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Chapter 2: Aftermath

            I woke up to the sun shining in my face. It was warm. I shook myself and bounded off towards the bedroom where master is. I wanted to see if I could wake him up so he could make breakfast for us. When I got there, I saw that the door was locked, but I was small enough to fit through the poke-flap cut in the bottom of the door. I had to wriggle a bit, but I managed to squeeze in.

            The heavy black drapes were still closed, so I gathered that he was still asleep. I noticed Pikachu sleeping in a basket with her two baby pichus, while Chikorita and Bulbasaur were occupying a pile of cushions. Apparently, they were all still asleep. Some of the Zubats had already returned and were snoozing, hanging upside down by their claws.

            I jumped onto the bed. Master was still sleeping. It wasn't that early in the morning, so I assumed that it was okay to wake him up. I licked his face.

            He blinked and slowly opened his eyes. "Eevee?" Of course, it sounded garbled because he was not fully awake yet, but I guessed that was what he said.

            (I'm hungry!) I announced.

            He smiled fondly. Very well. Jynx? Can you come over here? A minute later, Jynx waddled in.


            Please fix Eevee some breakfast. Jynx nodded and led me out. As I left, I saw that master had fallen asleep again. I laughed a little bit.

            Jynx handed me a plate of bacon, eggs, and poke chow. Is this good enough?

            Yep! I said.

            Some time later, Ash came downstairs, dressed in his usual black pants and black shirt. He wasn't wearing any of his black-and-gold armor, or his wings, or the tail feathers and bird talons either. Pikachu was perched on his shoulder.

            (Hi, Eevee? The food good?)

            (YEP!) I said enthusiastically. The food had been delicious, as always. I could never understand how the pantries and refrigerators were magicked, but it was awfully convenient. I spotted Squirtle pouring himself a bowl of cereal topped with apple slices and caramel sauce. Bulbasaur was out on the lawn, munching grass to her heart's content, while Chikorita was up in an apple tree.

            I yawned. When is Misty going to leave?

            As soon as I can force her out. Ash said. I don't like her here.

            Me neither.

            Pikachu nodded. (I don't know why she likes me.)

            "You're cute?" Master asked, tickling her.

            Pikachu lightly shocked him.

            "Well, it's a reasonable question."

            I shrugged and ran out to play.

            Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Vulpix, and brother Jolteon had started a game of tag.

            (Can I play?)

            (Of course!) Vulpix said, sweetly. Her eyes sparkled. (The more, the merrier!)

            The others agreed without a second thought.

            (So who will be it first?) Bulbasaur asked.

            (Me!) Squirtle said.

            (Okay! Close you eyes and count to ten.)

            (Gotcha. One, two, three… TEN!)

            I quickly dove into the bushes. He wouldn't be able to see me from here.

            Soon, I heard the crackle of electricity. I peeked out and saw that Squirtle had clamped onto Jolteon's leg with his mouth, and so he was shocking him.

            But it wasn't doing any good.

            (Fine. I'm the catcher next!) Jolteon said. (You guys better watch out!)

            I heard a giggle from nearby. Bulbasaur was curled up against the roots of an apple tree. She was camouflaged very well.

            I stayed hidden until Vulpix used Ember on the bushes.


            (I found you!) She tagged me. (You're it!)

            (Okay!) I ran after the fleeing Squirtle, but I tripped over Bulbasaur, so I tagged her instead.

            The sun was partway up in the sky when I heard the red haired one's voice. She was arguing with master again.

            "Are you blind, Misty, this is Not your Vaporeon!"

            "Of course it is! Are you accusing me of not recognizing my own pokemon?"

            "Yes." Ash said.

            "Listen, just give me Vaporeon back and I won't turn you in to the authorities!"

            Master's anger vibrated through our telepathic bond.

            "I said no already."

            "Fine then! I'll just take her myself! Go, Starmie! Thunderbolt!"

            We all looked up from our play, slightly worried.

            (I hope master doesn't get hurt.) Vulpix said. She looked troubled.

            (Me too.) I said. (Me too.)

            Surprisingly, or not so, the attack came from the very pokemon she was trying to capture. With a loud cry, Vaporeon launched herself at the Starmie and clamped down with a Bite Attack.

            "Starmie, Thunderbolt, now!"

            Vaporeon didn't' budge. She was wearing a Metal Coat, so the electricity hardly did any damage.

            I cheered silently.

            Bulbasaur and Squirtle waddled up. (Go away! We don't want you here!) They told her.

            (You're just a mean trainer!) Squirtle added.

            Misty looked frustrated. "Grr…" She grabbed Vaporeon sister, who used Ice Beam and froze her to the floor.

            Master chuckled quietly.

            "Get me out of here!" The red haired terror screamed.

            Master pulled an odd metal item out of his pockets and pointed it at her. It shot fire and defrosted her. However, it also ruined her blue outer coverings. That made her even angrier.

            "You're such a klutz, Ash Ketchum!" She shouted.

            "Would you have rather stayed frozen?" Master asked serenely.

            "You could have been more careful!"

            Master shrugged. "Yes, well, as you can see, Vaporeon does not wish to go with you. So I suggest you leave this island."

            "Make me!" She simpered.

            Master looked angry. He pulled another poke ball bead off his belt. "That's it. I'm warning you Misty, leave now."

            "Never! Not until I get my Vaporeon back!"

            "It doesn't like you."

            "I don't care! It's mine! You stole it!"

            Master was getting quite angry now. "Ariados, go."

            Ariados popped out and clicked his claws.

            Former mistress suddenly turned blue and purple.

            'AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It's a bug!" She screamed, dashing off.

            Master smiled.

            Ariados looked offended. (I am handsome and powerful.)

            (Misty is scared of bugs.) Master told him.

            (Oh. I see.) He stretched a bit and went off to find some food.

            (What if she comes back?) I asked.

            Master knelt down next to me. "Watch." He said. He pulled a tiny silver sun-shaped mirror out of his pocket.

            "Reveal." He said. The mirror suddenly swirled with gray light. I peered in. Former mistress was now rowing away from the island as fast as she could.

            As I watched, Lapras stuck her head out of the water. She began churning rapidly, creating whirlpools all around.

            (Oh! I see!)

            "Yes. I have several protections around this island." Master said. "First, the whirlpools, then the water pokemon themselves, then the six magic barriers."


            My tummy rumbled, reminding me that I was kind of hungry.

            Master smiled. "Let's go have lunch."

            I wagged my tail happily and followed him inside.

End Chapter 2!

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