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" She ain't your wife and that little girl ain't your daughter." Daryl spit out. " Is she was, why would you let her be treated like that? And what the hell kind of man rapes his wife?" Mike just laughed.

" Well you, of all people, know that she likes it rough." He said. " Come on, Daryl. I'll gladly share her with you. You can watch while I fuck her or eat her out and I'll watch while you do it."

" You shut your mouth! Don't say that shit about her!" Daryl yelled.

" Calm down, son. He's trying to get under your skin." Dale said softly.

" So I'm guessing Shane told you of my plan, that's why you're all waiting here for me." Mike said casually. " But I have been doing some thinking about changing things. I don't think it's a good idea to keep that boy alive. I think he might try and attack you for killing his dad and fucking his mom." Shane glanced to Rick then back at Mike.

" What are you talking about?" Rick asked.

" Oh he didn't tell you everything?" Mike pretended like he was surprised. He even chuckled. " Well, Shane was going to kill you, Rick, and take Lori for himself. He was going to raise your son as his own." Rick's breath changed but his aim stayed strong. Every man on his side was aimed at a man on Mike's side. Rick was taking slow deep breaths as his anger started flowing through him. Mike smiled again.

" What makes you think we are going to let you take these women with you?" Herschel asked. He even had a gun up and aimed. Everyone of Mike's men had a gun up but Mike, who was standing in the middle of his group with a cocky smile.

" Look, we are all men here, right? We all have sexual needs and you have to admit, women are hard to come by. The way I see it, only Rick and Daryl get to sleep with a warm body every night. Now how is that fair? What if we share them? Daryl and I will share Sage, Shane and Rick will have Lori and the rest you guys can figure it out." Mike suggested. Rick tilted his head then slowly nodded.

" I think we might be able to work something out." Rick said. There was a collective draw of breath through his group.

" Rick." Both Herschel and Dale said.

" Dog." T-Dog said.

" Are you fuckin crazy?" Daryl snapped.

" I'm coming forward to shake on it." Rick said. Mike's smile grew and he nodded. " I'm not going to lower my weapon because your men have their guns up." Rick started forward.

" We ain't doin this!" Daryl yelled.

" Let me handle this, Daryl." Rick said between clutched teeth. He extended his left hand as his right hand was still on the trigger. Mike's left hand came up. The two men clasped hands and shook. Before anyone could react, Rick yanked Mike forward so the barrel of his gun was on the man's forehead and pulled the trigger. Mike's head snapped back. On impulse Rick's group opened fire.


" Listen!" Andrea hissed. Carl and Sammie were the only ones sleeping. The women crept up to the stairs. Andrea and Sage looked at each other.

" What is that?" Maggie whispered.

" Gun fire." Sage whispered as her stomach dropped. She swallowed then faced the women. " We aren't defenseless. Sammie grabbed a gun, it's under the cot."

" What is with this girl and guns?" Lori asked.

" She's smart." Andrea said as she reached behind her. She pulled out her gun. " And so am I. They make it in here and we will take out as many as we can."


What seemed like hours went by. The women slept in shifts but no more noises were heard. They couldn't hear anyone talking or any more gun fire. They were debating together on if they should just open the doors and see what happen or wait it out. Andrea wanted to threw open the doors and go out guns blazing but the other women were worried. Finally they decided that Andrea and Sage would go out as they were more comfortable with guns. They were just starting up the steps when a heavy pounding the door shrunk them back.

" Sage!" Daryl called out. Sage's heart jumped and tears sprung to her eyes. She flew up the stairs and yanked the lock free. She pushed at the heavy doors as he pulled them open. The morning light was just starting to shine, making Sage shield her eyes and squint. " It's over." Daryl said.

Part of his hair was matted to his head with sweat and part of it was sticking up. His pants were covered in dirt and his shirt had sweat stains on it. It was sticking to his chest in places. He looked worn down and tired. His arms were covered in blood, sweat and dirt. She took him in for a few seconds before she spoke.

" There's blood on you." He nodded.

" It ain't mine. He said. " Come on, let's get you out of there."


The next few day things in the camp seemed to settling down. Shane was keeping his distance from every one. Some members of the group offered him small smiles which he returned. A few polite comments were made to him. Daryl wasn't allowing Sage or Sammie to go near him. Rick was making Lori and Carol stay away from him and wasn't talking to him. Sage was still sleeping in the RV but Sammie was starting to spend more and more time with Carol. Sammie would talk with Daryl but she was still shy with the other men so they tried to stay away from her. None of the men were talking about what happen and were not letting the women go to the far end of the one of the fields.

" Are we going to talk about it?" Sage asked as she and Daryl strolled through the camp. Carol was helping Sammie cut up some vegetables. Sage's fingers were interlaced with his but she was looking at the girl.

" No." Daryl said. He was looking straight forward.

" Why not?" She asked. He sighed and pulled her closer him.

" Ain't important, Babe. Just know that he ain't ever comin back." He said.

" I know that. He's dead." She said, making him look at her quickly. Sage glanced up at him then in front of them again. " Don't look so shocked, Daryl. You showed up at the cellar with dirt and blood on you. Now none of you guys will let us go to the far end of the field." Daryl sighed and looked straight head of them. " That's where you guys buried them, right?" Daryl nodded.

" Rick shot Mike." He said, dropping his voice. " Walked right up to him and shot him in the head."

" And did you shoot anyone?" When Daryl didn't talk, Sage pulled her hand away from his and put her arm around his waist. She rested her head against his chest. Her left hand came up and started playing with the buttons on his shirt.

" I don't want you to think differently bout me." He said, his voice gruff.

" I'm not." Sage commented. He sighed.

" I shot one, hit him in the chest. We acted to fast for them to react. Mike said we could share you, said I could watch while he fucked you and ate you out." His left arm was around her shoulders and tighten without him thinking. " I wanted to beat him to death. Can't stand the thought of him doin that to you."

" He didn't. He never put his mouth on me. He never even kissed me." She said. Daryl rubbed his chin against the top of her head.

" We loaded them into that old truck and buried them. We had to clean up their blood before we came and got you." Sage stopped walking, forcing him to stop as well. She put her hands on his chest as she stared into his eyes. She slipped them up his chest and to his neck. He let her pull his face down were she gently kissed him.

" I love you." She whispered.


Daryl walked Sammie and Sage back to the RV when it was bed time. He waited while Sage got Sammie settled in then hugged and kissed his girlfriend good night. Right then he was slowly making his way back to his tent. He sighed as he walked with his head down. Being away from her was killing him. They had only been able to sneak off into the woods twice and both times, he had had to take her quickly so they weren't away from Sammie for long. It wasn't his favorite way. He kind of liked taking things slow with her. He liked making her moan and beg for him.

' Knock it the fuck off.' He growled to himself. He glanced around, making sure no one could see him then reached down and adjusted his hard dick.

" Daryl!" He heard her call out. Daryl frowned and stopped walking. He turned around to see her running towards him. He only had a second to react before she launched herself at him, jumped straight into his arms. He stumbled back as he grabbed her.

" What the hell are you doin?" He asked. She grabbed his face and kissed him hard. Her arms were tight around his neck, his were under her ass.

" Take me bed, redneck." She whispered against his neck.

" What?" He asked.

" Sammie released me for the night. She wants to try and sleep in the RV with just her and Carol. Take me to bed!" Sage said. Daryl whipped around and all but ran to his tent, making her laugh into his neck.


Daryl was flat on his back with Sage over him. She was straddling him and he was gripping her hips. His head was tilted back as she rode him slow and deep. His eyes were closed and he was biting his lip on the left side. She had one hand on his chest while the other was resting against his thigh, behind her. She was moaning. He thrust his hips up and down as she moved with him. Daryl raised his head and opened his eyes.

" Oh fuckin hell." He groaned out, low and long. It had been a while since he had seen her naked. His head dropped back down again. " Oh fuckin hell!" He groaned. Sage leaned forward with both hands planted on either side of his head. She rocked hard against him. " You gotta go! I ain't gonna last!" Her hands came to his shoulders and her fingers bit into him. Her body started to tremble.

' Thank God!' He yelled in his mind.

He bend forward with the force of his orgasm. His hands slipped down to her ass and he squeezed her hard. His body was seized up, his arms and legs locking as he jerked deep inside her. Her back arched like a cat. Finally, when it started to end, he fell back. His arms went out straight and his legs dropped to the floor of his tent. He was sweating and panting hard. She collapsed onto of his chest

" Holy fucking shit that was good." She breathed out. He nodded with his eyes closed. They both were trying hard to control their breathing.

" Think you gonna be able to sleep here tomorrow night?" He asked.

" We better take it night by night, you know?" Sage said.

" I figured you'd say as much. You best plan on gettin up early then cuz I want it like this again." He said. Sage laughed as he started to slip out of her.

" I think things are going to get better now. She's starting to come around, getting more independent, I should be able to move back in with you soon." She said.

" Girl's doin real good. She been talkin to me bout shit. I just listen cuz she must need to talk if she's comin to me." Daryl said. She smiled with her eyes closed.

" Everything is going to be fine now." She said.

The end