They both fell silent. This was going to be their last time together. She was leaving, moving from Atlanta, Georgia, to Ohio to start her dream job as a art teacher. He had come over to pick up the last of his stuff. She had asked him to come with her, had even begged him but he had said no. He had been pissed that she had applied and accepted the job without talking to him first.

They had been together for a year and a half. If she had been thinking about making such a life changing decision she should have included him on it first. The night she told him she was going to be leaving in a month, Daryl had exploded on her without hearing the full story. He had started yelling, asking her how she could do that to them. Sage had tried to calm him down, had tried to tell him what she really wanted but he took off. His short temper had gotten the best of him, again.

He had been so pissed that he had let Merle talk him into going to a strip club later that night. Sage had a friend who worked at the club. He was sure that was how Sage found out he was there. Merle had bought him a private lap dance. The stripper had taken Daryl's hand and led him to a back room. He hadn't really been paying attention to the stripper as she swayed her hips in front of him. She was completely naked but he hardly noticed. He had been gripping his beer in one hand while his other hand gripped the chair's arm. His mouth had been tight and his eyes unfocused. The stripper had leaned down and took a hold of Daryl's face. She straddled his lap and started working her hips against his when Sage walked in.

The music had been loud and at first neither Daryl or the stripper had seen her. Daryl's eyes had just shifted to Sage on accident. She looked like she was going to throw up. All the color had drained from her face. Daryl didn't even bother to stop the stripper from grinding on him. Sage's hand came to her mouth a few seconds before she backed out of the room, closing the door behind her as the stripper rubbed her tits in Daryl's face.

A few weeks later he had showed up at her place to get his stuff. She was going to be leaving the next day. His pride had kept him from calling her before. His hurt feelings about her leaving had stopped him from going to see her sooner. It was when she handed over his stuff that Sage had told him she had wanted him to move with her. She had even contacted a few construction places and had arranged interviews for him. Daryl's heart had dropped to the floor when she told him that.

Then she had started to cry, saying she couldn't believe what she had seen at the strip club. He had stood up, his mouth tight, his jaws clutched as he listened. Once again, his own pride stopping him from speaking. It stopped him from saying he was sorry. To his surprise, when she was done crying, Sage had come into him and hugged him. Her arms went around him and squeezed him. Slowly, Daryl's right hand went into her long hair. His left hand came up to tilt her head so he could look into her eyes. The next thing he knew, they were making out and backing up to her bed room.

Sage shifted underneath him, bring him back to the present. He was embarrassed by his behavior and wouldn't meet her eyes. He moved to her side. They gave each other their backs and both started getting dressed at the same time. He was sure she was crying again but he wouldn't turn around. He was standing and buttoning his shirt up when he glanced behind him. Sage was wearing her shirt and panties while she sat on her bed. Her head was in her hands. He turned back around and squinted his eyes. He shook his head.

" Be careful." He said softly. Sage closed her eyes and dropped her hands. She knew better than to want more from him. Daryl was a man of little words.

" You too." She whispered. Daryl stared at her wall.

' Tell her you're sorry.' He said to himself. He swallowed hard.

" I hope the job works out." Was all he said. He looked down at his shirt as he started playing with the buttons.

" Thanks." She said.

" I should go. Merle's waitin outside." He said.

It was a lie. Merle wasn't waiting for him, he just need to get out of there. He was in danger of begging her to take him back, begging her to let him come with her. With her gone, there was nothing there for him anymore. He dropped his hands and raised his head to stare at her wall again. His shoulders tighten and his jaws clutched. He harden up in that instant. Daryl shook himself and walked out of her room, out of her life.


The next day he came early and parked his truck far enough away that she wouldn't see him. He gripped his steering wheel as he watched her pack up her car. When her last bag was packed, she got into the car but didn't start it up right away. He frowned as he watched her rest her head against her steering wheel. He was sure she was crying. After a few minutes, Sage sat up straight. Her hands swept over her cheeks quickly. She shook her head, started up her car, and drove away.

She drove away from him and he let her. He could have stopped her but he didn't. He cursed himself. He cursed his pride and his stupid mistake. Why hadn't he just said he was sorry? Why had he let his temper rule him and control him? He had let the best thing that had ever happen to him just drive away. He shook his head and started up his truck. He was going to go home and drink until he threw up or passed out.

Little did he know that a year and a half later, the world would fall apart and he'd lose his brother too.