She's wicked in a way,

Bringing all those ills.

Sickness, death, poverty, hopelessness,

The leak from her skin.

Frost glistening on the outside,

No better on the inside.


Glistening from her heart,

Where her mercy and forgiveness and love and caring use to lie.

Her mortality dried up,

With battles of many.

She wonders if this is what happened to the last Winter Queen.

Heart turned as hard as ice.

But then she has some lovely in her to.




Quiet shows of affection with the one she loves.

Snow falling from the sky,


So painfully slow.

An icicle glistening at just the right angle,

A rainbow showering from the makeshift prism.

It reminds the fey of summer.

A beautiful face,

A deadly quick mind.

Wicked Lovely,

Don't you think?

With her lives the old Summer King,

The one who left it all for her.

She never did learn the truth though,

How he asked the Summer before her,

Only left when she declined.

He still loves her,

Though he's quieter now.

Can't imagine frolicking under the rays of sun,

Dancing all night to the tune of passion.

The Summer Queen does do this,

Hardly sleeps at all these days.

The sun shining from her skin,

Warmth coming from her eyes.

Her mortal turned fairy lover,

Remains in the other world these days.

She mourns his loss,

Yet her court still celebrates.

I'm new to this section of the site so take it easy on me.

As you can tell I like Donia an awful lot.

-Jay Foren