My head pounded.

Even with my eyes closed it felt bright. Too bright for me to handle.

My throat felt dry, like sand paper when I swallowed.

There was a horrible taste in my mouth.

God, my head hurt.

And where was all that light coming from, for Christ sakes!

Only then was I aware that my body seemed to be gently rising and falling. What in the world…? I groaned softly in my sleepy haze, frowning and trying to go back to sleep. I was comfortable and judging from my head, it wasn't time for me to be awake yet. There seemed to be a sort of low, reverberating, barely audible growl coming from under me and my head jerked up, eyes snapping open when it dawned on me that my bed didn't make sounds.

Logan was lying on his back, one arm behind his head, and the other wrapped around my waist firmly, his fingers grazing the skin of my hip where the shirt had ridden up past my underwear. A blanket covered us both and I was sprawled on his chest, one leg wrapped around one of his own. We were lying together very intimately and a warm blush heated my cheeks as I looked up at him from his chest, wondering if maybe I could untangle myself from him while he was still asleep, but my eyes locked with dark black ones and I knew there was no chance of that. I blushed even more.

"Um…hi?" I offered weakly, slowly pushing myself up from his chest and looked at him, unable to move any further with his arm around me. God, was that my voice? It sounded terrible, all raspy and dry. His eyes dropped down before shooting back up almost immediately and I looked down. Oh, God, I was wearing his shirt. I was wearing his freaking shirt! And because it was big on me, the neckline dropped right down and if you looked, you'd see my breasts, which were uncovered. Where was my bra? Better question; why did I have no bra on? Oh my God, what happened last night? My head hurt so bad, if only I could remember over the pounding. Suddenly he jerked his arm off me, like he only just realised what I was waiting for and I rolled off him, untangling our legs. Cooler air hit me and I noticed how warm I had been on Logan, how content. "Oh my God, my head," I groaned.

What time was it? I looked down at my watch. 12:30. Holy crap I'd slept half of the day away. At least it was the holidays.

The bed vibrated, like he was silently laughing. "I told yah."

Everything was bombarding me at once; it felt like my sense were extra sensitive right now, the light coming in from the window, the sound of his voice and a bird singing outside, the feeling of material against my skin, the smell of him everywhere, the disgusting taste in my mouth, like something died there; it was all too strong, too much for me to handle and I scrunched my eyes shut, breathing deeply as I tried to think around the physical sensations.

Bits and pieces from last night floated back to me slowly, disjointed, not really making much sense, but thankfully my state of dress suddenly became clear. I was relieved for all of a minute before more memories hit me and I groaned in defeat and embarrassment, "Oh God, please tell me I didn't actually start undressing on your bed…please tell me it's just a really embarrassing dream." When he didn't reply, I looked over and he got up, walking into the bathroom, "Oh God, that bad? What else did I do? What did I say?"

I got up, stumbling my way to the bathroom door after a bout of light-headedness and knocking on it, "Please tell me!"

The door swung open and I took a couple steps back when I saw he still had no shirt on. And like the idiot I was, I stared for a moment before snapping out of it and looking up at him, "You have to tell me what I said, all of it. Don't leave any of it out. I have to know how much of a fool I made of myself."

I sat back down on his bed because standing up wasn't helping the pounding in my head, and waiting impatiently. It wasn't that I didn't remember, it was more that I remembered more clearly when there was someone or something to prompt my memory. His lips pursed, like he was trying to hold back a grin, "Yer kinda funny when yer drunk…yah talk more and yah can't keep a secret to yerself."

I groaned. "What did I say? What did I do?" I demanded.

This time he did grin, "Well, yah were goin' ta go sleep in Pyro's room, then in Nightcrawlers', and a couple others'…then there was somethin' about being on good terms with a chair, and yer were goin' to sleep on the stairs because yer legs weren't working…and something about a steel vault…"

Being on good terms with a chair? What was I thinking? Clearly, at that time it had seemed like a good idea. A steel vault? What had I been…oh, no. Oh, no, I was such an idiot. The one time I drank, I embarrassed myself so badly; I told him I wanted him to kiss me again! What was wrong with me? And I told him those secrets about Jubes and Kitty and Rogue…they'd kill me if they found out! I guess I knew what kind of drunk I was; a truthful, talkative one. Then again, I think I had just wanted to share my secrets with him.

With every word, the memories flowed back to me, slightly obscured when I was drinking and dancing, but the conversations with Logan…they were stuck in my head, crystal clear, and my cheeks warmed up, "Stop, stop, okay, I really embarrassed myself. "

I walked into his bathroom, closing the door behind me, needing privacy, needing to be away from him, because just knowing he was witness to my drunken antics was embarrassing enough. I looked in the mirror straight in front of me and sighed. I was a mess; there were purple bags under my red-rimmed eyes, the eyeliner and mascara smeared, giving me panda eyes, the red lipstick was half rubbed off, uneven colouring over my lips, my hair looked like I'd gone sky diving and hadn't brushed it in weeks. His shirt was massive on me, the sleeves pushed up, though they kept slipping down, the hem reaching half way down my thighs.

I turned on the tap, splashing water on my face and trying to scrub off the makeup. It was stubborn. I rinsed my mouth out, deciding to brush my teeth as soon as possible.

Okay, so maybe I was trying to distract myself by doing things. Maybe it wasn't really a big deal; if I remember right, he had been kind of amused most of the time. But I must have been so embarrassing, especially when I insisted he…oh, god, when I insisted he sleep with me. No wonder he'd been so uncomfortable. He'd been nice, afforded me space, let me sleep in his bed for Christ sakes, and I'd gone and demanded he sleep with me. Why was I still here? It was time to get out of here and avoid him for the next year. Yeah, that sounded good.

Oh, who are you kidding? An irritating voice in the back of my mind spoke up, you're a glutton for punishment. You won't be able to stay away from him for too long. You'll never last.

Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I opened the door and he was still standing in the same spot, like he had no idea what to do. "I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. I'm going to go."

My neck prickled in embarrassment, my face heating up until I just had to get away from him, couldn't bear to be around him. I couldn't believe I said those things to him! Now would be a good time for the earth to open up and swallow me. Way to make myself seem like a moron with a crush on him. What must he think of me?

I was halfway down the corridor when Jubes, Rogue and Kitty were rushing and stumbling up the stairs, their eyes bloodshot, deep purple bags under them, but distinct looks of worry on their faces until they turned the corner and froze. Jubes let out a long whistle.

"Talk about a walk of shame," she grinned at me, though her face was already twisted up into an expression of pain and discomfort. I guess they were feeling the effects of last night too.

"Shut it," I growled, face still red. This was really all her fault; she wanted a party, she gave me drinks, so every embarrassing thing I said and did was all her fault. Deep down, I knew it wasn't really; she didn't force me to drink. It was my own fault. But I wasn't going to admit it. I was never drinking again.

The door at the end of the hall opened and Logan stood there, bare chested in only a pair of black boxers, looking incredibly good, and holding my bra in one hand and my dress in the other. Behind me, they began chortling, trying to stifle their laughs.

I stomped down the hallway and took my clothing from him, glaring at his amused smirk, before snapping, "You didn't find it so funny last night." That got rid of the smirk, and he re-entered his room, closing the door in my face.

"And to think," Jubes said behind me, "We came up here all panicked when we woke up and you weren't there, to get Logan to help us find you, and here you are…in his shirt."

"Looking like you had a much more fun night then we did," Rogue added, waggling her eyebrows.

"Can it," I snapped, brushing past them, not at all in the mood to deal with their teasing.

Kitty caught up to me, biting her lip before, "Did you…did you sleep with him?"

"Kitty!" I near shouted. "No!"

"Don't take it out on her, we all wanted to know," Rogue said quickly.

"Oh, now you want to stick up for her? Last night you were calling her a baby," I said, exasperated.

"I was?" she looked taken aback, before turning to Kitty, "Sorry."

"No hard feelings," Kitty said easily.

"Look don't get angry at us for forming a valid opinion; you walk out of his room wearing his shirt, your hair is a mess, your face is red as a tomato, what are we supposed to think?" Jubes said, cutting through, squinting at the light coming in through the window as we walked into our room.

I sighed, "Your right, I'm sorry for being grouchy, but seriously…which of you did that? Because I am not cleaning it up," I pointed disgustedly at my bed.

Jubes shuffled her feet, coughing, "Uh, I don't know…"

"Your cleaning it up," I told her and she sighed.

"Totally worth it. My plan worked great," she said, suddenly calling it a plan.

"Your plan? You planned to vomit on my bed?" I asked drily, raising an eyebrow. "Just so you know, we're switching mattresses."

"Okay, so long as every time you lay down on it you're not plagued with images of all the fun things Remy and I did on it," she shrugged, appearing nonchalant because she knew I wouldn't sleep on it now. I grumbled obscenities at her and she just grinned, "You're welcome."

"I didn't even thank you. I don't even have anything to thank you for," I snapped, grabbing clothing and heading for a shower. And then after the shower, I was going in search of aspirin.

"Sure you do. If I hadn't vomited on your bed, you never would have had the opportunity to spend the night with Wolvie," she grinned.

"Jubes, I –"

"Hate me," she sighed, "I know. But come on, it was totally worth it, right? Sleeping next to a shirtless wolverine? Worth it right?" she pushed and I walked into the shower, not answering. She banged on the door, "You're so cruel! We have to live vicariously through you, and you won't even share the smutty details!"

I opened the door, "Okay, first of all, you all have boyfriends, so if anything, I should be living vicariously through you guys. Second of all, there was no smut to share to begin with, and thirdly, you're exasperating! Being your friend is exhausting!" I quickly closed the door again.

She banged on the door again, "You love being my friend, don't pretend any different."

I quickly showered; the scalding hot water offering only momentary relief. As soon as I shut the taps off, I went right back to feeling awful. Rogue offered me some aspirin when I re-emerged and I took them gratefully. Jubes was in the process of cleaning my bed and I gagged. I had to get away from that, it was so disgusting.

I took Logan's shirt down to the laundry room to wash it before returning it. The noise of the washing machine made the pounding of my head worse, and I left, needing to get away, to go somewhere quiet and peaceful. The woods. Of course.

I sat down quickly, feeling dizzy. My head hurt and I collapsed against the rough bark of a tree, closing my eyes. I got about ten minutes of peace before a bird started chirping in the branches above me. It made me jump at first, but after about three continuous minutes of high-pitched chirping, I groaned.

"Shut up!" I snapped at it before grimacing, "Oh, god, I just yelled at a bird! And now I'm talking to myself."

"Most people don' do that," a gruff voice said and I jumped again. I'd been too focused on the annoying bird to pay attention to anybody running through. A thin layer of sweat covered Logan's body and he was panting slightly and I swallowed.

The bird kept chirping and I groaned, eyes closing, "How can you be running at this time of the morning?"

"It's two in tha afternoon," he pointed out, "and I'm not tha one with a hangover."

"I don't have - ," I groaned, "okay, okay, I've got a hangover, but that bird, ugh! How can you stand it?"

I jumped up, concentrating on the air around me, and making myself float up the tree, searching for the damn bird. I swayed in mid-air slightly. The pounding in my head made it difficult to concentrate on the air. The bird sat on a branch, belting it's tune, but as soon as it saw me getting closer, it took flight, trying to get away from me. I wobbled my way back down to the ground, fingers trailing over the branches in case my control slipped and I suddenly fell out of the tree.

"That's so much better!" I sighed.

Logan snorted a laugh like grunt before turning and taking off running again. I admit, I watched his butt. I collapsed to the ground again, leaning back into the tree and closing my eyes. Slowly, I drifted into a sleep.

I jerked awake to a bird's song and I wondered if it was the same damn bird. The sun was much lower now and I got up, heading back to the mansion, and to the laundry. I put his shirt in the dryer and waited.

The pounding in my head had decreased slightly, though it was still painful and it still made it difficult to concentrate. When the shirt was dry, I took it upstairs to Logan's room. I knocked on his door softly, sure he was back from his run by now. He didn't answer, so I pushed the door open slightly and peeking my head in, "Logan?" I asked quietly. I head a shower running and figured he must be washing after his run. He was probably sweaty.

And now I was thinking of a naked, sweaty Logan. Jesus, I was glad I was the telepath and not him! I'd just leave the shirt on his bed then.

I blinked in the din, the curtains closed and not letting any of the now fading light into the room, but the bed…was stripped. The sheets looked like they had been yanked off the bed, placed in a haphazard pile next to the bed and back a bit. The mattress was bare. When I had slept there, the sheets were clean. They had smelt like they'd been washed recently. Why would he need to wash them again.

It was none of my business and I walked forward, stepping slightly over the pile of sheets to place the folded shirt on the end of the bare bed. When I went to retract my hand, I was hit with a premonition, a jolt going through me and I winced slightly. It didn't help my sore head.

The mattress was in front of me, the shirt folded.

"Thea?" Logan asked from behind me. I hadn't heard the shower taps turn off, or him open the door.

I jerked, straightening up quickly having been caught, and turned. My feet tangled in the sheets right behind me and when I tried to take a step, but my feet were restricted and I fell forward, my hands reaching out and grabbing the only thing close enough to. Logan's towel, slung casually around his hips.

I hit the ground with a thump, the landing forcing air out of me. I didn't realise what had happened, and I looked up, which was stupid of me. A deliciously naked Logan was right in front of me, not bothering to cover himself up and I tried to close my eyes.

My eyes were stuck on Logan's member, and he coughed, interrupting my ogling. My face heated.

And I was back in my body.

I yanked my hand back so forcefully, I swung myself around just as I heard Logan say "Thea?"

My feet twisted in the sheets again and I found myself falling again. It was an odd sensation to fall, not get up but then fall again. My hands flailed out, finding purchase on soft material, but I was still falling, bringing that soft material with me. Oh god, I knew what was next, I knew what was going to happen. I wouldn't look up. I braced myself for the fall.

But I didn't land on the ground. Instead, in less than a second I was hauled upwards mid-fall, pain shooting through my shoulder at the sharp movement, before being pressed against Logan's bare chest as he stopped my fall. His damp skin wet my shirt and the material clung to me uncomfortably.

I blinked, my wide, astonished eyes locked straight on Logan's. Oh, God, don't think about the fact that he's naked, don't think about it!

Great, now I was thinking about it.

His towel hung from my hand and I dropped it, like it had burned me. My other hand was locked on his shoulder, gripping tightly from where it had landed when he jerked me up.

This wasn't what happened in the vision! I was supposed to fall and see…well, what I saw! This was ten times worse, because now I knew what he was packing and I was pressed right against it! Why was this different?

Oh. Because I had reacted before he said my name, so he had a split-second longer to prepare, to catch me.

And my mind went into overdrive; I couldn't stop the thoughts. He was naked. He was right there, so damn close. I could smell him, it surrounded me, worked its way through my system, clouding my already clouded mind with the complete male-ness of it. And I wanted to move closer to that smell, breathe it in more. My eyes dropped to his lips. He was so close. Right there. How many times had I just wanted to kiss him, press my lips to his? It was wrong. I shouldn't. I wanted to.

I was going to, and I launched my lips at him, arms tightening around him. His lips, so perfect, so rough and tormenting, took a surprised second to response, and he pulled me to him closer, completely against his nakedness. He moved his lips against mine, but I didn't lose myself in it. I wanted to, I even went through with actually kissing him this time, but my mind just wouldn't shut up. It was like, when I finally did something I'd been wanting to, my mind wouldn't let me just go with, instead driving me crazy with incessant thoughts. My head just seemed too crowded with all the thoughts racing through there, like it was a freaking highway. My skin heated to boiling point, so hot.

Stop it Thea.

Don't stop.

You shouldn't be doing this; this is morally wrong. You know that!

Shut up! I could easily lose my head with the way his lips moved against mine; it feels so good, it feels right.

Enough of this!



Logan let go of me, grunting in a pained way as he looked at where my hands were holding onto his bare back.

Flames danced on my palms and fingers, leaping up, licking my skin. Burning Logan's. Then the smell hit me, the smell of burning flesh. I gaged, lurching my hands away from him in a hurry and crying out. "Oh my God!"

I took steps away from him, horror-filled eyes stuck on the marks on his back. The broken, blackened skin, the red marks, the blisters. My stomach heaved. "Logan!" I went to go to him, but he held his hands up to stop me.

The marks began to heal, "I'm so sorry!"

His jaw clenched in pain as the skin began to re-knit itself, to grow back, unmarked, "It's fine Thea."

"No it's not! I can't believe I lost control like that! I hurt you!" I said, voice cracking slightly, "I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay," he said again, reassuringly.

"God, I shouldn't have done that!" I backed away from him, towards the door.

"Thea," Logan said, seeing my movement.

But I couldn't be here, couldn't be around, for Christ sakes. Just look at what happened when I kissed him! I kiss him and I lose control. Is that some kind of messed up sign from the universe or what?

"I'm so sorry!" I whispered, before closing the door and separating him from my view.

I hurried away from his room, down the stairs and back to the woods. The peaceful atmosphere was what I needed to clear my head, my addled brain. It seemed, it's where I went to think. And I needed to think. But…

I was also totally running away from Logan. Avoiding him.

This whole inner-conflict thing I was having really kind of sucked.


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