I'm Empty Without You

Author's Note: Hi this is my first fanfiction entry so I'm kinda nervous but no worries (I think). Anyway this is a little freelance writing about PruCan based off of Beautiful Broken Souls and Maple & Birds (somewhat) both written by Shinigami-Cat (an amazing person that gave me inspiration and put up with my ramblings somewhat like you're doing right now). Let me shut up and let you read

Disclaimer: I don't Hetalia if I did there would be a shit load of yaoi and France would be locked in a cellar like his wine

How can I feel sadness but no pain?

I don't understand

I'm so confused

My heart and soul have been taken from me

But I don't know which to go after

Each has their reasons but I just don't know

I'm a hollow shell, I need something warm

I'm oh so cold

Chase after self-confidence

Or comfort in others

What if they hurt me then leave my cold unmoving body?

I don't trust them

As much as I don't trust myself

This endless pit of sorrow and despair within me…

It's numbing…;

Like that first high or ignorant bliss

With that false smile upon my face I always wear to deceive others

I realize something within all the darkness

My heart is my soul

My soul is my heart

My heart and soul are one and the same

I run like I've never ran before

I run and I grab

I grab and I promise to never let go…

I promise to never let go

Of the warmth you give for my once cold lifeless body

My one and only Birdie I promise to never let fly away from me again

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