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Freddie's P.O.V.

"I still don't get it." I say to the girls sitting next to me. Sam was just resting her head on my lap, looking towards the T.V. We were watching a movie… well, it's movie night! Fridays are always movie night. Well, anyway, I don't know why, but every time she does that, I just instinctively play with her soft, blonde curls. Carly, on the other hand, was sitting down next to me. Yes, Sam has her head on my lap and legs on Carly's lap. Anyway, Carly has her luggage in front of her, why? Oh, it's because she's moving in with her boyfriend, Jake, who lives just below us. Sure, I'm sad but—wait! Don't get any ideas. Sure, I had a little crush on her before, but when I finally experienced true love when I was with Sam, I finally realized it. But, I'm not with Sam, she's single right now, I actually have a girlfriend, her name's Chelsea, with chocolate brown hair and eyes, soft, bouncy hair, she's perfect.

"What do you possibly don't get?" Carly asks me. She points to the 56" flat screen HD t.v. "See that girl?" I nod. "Okay, well, boys fall for her because she took coins from a reputed fountain of love, which belongs to those people." (A/N When in Rome. Anyone has seen that movie? (: ) She points to the boys chasing her. "Okay?"

"Right… right…" I reply. Sam moves around. Then, turns on her side so that she could comfortably lay down.

"So, Spencer called last night…" Carly says, fidgeting.

"Uh, what happened? What did he need?" Sam asks her, currently staring at her by laying down.

"He uh, well…" Carly sighs.

"Oh no. What'd he do this time?" Sam interrogates her, eyes wide as saucers. Carly was about to answer when Sam spoke up again. "I told him not to put peanut butter in the cop's hat! That was my job! Ugh!" She then takes a pillow and puts it over her head, dropping it in 2 seconds, right in her face.

"No, Sam…" Carly raises her eyebrow, "He, uh, didn't do what you suggested."

Sam takes the pillow off her face, and shoving it to my face. "Okay, then, what'd he do?"

"He gets to display his sculptures in art museums now!" Carly squeals. Sam and I had a look on our faces that meant, 'Sooo? Your point?' Carly rolls her eyes. "So… he gets paid!" We remain still with the same face. "And… he wants to reward us for helping him get to that level."

"Oh…" Sam and I say in unison.

"Yeeeeah… He's willing to pay for your guys' rent. For this dorm. Exciting, huh? But only for like, 4 years, since you guys helped him for 4 years." Carly tells us.

"But, how about you?" I ask her. "He won't be paying yours?"

Carly rolls her eyes again at me. "Jake will be paying!" She speaks. "Speaking of Jake …" Carly stands up and takes her luggage. "I shall be moving in his humble abode now. Good-by 'ole friends." Carly says in her try-hard British accent. She hugs me and Sam. "I'll call you guys everyday. Bye." Carly disappears outside the door.

At the same time, my phone beeps, signaling that I received a message from Chelsea. ' Date now? (: ' It reads. I send a text back saying, 'Alright, meet you there.' "Alright, Sam, I'll be going to that restaurant across the street."

She sits up in the couch. "Date with Chelsea again?" She asked, in a rather sad way.

"Yeah. I'll bring some food home for you. See you later." I tell her, going out the door and shutting it.

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