"If you ask me ... Of course you can stay here Inspector" I said willingly

"In one condition!" Victorique interupted, she had those very serious look in her face again

"ye-yes?" Grevil replied, He was looking so scared by Victorique's stare

"Wear the hairstyle I prefer .. Drill head!" She said pointing at Grevil

"ehh?" "Wha-?"

"So you don't want to huh? Kujo I don't agree wi-" she said to me turning her head away from Grevil

"Wait wait! *sigh* Fine I'll use that hairstyle again..." Grevil exclaimed before victorique can finish what she was saying.

"We're home!"

"Welcome back! Kazuya-san and victorique-chan ... ehh?" Ruri then turned her attention to grevil " Who is he?" she said while pointing at Grevil

"It's the owner of the weirdest hair in the world."

"WHAT?" Grevil said and then he turned his attention at Ruri "Hello there mademoiselle, my name is Gr vil de Blois I will be living here with my beloved sister from now on."

"hmpf..." Victorique got the bag full of ingredients and dragged Ruri to the kitchen.

"I see .. So you're Victorique-san's brother, nice to meet you. Excuse me for now. ehehe.." Ruri said with a smile on her face

"um.. yeah, nice to meet you too."

"hey.. wait a minute Victorique-san."

"Ruri you told me you would teach me how to cook right? Let's hurry."

"What?" Grevil and I said in sync,

"I know I know but don't pull me."

"Idiocy is contagious stick around those two for too long you might get infected."

"Inspector let's sit over here." I said

"Where is the chair?" Grevil said while looking around the living room.

"No chairs just tatami mats."

"Honestly? I'm still not used in living here."

"Ah.." Grevil said sitting down and then he turned to me and asked "What happened to your father mother and brothers?"

"In the first year of the war my father was sent to the front with my two brothers while my mother was sent to other camps to treat the wounded soldiers, but the camp where they were staying was later bombed day and night by the Americans" I said feeling a little sad.

" I see, I'm sorry"

"uhm. *Nod* So inspector what happened to Saubreme after the war ended?"

"You see after the war the country's economy didn't recover people was out of jobs,starving and the aristocrats all left the country . The king was desprate to save saubreme, so he made a contract to one of the neighboring country to save saubreme, its was agreed that soubreme would be a province of that country and then a month after the agreement the king was assasinated. We know the killer was hired by the government so that all the people will obey only their prime minister.
So after that the new government took over the country and then I decided to go look for my little sister,
besides she's the only family I have left." Grevil said looking so serious.

"hmmm?" I replied.

"WHAT? You don't believe me? *sigh* honestly I have no bad intentions to my sister anymore, I never wanted to do all those things to her I was just following my father's orders but I realized then that he was wrong and just so you know I helped her escaped back then too with that red haired guy." Said Grevil looking away from kujo

I let out a laughter and then said "I was just messing around with you Inspector, smile a little its good for you. And just so you know too Victorique already told me what you did back then and I wanted to tell you that I'm very grateful to you for doing that"

After I said that Inspector looked at me and then we began to laugh in sync, its the first time heard Grevil laugh, I guess he really have changed.

"You two are too NOISY! Get out!" Victorique interrupted


"hey, what's with you all of a sudden?" Grevil asked

"I can't concentrate on my cooking"

"You ... co-co-cook?" Grevil said trying hard not to laugh, after realizing what he just said it was already too late. He got hit by a flying frying pan right in the face.

"Hmmpf.." she said before turning back, Victorique walks out the room and gone back to the kitchen.

"It hurts.." Grevil stood up rubbing his face.

"How about we just sit here quietly and wait for the -"

"CRAP I forgot my partner! PARTNER WAIT FOR ME!" Grevil stood up and bolted out the door to in search for his missing partner.

I went to the kitchen to help Victorique and Ruri in cooking.

"What are you doing here? and what happened to the drill head?"

"ahhehe! It seems his partner went missing so he went out to find it" kujo said while scratching the back of his head.

"oh the thing that took my book.."

"Well since you are here big brother, can you make the Onigiri while we make the main dishes." Ruri said while cutting the other ingredients

"WOAH... Ruri you're really good you can even do that while looking away, You're amazing." I was really amazed she's like a pro.

"Geez .. just shut up and do your job." Ruri said pointing the knife to the direction where the other ingredients are.

Kujo's P.O.V "That's mean Ruri-chan..*sigh* Fine I'll do it now." As I was making the Onigiri I got a feeling that someone was watching me, then I saw Victorique pouting at me, I wonder what I've done this time, but looking at her in that expression its just so cute that the more I want to take care of her to protect that cute looking face, When I finally mustered up the courage to ask her "Victorique what's wrong?"

Victorique's Point of view "hmpf." I looked away giving him a cold shoulder, and went back to what I was doing slicing the potatoes stupid kujo, praising his sister who always have been like that, I even tried hard in doing this for him. Wait what am I thinking its not like I'm his wife already right? its not like I did this only for him, that's right I'm doing this for Ruri and Grevil too so we can have a meal for the day and besides I just want to cook that's it I want to learn everything. Come to think of it he's going to eat this, right? I wonder what will he think of this,
I wonder if its good enough, what if it taste bad? what am I going to do then? wait What am I thinking again.. It's not like he's the only one who will eat this right?

Kujo's point of view "Victorique are you ok? your pulverizing the potatoes, watch out you might cut your -"

"kyaa! *sob* It hurts.." Victorique cut her hand and the knife she was holding fell onto the floor.

"see what I told you, you were slicing too fast and you were spacing out." I looked at her I saw her eyes water and began to shed a few drop of tears like the time when I flick her forehead.

"Hey don't cry Victorique, does it really hurt that much?" she replied with a nod "I'll go get the first aid."
I stood up and she grab my hand and said

"there is no need for that."

"but we need to stop it from bleeding."

"then kiss it, like a mother do to her child when he/she gets hurt!"

Ruri's point of view "This is the first time I've seen these two to have this kind of moment." I said to myself "Its so romantic I'll just keep watching."

"But victorique is that even true."

"When I'm commanding you Kujo Kazuya obey it, my word is absolute, and this is your punishment! or are trying to disobey my command?"

" ehh? For what?"

"I said kiss it kiss it kiss it!" She said swaying her hands in the air like a cute little child

"I can't hold in I think I'm going to laugh, focus Ruri get your self together. DO NOT LAUGH DON'T even giggle"

"Fine.. I got it I got it."

"*kyaa~!* Big brother got her hand, this is it he's gonna kiss victorique-san's hands..*thump thump*I can hear my heart pounding." All these thoughts are going around my head, its so exciting its perfect for my novel.

"Wait a moment Kujo." Victorique-san said they began to look very weird as if they were caught doing something embarassing, their faces look down and full of regret you can even imagine a dark aura surrounding them, they began to look around and then as if their world shattered when they saw me.

"Wha-what are yo-you doing Ku-kujo! le-le-let go,sto-stop holding my hand and go get the First aid I-I-I don't want my wound to be infected."

"O-ok, I-I-I got it. I'm going to get it now."

"What? Please continue! Don't mind me I didn't hear anything," I said while trying to prevent big brother from going out.

"What are you talking about Ruri we didn't talk about something?" Victorique said her face was blushing.

"Geez! It was so close too." *sigh*

"That was close .." Victorique whispered to herself

"What's close victorique-san?"

"Na-na-nothing.." Her face began to turn red again.


"Wa-what? You never really heard anything, you were imagining something and you mistook what you are imagining for being real therefore you thought you heard me say things but in reality I never said anything in particular. Its simple psychology Ruri, try to remember it. My wellspring of wisdom told me this." Victorique said smartly but her face is still blushing.

"*sigh*It was really close, geez, I got my hopes up for nothing. I better go back to cooking now *sigh*"

Kujo's point of view "That was embarassing, although did victorique really want me to kiss her hand, I was kinda happy she said that." I thought while looking for the first aid.

"Kujo! where have you seen my partner last time before you two found me?*pant pant*" Grevil suddenly appeared looking so exhausted.

"o-oh, geez you surprised me Inspector."

"You're blushing, I feel as if I missed something when I went out."

"wa-wha? ehhto... No nothing happened. ahhehehe!"

"Huh? you look weird, so where did you find my partner before?"

"Do I? ehhehe! At the end of this street there is an open field there leading to the woods."

"Got it, I'll be back soon.." Grevil quickly ran towards the direction I pointed. I also heard him shout "PARTNER!"

I found the first aid kit and gone to back to the kitchen, Victorique was sitting watching Ruri cook, Ruri looked down from what happened wait I'm getting embarassed again. what should I do?

"Kujo you're late, are you just going to stand there and do nothing?"

"oh sorry.. here give me your hand."


"what's wrong Ruri did you get burned?"

"uhm. no don't mind me please just continue on what you two are doing."


"Kujo, who gave you permission to touch me?" Victorique said pulling her hand away, " You can't even do this simple things."

"So you're ok now right?"

"uhm *nod*"

"That's good, thank god."

"LUNCH is ready brother please help out in preparing the table."

"yeah sure.."

While we were preparing the table, Grevil just arrived with his so called partner on his shoulders.

"oh drill head you're here, better teach that thing to not touch any of my books from now on."

"welcome home grevil-san!"
"uhm.. welcome back inspector."

"uhh. yeah.."

"No no! You should reply saying "I'm back""

"Stupid drill head."

Ruri and I laughed, when we are like this we really are like a family now, like when mom was still alive and my brothers are here, dad can be strict but when we are eating together we are all happy.

"Shall we eat now?" Ruri asked

"Sure." Grevil replied

"alright! I'm getting hungry too." I said

"Don't touch my tempura!" Victorique hurried to the table.


I really like eating together with people especially those people I love and care about, it feels so nice and warm when eating like this.
I want us to be like this forever, that's right nothing can ruin this family now.

*knock* *knock*

Victorique's Point of view "I'll go get it" Ruri said

"No! I'll go get it, you prepared this delicious meal for us, its the least I could do Ruri-cha-chan."

"cha-chan?" Ruri blushed

"Can't I call you like that?"

"No I don't mind its just I'm so happy, Thank you Victorique nee-san"

As I was walking towards the door I can see a the form of a man standing on the other side, Who could this be?
I opened the door there was this man wearing a black trench coat with a Black hat.

"I found you Grey Wolf of Saubreme."

~~~ End ~~~