Strolling around town, I inspect my surroundings from where I stand.
A crowd of people looking to buy foods. On the left is a street performer with a dancing monkey. People seems to enjoy watching that street performer.

It's kinda ridiculous just seeing a monkey dance..

The shop I'm checking out sells items that came from Europe.
Items seems ligitimate, it does came from europe.

"Oh...This one has the mark of Saubreme.."

"Listen here you must never speak that you've been to Saubreme."

A man's voice comes from behind.


As I looked back no one was there. I wondered who was that.

There is a bunch of men talking about a strange figure one of them saw last night near the forest.

"It was small a woman and has long hair standing in front of the abandoned hut near the forest."

"I-It must be the snow witch.."

"she-she's here?"

"She must be searching for the man he loved that went to war."

Short,long haired... Victorique? maybe some other girl or maybe its the real snow witch. I thoughted..

I finally had everthing my sister ordered. As I was on the street near my home I over heard a bunch of ladies saying.

"I saw a little figure with long hair walking down the street in the middle of the night."

I ran home to tell Victorique about the mysterious figure I keep hearing about.

"Victorique! Victorique!..."

"ha-ha-hachu! *sniff*"


"You noisy dog.. *sniff*"

"Do you have a cold?"

"*sniff* IDIOT! what does it look like? .. What's the reason you keep on shouting ever since you entered the door?"

"Victorique.. I heared a rumor saying that they saw a little figure walking around in the middle of the night."

After I said that her face pouted out and started blushing and started sneezing.

"Tell me Kujo...Why are they so spooked just by seeing a girl wondering at night?"

"uhm there is this old legend about a "Snow Witch" that come here when its nearing winter."


"You see , there lived two hunters named Mosaku and Minokichi. Mosaku was an old man and Minokichi, his son, was sixteen years old. Every day, they went out together into the forest and hunted rabbits and other animals which they would bring home and cook for dinner.

One cold evening, Mosaku and Minokichi were on their way home when a blinding snowstorm suddenly came up. They couldn t find their way out of the forest and became very worried that they would freeze to death. Luckily, they came across the abandoned hut in the wilderness where they could take shelter for the night and wait for the snowstorm to pass.

It was a tiny hut and there was no fireplace or any way to make a fire. Mosaku and Minokichi fastened the door,
and lay down to rest, shivering with their coats pulled tightly around them. They hoped that the storm would soon be over.

The father immediately fell into a deep sleep but the boy, Minokichi, lay awake a long time, listening to the wind whistling through the loose boards of the old cabin and the snow beating against the door. The ramshackle hut swayed and creaked in the storm and Minokichi shivered under his coat until, at last, in spite of the cold, he managed to fall asleep.

He was awakened by the feeling of snow falling on his face. When he opened his eyes, he could see that the door of the hut had been forced open. He saw a strange figure standing in the moonlight. It was a woman, dressed all in white. She was bending over his father and breathing on him. Her breath was like a bright white smoke. Suddenly, she turned to Minokichi, and stooped over him. He tried to cry out, but found that he could not utter any sound. The white woman bent down over him, lower and lower, until her face almost touched his own.

She was very beautiful, but her eyes were glowing yellow. He was terrified and she continued to stare at him as she whispered I am the Snow Witch. I was going to kill you, but you re such a pretty boy, I will let you live. But if you ever tell anybody, even your own mother, about what you have seen, I will kill you. Never forget this warning!

With these words, she turned around and floated through the doorway. The boy jumped up and looked outside, but the snow witch was nowhere to be seen and the snowstorm was still raging, driving snow into the hut. Minokichi closed the door, and wedged a log against it to keep it closed. He began to wonder if he had jest been dreaming. Perhaps the snow witch was a figment of his imagination.

He called out to his father, but the old man did not answer. The boy put out his hand in the dark, and touched his father s face. It was completely frozen. His father was dead.\

By dawn, the snowstorm was over and Minokichi had to drag the frozen corpse of his father back into town. He was devastated by the death of his beloved Dad and remained ill from the effects of the cold for a long time. He had been so frightened by the snow witch that he didn t tell anyone about her. The police assumed his father had frozen to death in the forest and never asked any questions. He said nothing about the vision of the woman in white to his mother either, fearing that the ghost would return and kill him as well.

As soon as he was well again, he returned to hunting in the forest every day. He had to put food on the table somehow. At nightfall, he would come back with dead rabbits, which his mother helped him to cook.

One year later, in the middle of winter, he was on his way home, when he met a girl who happened to be traveling on the same road. She was small, thin and very good-looking. As they walked down the road together, they began to talk. The girl said that her name was O-Yuki and she had recently lost both of her parents. She was on her way to her uncle s house, where she hoped to live for a while until she could find a job. Minokichi was very attracted to this strange girl and the more he looked at her, the more beautiful she appeared to be.

They dated for a few weeks and gradually fell in love. Then Minokichi asked O-Yuki to come to his house for dinner so she could meet his mother. After some hesitation, she went there with him and his mother found the girl very pleasant and friendly. Eventually, the young couple got married and O-Yuki came to live in Minokichi s house permanently.

One day Minokichi talked to o-yuki about the incedent that happened that night. He told O-Yuki about what happened to his father. O-Yuki admitted that she is the one who is responsible to the death of his father. Of course Minokichi was enrage when he heard about it saying that he will never forgive O-Yuki on what she did that night. O-Yuki left the village and after a year the war broke out and Minokichi joined the army and never returned. So everytime winter is approaching people said that they see a small woman walking around town seemed to be looking for her beloved whom never returned."

My sister joined in the conversation.

""Now onii-chan! Stop bothering Victorique-san.. she needs to rest..get out get out!"

""Ru-Ruri-chan.*sniff*" Victorique said

""Ruri-chan hold on a sec."

She then pulled me out the room. into the hallway.

"Listen here Kazuya if you want your future wife to .."

"wa-wa-wa-wife? uhm what's that about?"

"*sniff*WIFE?" said Victorique.

Her face started to blush and bloat again.

"You two will be married right?"


Her face blushed even more,smoke is coming out of her head and then she suddenly collapsed on the bed.

"uhm .. uh.. we never thought about that yet.. besides -"

"Whatever.. I'm the younger sister so I need to take care of my new and only older sister. "

Ruri said and then slammed the door shut on my face.


As I was sitting outside looking at the garden. Victorique came and sit beside me.

"There is no Snow Witch." she said.

"Really? then who was that the town folks saw walking near the forest?"

"It was no one but me.."

"ehh? what were you doing out late at night and near the forest."

"I - I was ..."

Her face bloated and blushed again..

"oh.. I get it you were trying to climb a tree again aren't you?"

After I said that the last thing I saw was large book coming to my face at a very fast motion and everything went


~~A few minutes later~~

"It hurts.."

"Your an Idiot so you deserved that.."

Victorique is still sitting beside me with her ceramic pipe in her mouth.

"Then what are you doing at the forest at night?"

"I was mearly looking for my other book, I lost earlier that day..I was reading it there and Ruri-chan came running saying that it's lunch time, she pulled me and I left the book there. After we ate lunch I quickly went back there where I was reading,only to find that the book I left was no longer there.*sniff*"

"oh.. I see."

I stood up and victorique stared at me for a sec and looked down.

"Where are you going?"

"Let's go look for your book."

She suddenly ran and went to her room. I followed her as I got there she got out wearing a improperly worn kimono. Her face was pink as a rose and pouted.. I can't hold in my laugh and suddenly I feel like a stone was bashed to the back of my head.

"It,,_it hurts!"

"Don't laugh at nee-chan like that! some future husband you are."


Victorique blushed and steam once again can be seen coming out of her head.

"Stop bringing that up!"

"what ever I'm going to prepare onne-chan so no peeping.."

"Why would I?" I thought and once again my little sister slammed the door in front of me..

After a while the two went out the room I was amazed when I saw Victorique her face was like a doll (as usual) her white hair properly tied at the back and she really looks good in that pink and white kimono.

"Tadah!" Ruri shouted.



"Stop looking at me like that you filthy excuse for a man!"

She said blushing with her foot on my head.

"so-sorry! really I'm sorry! It hurts it hurts!"


"Let's go now.. Victorique"

"uh.. uhm.." she nods.

"Be careful on your date Victorique nee-san and onii-chan!"


"Yeah.. whatever!"

As we arrive to the site where Victorique read the book. I noticed that it looked like the field near the academy where we used to hang out during the summer. I was thinking that maybe Victorique missed being in Saubreme.

"It's the book!" Victorique said pointing up the tree.

As I looked up I saw a monkey holding the book and quickly jumped to the other tree into the forest.

"Quick Kujo let's go quick!"

"No its dangerous in there.."

I'm thinking where have I seen that monkey before. Then I suddenly remembered the street performer I saw earlier. I grabbed Victoriques hand and we ran to town hoping that the monkey would return to its owner on that street corner.

"Kujo where are we going?"

I heard some bystanders said "The Snow Witch"

"Don't worry we'll get that book back."

She just smiled and looked at me as we ran to town.
As we arrived there the man was there sitting on the corner of the street.
And then the monkey with the book arrived clinging on to its owner. As I expected it was the same monkey.

"Excuse me sir.. but that book your monkey is holding-"

"Have you came to take me back.. drill head?"

"Drill head? wha-? INSPECTOR!"

"Hello baby squirrel. Long time no see" He said removing the hood on his head.

"What is your business here?" Victorique said.

"I came here to .." he said clenching his fist and then said "apologize for everything please let me stay with you baby squirrel. The kingdom is no more I have no where else to go."

I never seen the inspector with that kind of expression on his face.